"A cup of milk tea, I have experienced the closest 3 days to death." This kind of people really have to drink less!

"Still awake? Can you accompany me to go to the hospital?"

At 3 am last autumn last autumn, I supported the bed with one hand and sat in the quilt, and the other hand tremblingly sent the news.

8 hours ago, I was still walking on the street in the mall.


First night

This day was a Thursday, and I did work early.I finally got to me in my meals. I thought that I could go out and rub it out of get off work early, and my body was brisk.

Ramen, barbecue, hot pot, Southeast Asian cuisine … I started overeating as soon as I was excited, I ate the wall, and finally a large cup of Hong Kong -style milk tea came.

Late that night, I started to hurt my stomach.

Nearly 12 o’clock, I shrink into the quilt and wrap my whole body.In mid -November, the sky was already cold, and I planned to keep this posture asleep.But it was so dead, under the thick quilt, my stomach hurts.

I also have more than 20 years of diarrhea experience.As soon as this energy came up, I knew: Donament, it must have provoked it today.So he sat skillfully, wearing shoes, turning on the lights, and going to the toilet.

People who have diarrhea often hate the lights of midnight toilets.I was sleepy, cold, and numb, and sweated again. At this time, the bright light beaten from the top of the head, just like sitting in the interrogation room.But I still have to cooperate with it.




After more than ten minutes, the toilet found nothing, and I rolled back to bed in doubt.After about five minutes, the toilet door was pulled away by me again.

This tossed for five or six times, not only was there no result, I was getting more and more disgusting and trying to vomit.I don’t have much patience, I can only be angry with shit: So you do n’t have an attack during the day, but now you come now?Still here so reserved?I will go to work tomorrow morning!

Lying back to the bed and closed my eyes, my left chest became very heavy.Every time the heart jumped, the person was sinking into the bed again, and he trembled.

In high school, because of the pressure of learning, I was always palpitated from time to time.After the university, the number of times to challenge self (staying up late watching the liver game) increased, and the mental strength is becoming more and more frequent.After graduation, there is no pipe tube pulling the barrier, and of course it is even more released.

Ah, it seems that the retribution that I have stayed up late for so many years has finally come.

My thoughts are flying messy.What I said during the day, the brain holes I have opened before, what old love under the mountains five hundred years ago, five hundred years ago … all of the old affection … all the faces were smashed up, and they could not be logical and could not stop.At this time, it was the early morning of the next day. I used a little sober consciousness to calculate how long I could sleep, and I wanted to vomit.

No, I can’t fall asleep at all.


Seek medical treatment

No matter how stupid people should realize, it is not a coincidence that stomach pain and palpitations.After an hour after the forced fall asleep, the symptoms of "diarrhea" gradually retreated, and I finally reacted: I am not eating bad, my palpitations are the more serious one.

Can’t go to the hospital?

If I can fall asleep next, it should be okay.Although it has been less than a few hours before Tianliang, as long as you can sleep, it is better to say whether it is a rest or a sick leave the next day.But the key is that this wave of toss has made me doubt, especially at night, this panic is even more serious.After all, I died since I was a child.

" -"

I worked hard to find a mobile phone to check. "Heart palpitations", "diarrhea", "diarrhea" and "heart disease" were arranged and combined, and the results obtained were not more thoughtful than my previous thoughts.In this way, go to a place with medical equipment and think, obviously than you want to think stronger than you do face the corner …

" -"

Hurry up and think about a few cooked night owl colleagues.I sent them one by one.

"Are you awake? Well … I feel that my heart is not good, can I go to the hospital with me?"

Darkness, silence, and quiet mobile phone screen darkened, this person did not respond.I scratched my chest and sent it to the next person.

"Can you accompany me to go to the hospital?"

This delayed for about half an hour, and no one responded.It seems that it is too late, and even the people who daily liver to dawn are asleep.I climbed from the bed to the chair, put on my sweater pants and coat, and took out my mobile phone to call the car.

At this time, I quickly passed my mind and the following questions:

1. Who is closer to me?

2. Which hospital near me is good at solving heart problems?

3. There are 5 ~ 6 hours before my colleagues wake up. Can I wait until then?Who should I contact?

" -"

I was too twisted on WeChat, and I directly called a friend with experience.

"Sorry, the user you dial has shut down."

Open the map to check the official website of the surrounding hospitals. The homepage has little information.


At this time, I saw that there were two triads on the map leaning together very sticky together, just 20 minutes away from me.One is not good, and there is another, right?

After 20 minutes, I sat in my chest and sat in the emergency clinic."Doctor, heart is uncomfortable, palpitations, can’t sleep until now." The doctor quantitative pulse, reply: What is normal.

I almost died, can this be normal?I put on the most difficult expression in my life, and described my condition again to the doctor. The subtext is: Even if I look normal now, will it be difficult to say that there will be an accident?Do you want to prescribe a medicine for me?

He confirmed the symptoms again, and gave me a bottle of Antolol, and told me not to eat more, and to eat half a piece when he was uncomfortable.

Later, a colleague who studied medicine told me that a large number of β1 receptors were distributed in myocardium. When the β1 receptor was excited, it would cause increased heart rate and myocardial contraction.Antolol is a β -blocker, which can slow down heart rate and can also be used to treat hypertension.

Toss all night and see a doctor for two minutes.

Many people fall asleep in the emergency corridor, some sleep in the waiting area, and some lying on a wheelchair, all covering a quilt.I bypassed the legs of these people and walked slowly, hesitating to leave observation.When I walked like this, I walked out of the hall, walked into the cold wind outside, and had no strength to go next door.

In the end, I went back.


the next day

Open your eyes to dawn.

In the vague, the wall buzzed.The bed pole, floor, ceiling, and my teeth were resonated. My brain that did not rest overnight was rubbed back and forth by the intangible chainsaw.After watching the time, it was not 8 o’clock, I didn’t know which neighbor was starting to decorate.

" -"

For today, only work.

As soon as I arrived in the office, I was stuck in the sofa next to it like a national treasure, and then the orange hot water and other things were handed over one by one. The colleagues who saw the news came to condolences.I knew so early, I think I get sick (no) every day.So this day, my task became lying down and sleeping …

It is strange to be able to fall asleep.It was too awkward to cover my chest and make a sickness. I was forced to pick up my mobile phone and join the chat.This chat, when it comes to what I have eaten last night, the truth surfaced.

The sun bones turned back and returned to more than eight o’clock the night before.I supported my stomach and rolled around in the mall.Then I stopped in front of the milk tea shop.

"Do you want to try Hong Kong -style milk tea?" Fan friends asked me.

That cup of milk tea is good or not, I have forgotten, and after this night, I did not go back to verify.I just remember it. I drank while walking and drank all the way.

Now I think that diarrhea, palpitations, and can’t sleep, this is the same as the effect of drinking coffee before!I was clearly because of the tons of the cup of milk tea, and I drank too much caffeine!

"Most of the cups of xx milk tea are old black tea." Colleagues explained sadly.

I can only paralyze on the sofa from a distance, and report it to hahaha …

No wonder the doctor said that I was normal, hahaha.Looking back, drinking coffee before it will hurt, and drinking milk in milk, haha.It seems that I want to worship a lot of beverages.

But anyway, I know the reason, don’t guess it blindly.In the following hours, I kept drinking water-to the toilet-drinking water-to the toilet, and wanted to metabolize the caffeine in the body as soon as possible.At night, although it is still blocked and full of body, it has passed the worst time.


Second Night & Third Day

My goal is to fall asleep.Thinking of back home night alone, my heart was very bottomless.Thinking about it, I grinded a close friend to stay with me.

By the time at 11 o’clock in the evening, my tiredness and sleepiness became very unaware.It ’s true that staying up late. After a few previous morning greedy, it was the most difficult in the morning, and it would return to blood at night.But I know that this short spiritual head is just an illusion.I haven’t slept for nearly 40 hours, I can’t do it, I can’t do it.

My face facing the wall, I lay on the back of the night.

After turning off the lights, I started chatting with friends habitually. As soon as I talked a few words, she ignored me anymore.I had to shut up and sleep well.Hey, honestly, the bed is a bit crowded at 1.2 meters, hey, and I have been uncomfortable with someone around me.But the situation is special, no longer used to it, it is much stronger than no one to help you call the ambulance … I am too grateful to be too late, what bicycle!

So the face was sleepy, I actually fell asleep.

When I woke up again, it was noon.The sun in winter is very low, and the sun is shining from the gap of the curtains.

"Are you better?" Friends who had been washed and asked.

I lowered my head, touched the position of my heart, and felt it hard.Eh……?never mind!Wait, wait, a school is calm.I almost jumped, and I was afraid to trigger the residual forces in the body, and sat down with a smile.Just as the auntie will make people miss dry days, before this toss, I would know that I would sleep so happy.

I breathed a few times with excitement, and we could rest assured that lunch.

"In the afternoon, there is" League of Justice ", you can’t read it?"

"I think … I can do it!" So the movie ticket was also bought.

After all, I was too full and not hungry. I only ordered a rice rice in lunch.After dinner, I haven’t put away the lunch box yet-

" -"

A few times, the power of living people on the chest was instantly "dry".I haven’t responded yet, and the man continued to be soft and returned to the bed.

"Are you not?" The friend who pushed the door was a little frightened.

"That …" My face was buried in a quilt, and replied weakly: "Maybe meals, or it’s too reluctant … Go first …"

Until she left, I never got up from the bed.

My palpitations did not last until the fourth day.I was really good that afternoon, and I caught up with that movie.

Ten months have passed. How do I live after this ending?Probably this is the case: watching colleagues going to make coffee in the morning, and then sitting in the fragrant coffee aroma of the house; in the afternoon, watching them in the milk tea group of hundreds of people, and then splitting milk tea;Take it back to the tea and burn it with hot water for a cup … and I can’t drink it in one bite.

However, last week I bought a few packs of super -cheap quick -soluble milk tea in the supermarket.Should it be, okay?

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