"Different prenatal education!" Migrant workers spent 5 days and 4 nights, and pregnant wives ride 2700 miles away, go home for the New Year

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2011, the snow was flying, and a motorcycle traveled on the ice road.

The male driver suddenly shouted at the wife behind him, "Wife! Wife! Are you okay!"

His wife’s hands were tightly hugged by the man’s waist, but now they are released without a sound.The man was so anxious that he hurriedly stopped and fell to the ground.

He grabbed his wife and saw her cold hands, and her face was covered by a down jacket’s hat.He opened his wife’s hat, and his wife woke up like a dream, and said intermittently: "I’m dizzy …"

The man hurriedly helped her pick off the helmet and hat, full of distress.After a while, two motorcycles were faintly drove away from the distance, and the two stood on the side of the road, stomped their feet, rubbed their hands, waiting for them to walk together.

They are "motorcycles" who go home from Guangdong to ride a motorcycle together in Guangdong. The man is called Wang Zhengnian, and his hometown is in Guizhou. He wants to ride home with his pregnant wife.


On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2011, five farmers who worked in Zhaoqing, Guangdong decided to go home for the New Year.This is a difficult decision and a bold attempt.

First of all, Wang Zhengnian, who proposed this proposal, is a Guizhou from Guizhou. He has been engaged in mudwater industry for many years in Guangdong and has no fixed income, but fortunately, the compensation is ended.The income level depends entirely on the number of lives.If the weather is good, you can earn more than 2,000 yuan a month; if the weather is not good, you will often rest. You can only earn about 1,000 or six a month.

He also came to work with Wang Zhengnian. He also had his wife, cousin, and brother -in -law.The five of them held a group in other places to warm up and helped each other.

Wang Zhengnian’s daughter is only two years old and has been raised by his parents in his hometown in Guizhou.Today, my wife has been pregnant for more than four months,

You can only do some relaxed zero.The pressure of life almost fell on Wang Zhengnian’s shoulder.

Seeing that the Spring Festival is approaching, all five are eagerly looking forward to going home for the New Year.However, they checked the train tickets and car tickets. It was more than 1,000 for a person’s toll less.This made them difficult, and the hard -earned money fell in the wheels, which was really not worth it.

They calculated that the cost of ride a motorcycle home: only cost about 300 yuan for a single person, only 600 yuan for two people, and more than 1,000 back and forth, which can save more than a thousand tolls!

As a result, the five people immediately took place, and immediately prepared for riding home.At that time, there was no smartphone and could not navigate. They could only find out and mark the route on the map, and remember it in detail on the small book.

From Zhaoqing, Guangdong to his hometown, the journey is very far away. You must pass through the four provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou. You can only follow the national road. The rough distance is 1350 kilometers.

And at that time, I happened to encounter a cold wave. The weather was cooling along the road. In most places, I was ice and snow, and ride a motorcycle home.

Especially Wang Zhengnian’s wife, can a pregnant woman stand the test of this long journey?

However, his wife comforted him and said, "Rest assured, no problem!"


As a result, the three men went to repair the motorcycle, filled with oil, and prepared the entanglement and clothing on the road, and set off.

Soon, I arrived at the National Highway Toll Station. Who knew that the motorcycle had long been lined up.It seems that there are really many people riding home this year.Safety prompts are played over and over again.

Entering national roads requires two dollars for tolls.Wang Zhengnian and his wife flipped through his pocket, and only found one change.The staff simply did not charge their road fees, and also wished them all the way.

Cycling in Guangdong is the most comfortable and the temperature is more suitable.After leaving Guangdong, the temperature began to fall sharply, and various tests followed.

Cold is the most difficult.

Along the way, most places were rainy and cold.In some places, the goose feathers were snowing, and thick ice was knocked on the road.

Although they all covered them tightly, the bitter cold wind continued to get into their bodies, and their hands and feet were often frozen and numb, and they didn’t listen to it at all.Even sometimes, the helmet will be covered with thick ice. If the route cannot be seen, they can only break the ice cubes with their hands and continue to ride.

If they can’t stand it, they will stop for a while, find cotton, or go to the roadside haystack to pump some grasses, ignite, and warm up.The flames that are constantly beating, the floating smoke, and a few pairs of cages above the black purple hands are one of their most luxurious comfort.

Danger is everywhere.

The vehicles on the national highway are endless.Riding in the seam is a huge test for the driver’s psychological quality and driving skills.Often passing with the car, Wang Zhengnian is often shocked with cold sweat.

At the same time as "Eye Sixth Road Listen to Eight Party", Wang Zhengnian has to pay attention to the situation of his wife at any time.During a period of journey, Wang Zhengnian felt that his hands that embraced his waist gradually loosen. He hurriedly called his wife, but did not respond.He was extremely nervous and hurriedly stopped.

It turned out that his wife fell asleep confused.The hair collar on the down jacket hat was blocked strictly. In addition, she hid behind her husband, she did not suffer from cold torture, and she could enjoy short -term warmth.

Wang Zhengnian was relieved. She helped his wife take off the helmet and took off the wrapped collar that hindered. If the wife fell asleep and fell from the car, it was not a joke in the ice and snow.

When encountering the ice and snow section, the wheels are slipped and can’t be eaten.If you are a little careless, you may destroy the car.

On one occasion, Wang Zhengnian saw that his cousin turned over and wanted to catch up to help. Who knew that his car was crooked, and his wife and his wife even fell to the ground heavy.Fortunately, their speed was very slow, and they supported them with their feet so that they would not be injured.

When they encountered a particularly slippery ice and snow section, they could only push the car hard.Often three men, "riding" by motorcycles, Wang Zhengnian’s wife and dweller followed behind.Wang Zhengnian was very worried that the pregnant wife would fall, so he let his wife pull the motorcycle slowly.

Later, they came up with a good way to make a "non -slip chain": they went to the haystack on the roadside to pull out some grasses, rubbed into a rope, and wrapped the rope around the wheel. Try the anti -slip effect is really good.Woolen cloth.

It is okay to be able to pass through the ice and snow section smoothly. After all, it is closer to my hometown.What makes them most uncomfortable is to meet the snowy road.This means that they must stop or detour.This will not only delay the time to go home, but also increase their budget, they have to tighten their nerves.

Walking along the way, the fuel consumption of motorcycles far exceeds the budget.They had to refuel as little oil as much as possible, and only add 30 yuan of oil each time.During the black tunnel, his wife called Wang Zheng not to turn on the lights, so as not to waste gasoline.

Even Wang Zheng made a call to his parents to report to peace, his wife continued to remind him to say a long say that the roaming fee of one -five per minute is the "high" consumption that they cannot bear.

On the way, they tried not to stay in the hotel.When the weather is good, everyone is looking for a shelter on the side of the road, looking for a branch of branches, litting the "bonfire", sitting on the floor, and holding over the night, Tian Gang is dazzling, and continue to rush.

One night, it was late at night.They decided to "luxury" and found a restaurant. They ate beef hot pot and lived in the restaurant.

Although the beef in the hot pot is not enough to stuff their teeth, the heat is constantly rising, the spicy and tears, and the refreshing cabbage soup makes them feel hearty.It’s so delicious!

Although there are only one room and two beds, there are free toothpaste toothbrushes and hot water bathing, which has completely relaxed them and eased a few days of fatigue.


After five days and four nights, Wang Zhengnian finally entered Guizhou.Seeing the changes in the mountains and rivers and the rapid changes in their hometown, the excitement and pride came into their hearts.

Which streets have been planted in new trees, which roads have more traffic lights, and which high -rise buildings have turned new outfits, they can all be as precious.Yes, in countless nights, my hometown lingers in their dreams in this way.

When they arrived in the town, prepared the New Year’s goods, and rushed to the house.The village entrance, the soaring smoke, made them feel particularly kind.Wang Zhengnian’s parents and daughters had been waiting there, looking forward to it.

The mother ran over with a smile, and couldn’t help but say that she bent over and took all her luggage from their hands and walked ahead.Yes, my mother’s thoughts and worries day and night, at this moment, finally let go.

The daughter looked at them timidly, and her eyes were full of curiosity.

Wang Zhengnian’s wife hurriedly walked in front of her daughter, and her tears were flowing.She squatted hard, holding her daughter’s hand with one hand, and gently rubbing her daughter’s delicate face with the other hand, trying to hug her daughter.

But her daughter turned her head quickly, turned around, and ran away with her grandmother.She couldn’t help sighing, her tears flowed again, and Wang Zhengnian pulled her and followed her parents.

At home, Wang Zhengnian’s wife finally hugged her daughter. The wife wiped her child’s little hand and face with hot water, and she also wiped the baby cream.The daughter no longer broke away and slowly approached her.

The first thing Wang Zhengnian returned home was killing the pig.The mother drove the fat pigs who had been fed for a year, called Qi all the relatives and friends, and reunited to taste fresh and delicious New Year’s pig meals.

The Spring Festival is here.Wang Zhengnian ignited the firecrackers, and the crackling bombing sound was the "New Year’s Symphony", which symbolized that the days were loud and symbolized.

Then, Wang Zhengnian looked for someone and took a family portrait, and everyone was very happy.After the beginning of the year, they would go out to work again, and the next time the whole family party, I don’t know when it happens!


When you go home for the New Year, almost every Chinese people have the inherent feelings.

According to statistics, during the Spring Festival in 2023, railway transportation passengers reached 348 million, 1.169 billion passengers in highway, and 55.214 million civil aviation transport passengers.Since 2011, there are about 100,000 people who ride motorcycles home every year.At the highest peak, in 2013, the mighty motorcycle army reached 1.1 million vehicles, becoming a unique scenery.

The prevalence of the "motorcycle army" is in addition to being difficult to find during the Spring Festival.Out of migrant workers is busy for a year, just to add a new clothes to the family in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, buy enough New Year’s goods, and earn enough tuition for the children’s future.Therefore, on weekdays, they are all diligent and frugal, and they can’t wait to put a penny into two halves.

A ride, use time to change money, and even use life for money, they also feel worth thousands of value.

Every year before and after the Spring Festival, in order to ensure that the "motorcycle army" returns safely and goes to work safely, relevant departments have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to provide them with convenience and assistance.

Open services at the intersection for free water supply, food, tire replenishment and other services. When encountering heavy snowy weather, road administration and traffic police always find them as soon as possible, guide them, and timely snow, snow shovel, and escort the way home of migrant workers.Essence

Yun, Gui, Sichuan in the western provinces, and other developed provinces, such as Henan and Guangxi, are large labor export provinces.The steady stream of labor military army, deepened the factory, mines, construction sites, etc. in the east and coastal areas, and relying on hard work to win a relatively generous remuneration.

Relying on these income and the skills they learned, they continued to return to their hometown, build their hometown, and greatly drive the development of their hometown, contributed to shortening the differences in the east and west regions.

At the same time, with the continuous development of the hometown economy, more and more employment opportunities in front of the house are, farmers’ income has continued to rise, the salary of migrant workers has increased year by year, people’s living standards have improved significantly, and they have begun to pursue the quality of life.

Therefore, after 2015, the mighty motorcycle army phenomenon was extremely rare.Instead, railways, highways, and routes are busy.

The way to go home can be changed, but what is never replaced is the enthusiasm for our Chinese to go home to reunite. It is our deep love for home and the deepest wish for the motherland.

Author: Blue Sky and White Cloud

Edit: Zhou Half Power

Reference materials: "Documentary: Migrant workers spend 5 days and 4 nights to get pregnant wives to go home for the New Year, some people are hard, you can’t imagine"

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