"Complex" Chai Jing, from the host to the goddess of the public, used the altar for 10 years

Some people say that life is a process of ups and downs, and some people say that life may be the process of ups and downs.But no matter what kind of statement, it actually reflects the word "twists and turns" in life.

And Chai Jing fully reflects the ups and downs of life. She used to be brilliant and became a famous reporter. She was also insulted. Until now, her body was quite controversial.

So how does Chai Jing be achieved?How did you fall to this point now?

Chai Jing was born in a wealthy family and studied well since childhood, so that she has a different cold temperament.Moreover, he was specially cared for by heaven. At the age of 19, he hosted "Gentle of the Night" at Hunan Broadcasting Station, and with his gentle voice and unique temperament, he moved many people and has a certain reputation.

Chai Jing has only worked in Hunan Radio and Television for three years and became the deputy director of the variety show."It’s always glowing in gold." In her best, she was invited to CCTV by Chen Yan, deputy director of the news review department of CCTV.

As soon as CCTV Chai Jing was arranged to host "Oriental Time and Space". This is a column with great potential and explosive power after the transformation of Chen Yan’s fucking knife. It can be said that Chai Jing was reused.But at this time, Chai Jing had not yet become the "goddess of public".

In 2003, Chai Jing met the first major challenge on her life.This is a challenge and an opportunity. Fortunately, Chai Jing seized.In 2003, in the outbreak of serious SARS epidemic, Chai Jing, as a reporter, assumed the heavy responsibility, faced the SARS, brought the most authentic SARS report at the time, and was also rated as "2003 Chinese reporters".There have been corresponding descriptions in her book "Seeing":

"That night, I stood under the faucet, drove cold water, flowed across the skin, and a rough particles that trembled, coated with facial cleanser, and wiped my face with foam. Suddenly I felt that death was touching my face…. ""

Fully showed Chai Jing’s fear of death, but in the report, Chai Jing pressed the fear very low.Instead, it was calm and gentle, and was a "placebo" under the age of people at the time.With the favor of many people, with other reports of Chai Jing, people found that this girl who came to Shanxi had toughness like grass, dare to write, and reported many social problems.Therefore, Chai Jing was named the goddess of the public.

A person’s recognition may be at that moment, but it is abandoned by others at that moment.

As the saying goes, there are many people who are red. After Chai Jing became popular as the goddess of knowing the goddess, she was criticized by many people because of insufficient emotions in the way of reporting.

Because in the traditional sense, the reporter should take away his empathy and communicate with his own interview objects during the interview report, aiming to provide the audience with the most objective information.

In the interview with the continuous drug suicide case of the elementary school students, when facing the boy of the suicide relatives, because of a movement of wiping tears for him, he was questioned as "acting hosting" and was criticized by many people.And this has also caused a fierce discussion on whether the news interviews should be treated rationally in the news industry.

To this day, in many colleges and universities, in the journalism of journalism, in the interview, Chai Jing’s "performance host" will also discuss as a case and students.

In 2013, Chai Jing resigned from CCTV and married photographer Zhao Jia.After marriage, I went to live in the United States and gave birth to a daughter in the United States.U.S. measures stipulate that as long as the child is born in the United States, he can have a U.S. citizenship, so Chai Jing’s daughter is a U.S. nationality.

After the matter was revealed by the media, the public believed that Chai Jing was no longer a patriot, and it was inconsistent with the image of the "Goddess of Knowledge" before, and no longer thought it was the "goddess of public".Therefore, Chai Jing was attacked by many people at once, but Chai Jing himself did not respond.

I thought that Chai Jing would gradually fade out of people’s attention like this, but in 2015, Chai Jing returned to China with the documentary "Under the Dome" that he contributed millions of filming, showing people the truth of the haze and the huge haze to people.Harm has attracted people’s attention to the protection of the environment.Because the content of the documentary involved the hottest topic at the time, it obtained the ultra -high playback volume and saved a lot of reputation.

But then pointed out that a lot of data in her documentary was suspected of exaggeration.

And Chai Jing’s tumor problem about her daughter’s tumor in the documentary, and some people broke the news that Chai Jing still checked that the child had a tumor in her body because Chai Jing smoked during pregnancy, and inhaled the fog in the fog.The pseudo -haze may not be great.Moreover, Chai Jing degraded the domestic environment in the documentary, and the behavior of praising the foreign environment also caused the dislike of Chinese people.

There are many rumors that Chai Jing has become a "traitor thief", and Chai Jing has once again fell.

Chai Jing was known as the "Gongzhi Goddess" because she dared to face the darkest social reality, but she was also Xiao He, and she was also disgusted by people who entered people’s sight because of SARS.Some people say that Chai Jing is a talented woman.Chai Jing is talented, but not big.

On many issues, Chai Jing was just courageous to report, but did not give a real solution. When standing in a team, he did not know his positioning, and did something improperly and degraded our country.

Her dare to speak, dare to investigate, and explore the truth is indeed worthy of our respect, but it also brings many disadvantages.The documentary "Under the Dome" she shot, while the fire, may wish to make people feel a little one -sided.

Chai Jing, as an independent person, has her complexity in itself.To this day, we must be sure that she came forward in SARS, and should also deny some of her improper behaviors.

Some media revealed Chai Jing’s recent photos. It can be seen that Chai Jing has been aging, and the goddess of the public knows that we have left us.

And everything about her will eventually forget in the dust of history.

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