"180 seconds to get your ears to get pregnant" trailer released, so "waves", I pursued

The first animation with the theme of [A.S.M.R.] released a formal trailer.The work is called "180 seconds to make your ears pregnant". This work is an original animation of 5 minutes. It was broadcast in Japan in October 2021.

[A.S.M.R.] Also known as "autonomous sexy meridian reactions, also known as spontaneous sensory nervous reactions".It is a comfortable feeling of scalpy nerve irritation by stimulating people’s hearing and vision.Today, this method of stimulating nerves is very popular on the Internet. It is often achieved by hearing with a high positioning microphone.For example, if the sound of firewood recorded by the human head wheat is not recorded, then the sound of the burning firewood may make some people feel numb, and the feeling of being unable to say. In the end, it is a relaxed mood.Essence

In recent years, no matter in Japan or the world, A.S.M.R. The audio of A.S.M.R. has been very popular. In the past, Xiao Pozai also had a area (now canceled), and many apps were under the name of "sleeping". In fact, they were doing it. In fact, they were doing it.Similar to A.S.M.R. to stimulate the audience, finally, there are Japanese animation to tell the theme of A.S.M.R., but the voice actors used are not "professional".

At present, the official voice actors lineup, female acoustic excellence has Sanzhi weaving, Sansenzuko, and Qi Xingqi, Ito Kanaisi, Kaga Kwai and Qinzawa, male voice acting has the old power brigade speed water award. Such a lineup is good, but it seems not enoughA.S.M.R.?Because the author introduced before, among the voice actors in the audio circle, the "big guy" is not the voice actors of these watches, and "Internal" voice actors such as Yoshizaki Aya, Tianzhi Haruka, Akino で で 秋 因为.It seems that it is more experienced than the voice actor on A.S.M.R. Especially at that time, the author bought a A.S.M.R audio of Kurosawa Pengshi at that time. However, she said that she was the first recording of the head wheat. It was very nervous and could feel it.

Although the main A.S.M.R is the theme, it does not allow the "industry" voice actors to perform. It is really a bit disappointed, and this article is only 5 minutes. In fact, it is more publicity, and there is no substantial content.However, it is positive for promoting A.S.M.R to prevent some people from misunderstanding.A.S.M.R is not necessarily linked to some adult content, but there is indeed all -age content. You can make people relax and experience through the soft whisper of voice actors, such as some natural flowing water, rainy A.S.M.R.Light eloquence really gives people a different feeling.

The film was broadcast on October 14th, so stay tuned.

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