"Cut" or "stay" in the fallopian tube water?Is there a high pregnancy rate of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery?

In recent years, a certain actress has been seen through test tube babies, or news that bred twins. IVF seems to have become a shortcut for infertile patients.But IVF is not the last "life -saving straw", nor is everyone suitable for test tube.

Reproductive medicine will be divided into first -level, secondary and third -level treatment, and the treatment must also be gradual.IVF is a third -level treatment method. For infertility patients, the treatment method needs to be evaluated by experts to achieve natural pregnancy through treatment as much as possible.If patients who cannot get pregnant through drug treatment and surgical treatment, IVF can be considered, especially for women with water accumulation of fallopian tubes. Before IVF, surgery should also be performed.

Case: She naturally became pregnant after the fallopian tube water accumulation

Ms. Peng, 27 years old, was born in Yichun Fengcheng, and the bilateral fallopian tube pus was severely accumulated. He came to the hospital on April 30, 2020. At that timeIn the middle, the two tubes were made to make a presence, the drug conditioning was adjusted to prevent re -adhesion.The review found that the recovery of the fallopian tube was good. Began to monitor the trial of follicles. There were no good news in the first three months. When Ms. Peng intends to give up natural pregnancy to be a test tube baby, I did not expect to be pregnant in the month.In October 2020, Ms. Peng, who had been pregnant for 5 weeks, went to the hospital to report to the hospital.

The fallopian tube is the only way to combine sperm and eggs. It plays an important role in picking up eggs, transporting sperm, and providing a fertilized venue for the combination of sperm eggs, and returning the fertilized egg back to the uterine cavity.Once the fallopian tube accumulates water, it will hinder the combination of sperm and eggs and cause infertility.Even if you are lucky, the toxic substances in the water will return to the uterine cavity, which plays a role in poisoning the fetus, and it is easy to cause bad pregnancy such as embryo and abortion.

This should be evaluated based on the severity of the patient’s condition, whether there are fertility requirements, and the results of the postoperative prognosis.We must evaluate the function of tubal tubes. Is there a chance of natural pregnancy after surgery?If the water accumulation of the fallopian tube is not serious and has fertility requirements, the normal function of the fallopian tube may be restored after surgery, and the fallopian tube should be retained as much as possible.The natural pregnancy rate retains the possibility of natural pregnancy in patients.If it is a large, thin -walled stagnant water, more than 3 cm, the normal function of the fallopian tube has been severely damaged, the treatment of fallopian tubes is ineffective or only a fallopian tube and a patient with an umbrella.Umbrella mouth forming, it is recommended that patients do test tubes.

Generally, patients with fallopian tube effusion can mechanically interfere with the contact between embryos and endometrium, which will also affect the toxicity of the embryo, and it will also affect the tolerance of the endometrium, so it will affect the success rate of the auxiliary reproductive.Then this type of fallopian tube effusion is used as a test tube, and we must also do some pre -treatment for patients, treat accumulated water, increase embryonic planting rate, reduce the abortion rate, pre -treatment can be prolated in proximal ligation and remote stoma.

The treatment method for laparoscopy tubal stagnation should be combined with comprehensive factors such as fallopian tube function, tube wall destruction, and surrounding adhesion conditions. The best surgical method is selected on the basis of protecting ovarian blood supply.In addition, the experience and operation of the surgeon, the pre -surgical diagnosis and surgical plan formulation, the method of surgery and the choice of equipment are very important influencing factor.Nanchang Huaershan Reproductive Hospital adopts laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery to replace traditional abdominal operation. It has the advantages of small trauma and fast recovery. It can observe the uterus and accessories under direct vision.There is no significant effect on ovarian reserve function, and the postoperative prognosis is good.

The emergence of laparoscopic minimally invasive technologies is a major gospel for patients with infertility. The traditional "destructive surgery" of the traditional abdominal operation before the previous tradition is transformed into "constructive surgery", which retains the function of the organs.The fertility function makes not only the cure of diseases, but also brings happiness to the family!

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