"After breaking up, I am pregnant, what should I do?" "Don’t tell him"

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Q: Hello!I am 34 years old, divorced!After divorce, I have been in a bad mood.

Friends say that you should be in love. You are in a bad mood because you are too lonely and have no spiritual sustenance.I met him on the Internet, 9 years older than me.

When I first started chatting, he felt that he was very cheerful, but he was also very realistic about the family of second marriage. He talked a lot of problems I didn’t expect before.

I think he is quite realistic, and later talked about him. He is very emotional. I think there are very few men in this social sensibility. I am a particularly emotional person.

We talked for a week. He said that he felt good about me and wanted to meet me, and I met. After seeing it, I felt completely changed.

I especially like him. I speak slowly, and I know a lot, and then the personality is gentle as a jade!

I fell in love with a moment. I have never seen someone who has never seen it once, and I will encounter many people when I work, but I have never felt like this.

He said that he didn’t suffer so much that he hadn’t encountered me earlier, and he would not suffer so much. He said that after the divorce, he talked about two and did not achieve sadness. He had no confidence and fell in love again.

The more he feels like this, the more I want to be good to him. Soon we are together. After being together, he especially wants to see my parents.

It is said that I can really accept him only when I show him the parents. It feels like he is afraid that I don’t want him. He said that he was afraid that I would not want him in a few years.

But a few days he said that his ex -girlfriend was back to end with me. I really love him. I can’t let go. I now find that I am pregnant again. What should I do!

We have talked about their predecessors before, saying that it is impossible to clean it!This is the case now, I am so painful, should I tell him that I am pregnant?

Cold Ai Reply:

You asked "Should I tell him that I am pregnant?" This is not important because he has ended with you.

Can you stop him from ending with you when you are pregnant?What you have to think about now is to tell him what the purpose of your pregnancy is?

1) If your purpose is to end the pregnancy reaction and get a reasonable economic compensation, then you can discuss with him.

2) If your purpose is to give birth to a child, let him pay for the support, and according to the current law of my country, when the man is unwilling to pay for the value of raising, you can get the money cups every month.Moreover, it will affect your future life.

3) If the first two are not, what’s the point of telling him?To make him uncomfortable?When a man is not emotional to you and his character is not good, you tell him that he will not feel bad for you, he will only think you are annoying.

4) If you want to save the country with a curve to save the country through your child, then please rest assured that almost no men will be coerced by this.

In short, if you want to understand what your real purpose is, you understand what you should do next.

After reading it, your affairs have developed very much and folded thousands of times.Simply put, you like him all at once, so he chases him; and he wants to see his parents, but after that, do you seem to have promoted this matter, so he will soon end with you …

Maybe you know each other at first sight. Both of you are hit by youth, and quickly swam around the ocean of desire and return to place.

To be unpleasant, he may be a professional player who cheats.It sounds good to say, maybe because you took the initiative to chase him, he didn’t cherish it so much.

But in any case, you have broken up.It’s time to end this messy encounter.In addition, in the future, please plan to get pregnant again.

Regarding love, you say, "Friends say you should be in love, you are in a bad mood because you are too lonely and have no spiritual sustenance." Your friend is wrong.

Love should be connected and understood with another person, not because of loneliness and loneliness.

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