"Biography of Rugao" 53 Wei Yanwan to contribute to the pet blood wine Rugao Rugao was faint

"Rugao Biography" Episode 53

Rugao checked the document and found that the emperor recently sealed a lot of often and agreed. The number of times was more than ever. The pure noble concubine also felt that the emperor lost his deficiency and let Rugao persuaded the emperor to love the dragon body.The emperor suspected that Jiang and Bin’s medicine was too gentle, and he wanted to make up for the momentum, such as deer blood wine.Jiang and Bin did not dare to use it. This deer blood wine is indeed a good thing for tonic, but the medicine is too fierce.

"Rugao Biography" 53 Rugao and the emperor are stiff, and unexpected pregnancy makes the emperor immediately softened

Jinzhong immediately gave the news to the concubine. How about the emperor’s dragon body? She didn’t care. Before she had no children, she had to solidify and had to cast it.Jiagui Fei was trapped in Qixiang Palace and was upset, and suddenly felt nauseous. This felt so familiar, and it must be pregnant again.The child just solved the dilemma in front of him, but after thinking about it, he couldn’t say it for the time being. The queen now sees that she is not pleasing to the eye, and is still waiting for the fetus to be stable.

Rugao bumped into the minister secretly, and the emperor was not good at saying, and often permeated alcohol.The results of Rong Pei’s investigation also came out. Wei Yanwan often went to Luyuan to cut fresh deer blood, making deer blood wine secretly drinking the emperor.Rugao came to Yongshou Palace aggressively.Wei Yanwan hurriedly organized clothes to welcome the queen, and pushed the matter cleanly.Rugao just reprimanded a few words, and Jin Zhong helped the emperor out. The emperor looked sluggish and drove everyone back to the palace.Rugao didn’t move, and the concubines did not dare to get up.

The emperor turned his head to see his words as a wind on his ears, and the majesty of the emperor was questioned, and he was annoyed.Rong Penduan came to shed alcohol. The emperor just vomited uncomfortably and didn’t want to drink. Rugao took the cup and stepped on the steps.The emperor once again emphasized not to drink, but Ruyi was on the bar. If he couldn’t drink, the emperor raised his hand and broke the somber drink. Rugao almost fell. Fortunately, Rong Pei and Sanbao were protected in time.The emperor also supported it subconsciously. When he saw that Rugao was okay, his tone eased a little. Today, the concubine was resting. The queen himself thought about what was wrong.Rugao said loudly that the emperor Feng Chen was the queen, and it was not wrong to say that the emperor was blame if the emperor was blame.

The emperor’s patience also reached the limit.The emperor who returned to the room was angry, and the emperor’s maiden loved herself.Rugao’s forehead has exuded sweaty, and the plaque of Yongshou Palace has become shaking, and Rugao suddenly fell on Rong Pei’s body.Rong Pei was so loud that the emperor hurried out when he heard the sound, and Rugao was unconscious.Back to the Kun Kun Palace, the emperor’s ant on the hot pot asked Li Yu, and after drinking somewas, can you smell the taste of wine?Don’t have to come to Rugao, hey, why don’t you wake up.Rugao woke up, and the emperor immediately sat next to him, and a group of people looked at her with a smile.Rugao is really wondering, what do you laugh?The emperor said with a smile, you are happy!Rugao couldn’t believe his ears. For more than ten years, I didn’t expect that I had a day of joy. It really seemed to be dreaming.

The emperor sincerely apologized to Ruyi sincerely. From today to the full moon of children, they have withdrawn their green head cards.The queen was pregnant, which gave Jia Guifei a lot of blows. In the event of having a sister -in -law, the children in their belly were even more ignored.But when the queen was pregnant, she couldn’t care about dealing with himself, and it was time to let the emperor know the news.

The palace is good, and the queen mother is also happy. At the same time, the emperor intends to get up. There are few concubines in the harem. Now there are pregnancy and older.Personally.There were officials who presented women in the middle of the DPRK, but the emperor put them in Yuanmingyuan. Who would have a eyeliner around him?Since the emperor has been on the throne, there has been no draft, it is time to add some newcomers to the emperor’s harem.The queen queen was talking about the rise, was interrupted by the emperor.The queen mother was stunned, and her heart was not a taste. Look, what is the emperor and the Ai family alienated?The mother and child love for many years have become like this. In the final analysis, the emperor’s nature is the same, who can do it!

Rugao was pregnant, but she was so happy that she helped Rugao’s children a piece of clothes every year. Unconsciously, she embroidered more than ten pieces to know that it would be used in the morning and evening.Shu Fei also presented a blessing, hoping that the child would land as soon as possible, so as to be a companion with the five elder brother and ten brothers.I just mentioned that she was not around her, and it was somewhat sad. Hai Lan opened her. Fujin was very good to Shi Ge, and he was healthy. Don’t worry too much.After a period of recuperation, the emperor had recovered as before. It seems that the previous days were just too hard.The emperor couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder Rugao would be angry. Everyone was the lively flowers. Only the queen was a sober snow.

Ling Yunche drank the horse river in the Magnolia Pyrosphere, away from the worldly annoyance in the palace, and was quite happy between the vast world. Looking at Hongyan soaring in the sky, did they fly over the Forbidden City?Wei Yanwan has been in love for a long time, and the internal service is not available, and she will not see her. She and her brother and brother also reach out to ask for money at this time. She can only follow up with the loyalty.Wan Yan always feels that the emperor painted today is wrong, and will be draft tomorrow, and his heart is difficult to calm down.This time the draft emperor made a precautions earlier. A few grids that Fujia secretly favored in the first two rounds was sieved, and the queen queen was too lazy to go.

"Rugao Biography" Episode 53

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