"Immune -related adverse pregnancy answering questions 58"


Wang Jiamei (Hubei Shiyan Hospital of Hubei)

Liu Xiangyuan (the Third Hospital of Peking University)

Zhu Fengli (Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province)

1. What is the thickness of normal uterine endometrium?Is the endometrium thicker and better?

Answer: (1) The endometrium thickness of the nursery age is different with the menstrual cycle. Based on the menstrual cycle as 28 days, the menstrual period (1 ~ 4 days of the menstrual cycle) is 1 ~ 4mm, and the proliferation period (5 of the menstrual cycle 5~ 14th) 5 ~ 7mm, and the secretion period (15th to 28th of the menstrual cycle) is 7 ~ 14mm.

(2) At present, the thickness of the uterine endometrium does not reach 7mm in the late follicle period as a thin endometrium, which will affect conception.

(3) The thicker the endometrium, the better. If the endometrium is very thick in clinical, patients with a thick endometrium and more than 14cm, more merging endometrium abnormal hyperplasia or endometrial polyp, or uterine fibroids or even endometrial malignant lesions, etc., etc.,Further diagnosis and treatment is very unfavorable to pregnancy.

2. Which part of the uterine is thin in the uterine endometrium?

Answer: (1) The endometrium becomes thinner, which is a problem with the functional layer, which affects the changes in its proliferation period, secretion period and menstrual period, which will cause infertility or bad pregnancy ending.

(2) The endometrium can be divided into functional layers (including dense layers and sponge layers) and base layers from morphology. The endometrium function layer is the part of embryo implantation.The secretion and shedding change, while the base layer is not adjusted by the ovarian hormone cyclical, and it does not occur.

3. What is the significance of changes in the endometrium of the menstrual cycle?

Answer: The endometrium function layer of hyperplasia, secretion, falling, and repair changes in the menstrual cycle can provide good soil for human reproduction!At the same time, the normal changes in endometrium also provide health for health.

4. The older the age, the thinner the endometrium?After menopause, is there no endometrium?

Answer: (1) In normal physiological state, the endometrium is affected by female and progesterone and periodic changes. The female ovarian function of the fertility age is good.

(2) As women grow older, ovarian function decreases, irregular ovulation or ovulation occurs, and female progesterone deficiency often occurs, resulting in thinning endometrium, less menstrual flow or prolonged menstrual cycle.

(3) After the menopause, the ovaries have shrunk completely, and the level of estrogen or estrogen cannot be secreted very low, and the endometrium is not stimulated.After menopause, women with vaginal bleeding or ultrasound reminding the endometrium of the uterus must be highly alert to malignant lesions of the uterine endometrial.

5. What factors make the endometrium thinner?

Answer: (1) Objective damage caused by surgery: such as abortion, curettage, endometrial ablation, hysteroscopy, and hysteroscopy treatment.Studies have found that the short -term low -female state after gestational uterine cavity may be an important cause of uterine cavity adhesion and thinning endometrium.

(2) Infection: Tuberculosis, bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.;

(3) Other diseases: endocrine disorders (hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis function abnormalities, abnormal thyroid function, abnormal prolactin function, etc.), decreased uterine blood supply (after vascular embolism, pelvic thrombotic disease, anti-phospholipid syndrome, etc.), Premature ovarian failure, metabolic diseases, radiological damage, postchemistry damage, immune factors, congenital malformations, genetic factors, etc.;

(4) Others: Older age, long -term use of elegance, androgen, high, malnutrition, lack of exercise, extremely low weight, harsh living environment, bad living habits, tobacco, alcohol, and drug use.

6. Is the experienced doctor’s flow of people? Is the probability of thin uterine endometrial and adhesion of uterine cavity decreased?

Answer: (1) The most common surgical damage of women during birth is artificial flow. The short -term low -female state after artificial flow may be the main cause of thin uterine endometrial and uterine cavity adhesion.

(2) Experienced and skilled doctors surgery operations can reduce the incidence of thin endometrium and adhesion of the uterine cavity to some extent, but it cannot be fundamentally eliminated.

7. Will the new coronal virus infection cause thin uterine endometrium?

Answer: The new coronary virus is the seventh -known coronary virus that can cause human respiratory system. The new coronary virus is infected with human cells through receptor vascular tensionase 2 (ACE2).ACE2 exists in human lung and small intestine epithelial cells. The ACE2 expression of women’s ovarian and men’s testicular tissues is higher than that of lung tissue, which indicates that infection with new coronary virus is likely to damage ovarian and testicular tissues, which affects women and men’s reproductive reproductiveFunction leads to thinning endometrium and infertility.However, there are no reports of infertility caused by new coronal viruses. It may not have obvious symptoms of influence on reproductive function after infection, and the time cycle may be short. Infected adverse reactions are not related.

8. Will hepatitis B virus infection cause thin uterine endometrium?

Answer: Hepatitis B virus is the pathogen that causes hepatitis B. No data indicates that hepatitis B virus can directly invade the endometrium and cause the endometrium to be thin., Leading to thin endometrium, poor ovarian function, affecting conception.

9. Can luteal dysfunction cause thin uterine endometrium?

Answer: Yes.During ovulation, under the influence of progesterone secreted by the luteum, the endometrium is converted from the proliferation period to early secretion, the endometrium gland becomes longer, and the glycogen bubbles appear;The changes are not great; the endometrium of the secretion in the later stages is further thickened, which is manifested as a sponge -like, making the endometrium be capacity for embryo bed.Disgangular function refers to the lack of luteal after ovulation ovulation, resulting in insufficient secretion of progesterone, causing the endometrium to fail to transform in time, which can make the endometrium thinner.

10. Will the endometrium be inherited?

Answer: The endometrium of unknown reasons may have a hereditary tendency, but it is not a genetic disease.Studies have found that estrogen is the main hormone that regulates endometrial growth, and estrogen must be combined with estrogen receptor to play a biological effect. Some scholars compare ERα gene polymorphism and their expression in the endometriumThe difference from the normal group of the uterine endometrium, it is found that the difference between the ERα gene PVU II polymorphism is significant in the two rooms (P <0.05), and the gene of P and other genes may be a genetic susceptible gene.Membrane thin may have a certain genetic tendency.

11. What is the harm of endometrial in the uterine?

Answer: (1) Women with thin uterine endometrium have fertility requirements, and the endometrial endometrial endometrial endometrial endometrial endometrial endometrium, low embryo planting rate, low pregnancy rate;

(2) Early pregnancy endometrial vascular blood vessels are poor, and embryonic development, embryonicity, and fetal death are prone to occur. The abortion rate is high;

Inside the dead palace, etc.), premature yield rate is high, and the live yield rate is low.

12. Will patients with thin uterine endometrium cause eclacies and eclampsia due to the shallow bed in the embryo?

Answer: Yes, there is such a possibility.Patients with thin endometrium have the characteristics of low -speed and high resistance of uterine arteries, poor endometrial blood flow, and other characteristics. Once pregnancy, in the placenta, the factor’s vascular resistance is large, and the endometrium and uterine muscle layer blood supply is poor.The infiltration capacity of nourishing cells outside the fluff is damaged, resulting in insufficient "placenta bed" and uterine spiral arteries, only the deciduous blood vessels recast, the diameter of the uterine spiral arteries is 1/2 of the normal pregnancy, and the increased vascular resistance increasesThe placental irrigation decreases, which causes a series of symptoms in the early stage of eclampsia, and even eclampsia.

13. The endometrium is thin and the twins are pregnant. Will the uterine rupture in the third trimester?

Answer: If there is no scar uterus, it will generally not cause the uterine rupture.Pregnant women with thin uterine endometrium are pregnant with twins, often due to poor supply of uterine blood, the blood of the uterine muscle layer is not abundant, the muscle layer becomes thinner, and the muscle elasticity decreases. Especially until the third trimester, due to the increase in the pressure of the uterine cavity, some may occur.Special positions, such as double horizontal positions, hip horizontal positions, hip hips, hip heads, etc., plus scar uterus, which may lead to increased local tension of the uterus, prone to uterine rupture, and adverse pregnancy ending.

14. Will the endometrium thin cause uterine perforation?How to treat it?

Answer: (1) Patients with thin endometrium, often due to poor supply of uterine blood, the blood of the uterine muscle layer is not abundant, the muscle layer becomes thinner, the muscle elasticity decreases, and the uterine perforation is prone to occur during clinical uterine operation.

(2) The uterine perforation is small, the symptoms are mild, and those with no internal organs can be observed closely. The intramuscular injection of the uterine shrinkage is performed, and antibiotics are given to prevent infection.

(3) The uterine perforation is large, and the symptoms are obvious or severe bleeding. When the internal organs are damaged, they must be detected immediately.The uterine wound has no obvious infection, and the fertility is required to suture the oral cavity after removing the uterine cavity.If the uterine perforation is severe, those who are accompanied by infection or the hematoma in the infection or the wide ligaments are difficult to stop bleeding. In order to save life, the uterine should be removed. The damaged intestinal tube and bladder should be repaired at the same time.

15. The endometrium is thin, which can cause abnormal embryo quality, causing children to malformation and intelligence abnormalities?

Answer: (1) Whether the endometrium is thinly affects the success of pregnancy, and does not directly lead to deformed and intellectual abnormalities. The quality of embryo and child deformity are mainly determined by embryo chromosomes;

(2) Do not rule out that the endometrium of the factor and the increase of pregnancy complications, such as early eclampsia, limited fetal growth, too little amniotic fluid, internal internal distress in the fetus, etc., Newborn intellectual obstacles, cerebral palsy, etc. can occur.

16. Is the endometrium more prone to endometritis?Pay special attention to hygiene?

Answer: (1) There are a large number of microorganisms and immune active cells in the normal uterine cavity. The inflammatory and anti -inflammatory factors secreted by endometrial secretion are in dynamic balance. When the endometrium is thinThe immune factors are reduced, and the endometrium is more vulnerable to microbial infection, and endometritis occurs.

(2) The microbial flora cultivated by the endometrium in patients with endometritis is inconsistent with the microorganisms cultivated by the vaginal or cervical wound.

(3) In daily life, women pay more attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean and dry, avoid unclean sexual intercourse, can take baths, do not advocate vaginal rinse, reduce uterine cavity operations, treat abnormal bleeding, reasonably apply antibiotics, etc., reduceThe occurrence of endometritis.

17. Is the endometrium thin and always merge with the uterine cavity adhesion?

Answer: (1) The operation of the uterine cavity can easily lead to the uterine cavity adhesion and the endometrial endometrium thinner.Decrease, fibrosis healing, decreased endometrial stem cells, uterine cavity adhesion and endometrial thinner.

(2) Patients with thin endometrium caused by other circumstances do not necessarily merge the uterine cavity adhesion.

18. Why do some people do an artificial abortion and cause thin uterine endometrium and adhesion of uterine cavity?And some others have not appeared many times?

Answer: This may be related to everyone’s special constitution.If there are some scar constituents, the uterine cavity adhesion may occur.

19. How to diagnose the endometrium thin?

Answer: (1) There are infertility history and repeated test tube history, history of uterine operation, pelvic infection history, bad pregnancy history, and other high risk factors, etc.;

(2) Clinical manifestations are reduced menstruation, menstrual abdominal pain, amenorrhea, etc.

(3) Vaginal ultrasound and hysteroscopy show that the endometrium is thin. It is recommended to perform endometrial biopsy at the same time.

20. The endometrium is thin and the menstrual flow is small. Conversely, whether the menstrual flow is small, it means that the endometrium is thin?

Answer: The endometrium of the uterine can lead to a small amount of menstruation, but the amount of menstrual flow is small, which is not necessarily caused by thin uterine endometrium. The cause of less menstruation is as follows:

(1) Mill-Humanar-pituitary-ovarian shaft and any links in women’s reproductive organs such as hypertomicinemia and abnormal thyroid function may lead to less menstruation;

(2) Endometritis: The endometrium has a poor reactivity to hormones, and there is often a small amount of menstrual flow. In particular, the tuberculosis infection is one of the main causes of less menstrual flow.

(3) Ovarian factors: Ovarian surgery causes follicles loss; partial uterine surgery reduces the quality of follicles due to affecting ovarian blood flow; various pelvic radiation or autoimmune ovarian inflammation causes the number of follicles of the ovary to decrease, resulting in a decrease in the quality of follicles.Causes too little menstrual flow.

(4) Drug effects such as 激 hormone contraceptives can interfere with the normal function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, leading to a small menstrual flow.Opioids can be damaged through the hypothalamus-pituitary system, causing women’s irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and sexual dysfunction.

(5) Other factors such as occupation, emotion, environment, nutritional factors, etc.Therefore, there is a small amount of menstrual flow in clinical practice, and the cause is needed to actively find the cause and symptomatic treatment in order to completely solve the problem.

21. What are the treatment methods of endometrial thin?

Answer: (1) Elimination of the cause: The uterine cavity adhesion and the tuberculosis stove can be feasible for the pine solution of the uterine laparoscopy, and placed the intrauterine hetero -saving device to prevent the adhesion again, so that the uterine shape is restored to normal. At the same timeEndometrial growth; infected people with anti -inflammatory treatment.When there is an immune abnormalities, anti -immune therapy.

(2) Small -dose aspirin: By increasing the supply of uterine blood flow supply, small -dose aspirin increases the number of endometrium gland and the entire gonad area and interior area.Membrane thickness.Aspirin is taken orally 50 ~ 150mg, once a day.

(3) Growth hormone: 2 to 3 days before menstruation or luteal stage, muscle injection growth hormone 4 ~ 6IU /day until the HCG day is injected.

(4) Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG): Inject HCG 150IU on the subcutaneous injection at the 8th or 9th days of supplementing estrogen, and inject HCG into the uterine cavity in the uterine cavity for 7 consecutive days and the embryonic migration in the uterus for 7 consecutive days, which can significantly improve transplantation.Post -planting rate and pregnancy rate.

(5) Westland Nafei, Dallafi or Paida Nafei: Western Nafei 50 ~ 200mg/d, Dallafi or Paida 10 ~ 40mg/D, which can improve uterine bloodStatus.

(6) Graval cell setting stimulus factors: From the 8th day of menstruation, 200 μg of 2 mL percueling in the uterine cavity, and once again in the 11th and 13th day of menstruation.

(7) Stem cell infusion treatment.

(8) Chinese patent medicine: Kirin Pills, Wuji Baifeng Pills, Meridian Tables Story Pills, Ai Fu Nuangong Pills, Dingkun Dan, Merragorized Bive Pills, Zihe Car Capsules, Kun Ling Pills, Deer Past PortBaiye Palace Found.

(9) Acupuncture and moxibustion include neuromuscular electrical stimulation and biological feedback therapy: promote endometrial vascular production and blood flow irrigation, increase the nutritional transportation of peripheral tissues, and play a role.

(10) If you combine ovulation dysfunction, you can use gonadotropin to release hormone agonists: Inject it in the skin on the date of egg retrieval, transplantation day, and transplantation.The membrane becomes thin).

(11) Two -two dual -duplex: use of diabetes and abnormal sugar tolerance.Start with 500mg/time, 1 to 2 times a day, take it at a meal or after meals, should be supplemented at the same time, and once the next day.

(12) Coenzyme Q10 mainly affects mitochondrial function and cell vitality through antioxidants, thereby improving the thickness of the endometrium.

22. Why are patients with thin uterine endometrium treated with estrogen?Are there any side effects?

Answer: (1) Estrogen can promote the hyperplasia of the endometrium glands, promote the vascular hyperplasia of the endometrium base layer, promote the thymel divisions of endometrial cells, increase the thickness of the endometrium and the tolerance of the embryo, increase the surrogacy rate and the rate of conception and the rate of pregnancyImproving the end of pregnancy is the first choice for growth in the endometrium;

(2) Adverse reactions are nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, etc. (can improve after a period of time), liver damage (pay attention to monitoring liver function, be careful of liver function), venous thrombosis (long -term and large doses), obesity obesity, obesity, Endometrial cancer, breast cancer, sugar metabolism, and lipid metabolism abnormalities.During the use, you need to take the medicine under the guidance of the doctor, stop the medicine in time according to the condition or add progesterone, and you must not use it, increase the amount, and increase the type of estrogen.

23. What are the principles of estrogen treatment in patients with thin uterine endometrium?

Answer: What is missing; how much is missing; less, then less, then use it, then use it for external use; union if necessary; be vigilant for side effects.

24. There are many kinds of estrogen. What is the difference?

Answer: (1) Clinically, natural estrogen and synthetic estrogen are used to increase the endometrium of the uterine.

(2) Bujiale is the diocoliol, which is mostly derived from the processing of soybean and potato. The half -life is about 27 hours. Orally has the first effect of the liver.Not high, you can only take orally, you can’t plug the vagina.Oral complement 1 mg, the estrogen concentration in the blood is about 40pg/ml.

(3) Feni is a particle -based 17 -β estradiol, which is similar to the natural estradol structure in the human body. Its advantage is that the biological utilization rate is high.When the vagina is placed, the first effect of the liver is avoided. The local concentration of the uterus is high, the vagina is placed 1 mg, and the estrogen concentration in the blood is 200 ~ 500pg/ml.Oral 1mg, the estrogen concentration in the blood is 30 ~ 40pg/ml.

25. How to supplement estrogen?

Answer: (1) When natural pregnancy and test tube natural cycles are thinner: When the follicles grow to 16 ~ 18mm (less than 14mm do not evaluate the endometrium), the endometrium is still ≤7mm, and Jiale 3~ 4mg/d or fen, Tong Red Film 4mg/D, 14 days after ovulation, if you have succeeded in pregnancy, you can gradually decrease according to the level of estradiol (do not stop, prevent retreat bleeding).Essence

(2) Endometriosis (those with polycystic ovary syndrome and irregular menstrual cycle): The third day of the menstrual cycle starts oral complement 3 ~ 4 mg, BID, lasts 10 ~ 14 days, endometrial reaching standards (at least 8~ 10mm) Then use Daff Tong to convert the inner membrane, 20mg, BID X19 days, 2 days after 2 days, 90mg plug vagina, QD X17 days, the embryo on the third day of the transplantation on the 4th to 5th day of the converted endometrium, 6th~ 7 days of transplantation for the fifth day of the embryo, if you continue to use it until 10 weeks of pregnancy, it will gradually decrease, stop at 12 weeks, and stop the medicine for 14 days after transplantation.The specific usage also needs to adjust the dosage, type and medication method, and whether to combine medication in a timely manner in combination with the actual condition and response to the drug.

26. Why can growth hormone treat the endometrium thin?

Answer: ① The growth hormone acts on the receptor or induce insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) on the tissue of the adrenal organs, and directly or indirectly regulates the reproductive function.② Promote the hyperplasia of the endometrium gland, the enlarged glandular cavity, and vascular repair, growth, regulation and differentiation, enrich the interstitial quality, and thickened the endometrium.③ Promote the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in particle cells.④ By increasing the synthesis of insulin -like growth factor 1 in the ovaries, it will increase the effect of follicle stimuli and promote endometrial development.

27. Why can the velvetic membrane promoter gonad hormone treat the endometrium thin?

Answer: After the intrauterine intrauterine or muscle injection or subcutaneous injection of a certain concentration of HCG, it is combined with the surface receptor of the endometrium epithelial cells and vascular endothelial cells, which promotes the formation of the mother-fetal blood vessel formation, enhanced the immunity between the mother-tireTolerance is related to; it may also be extended to the endometrium transplantation window to enhance the endometrium tolerance.

28. Why is Sideli, Dallafi, or Paida African endometrium thin?

Answer: They can act on the smooth and smooth muscles of the uterine arteries, increase the endometrial spiral artery blood flow, improve the endometrial blood supply, promote endometrial development, and improve the endometrium tolerance.And the growth rate and quality of follicles have no effect, and the endometrium will not be limited due to extended medication time.The effect of vaginal administration is better than oral medication.

29. Why can the granulocytes set the stimulating factor in the treatment of the endometrium?

Answer: The subcutaneous injection or uterine cavity perfusion exogenous granulocytes set the stimulating factor, which can stimulate the production and maturity of white blood cells in the endometrium vascular network, so that the endometrium is manifested as a non -infectious inflammation state, and then secretes multiple proteases to makeExpressing a series of changes in endometrial gland epithelial cells, mediating endometrium-matrix cells, increasing the thickness of the uterine endometrial, and promoting endometriosis.In addition, granulocyte setting stimulus factor can also promote follicular development, promote the connection between embryos-endometrium, and help nourish the invasion, proliferation and placenta formation of cells, and improve the end of pregnancy.

30. Why can stem cells infusion can treat the endometrium thin?

Answer: Stem cells are origin cells. They are primitive unlimized cells with self -renewal ability and multi -directional differentiation potential. They have potential functions of various tissues and organs and human body. The medical community is called "universal cells".It is the origin cell of the body and the primitive cells that form various tissues and organs of the human body.Stem cell differentiation into functional cells, replace and repair death or damage cells, stem cells are implanted through blood circulation, or directly implanted in damaged tissues and organs; the order of renewal related genes is activated, Damage repair start; exogenous stem cells enter the body, secrete multiple growth nutritional factors, and improve the micro -environment inside the organizational organs; the immune regulation effect can reduce the inflammatory response of local tissue organs.The expression of telomerase in thin uterine endometrial tissue decreases, and the number of edge group cells with stem cell characteristics decreases, indicating that thin uterine endometrium may be related to damage to stem cells.Uterine endometrial stem cells can be divided into epithelial stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells and edge stem cells.Bronze medium germinated stem cells can reach the uterus through blood circulation and differentiate into endometrium stem cells to participate in the endometrium periodic update.The new method of endometrial treatment may be the new hope of the uterine cavity adhesion.

31. What are the conditions for stem cell infusion to treat endometrium thin?

Answer: Normal uterine cavity; good blood supply; neonatal endometrial tissue is sensitive to sex hormone and periodic changes.

32. The endometrium is particularly stubborn. It is invalid to use a variety of methods. Can it be treated with medication?

Answer: Studies have found that patients with particularly stubborn uterine endometrium have high resistance to uterine arterial resistance blood flow, reduced uterine blood supply, less adenoids, small vascular number, and reduced vascular endothelial growth factor expression.Treatment of such patients often requires a combination plan, such as drugs to promote endometrial growth (estrogen, growth hormone, granulocytes, stimulating factors), and at the same time expand blood vessels, accelerate the blood flow of the uterine arteries, reduce the blood flow resistance index (aspirin, West WestDirafi, nitroglycerin, etc.), combined with surgical treatment and traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine if necessary.If multiple treatment plans are still invalid, stem cells have potential functions of various tissues and organs due to regeneration, and the medical community is called "universal cells". Human stem cell therapy is expected to become thin uterine endometrial treatment, especially to estrogen without reacting.Or a new method of low -reactive thin uterine endometrial treatment is known as the ace of the ace, and countries around the world have successfully used stem cell therapy.

33. Can the endometrium be used to re -grow the endometrium and increase the thickness?

Answer: Yes.It has been reported at home and abroad that the endometrium can induce endometrium molting, improve the synchronization of endometrium and embryo, promote the expression of γ-interferon and vascular endothelial growth factors, and improve the clinical pregnancy rate.It is generally recommended that the number of endometrium light creative operations is two times, which are the follicles and luteal stage. Some scholars believe that during the menstrual cycle before the auxiliary reproductive treatment cycle, it can be significantly improved once every 5 to 7 days after ovulation.Patients with planting failed uterine endometrium and tolerance have improved clinical pregnancy ending. However, at present, due to the uncertain effect, it is not widely used in clinical clinical.

34. Patients who also belong to the endometrium of the uterine, why is everyone’s solution different?

Answer: The cause and condition of each patient are different, and the treatment methods are very different. The general principle is to treat the cause of the cause.Pay attention to the side effects of drugs and surgery. You can adopt a combination of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine or traditional Chinese and western medicine. The medication must be strictly followed by the guidance of a specialist.

35. Can traditional Chinese medicine treat the endometrium thin?

Answer: Traditional Chinese medicine can treat the endometrium of the uterine.Traditional Chinese medicine bags, etc.; Chinese medicine supplemental renal medicine can regulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, improve the response of the ovarian to follicles, improve ovarian reserves, promote blood circulation and stasis can promote the blood circulation of the ovary, improve ovarian blood supply.Promote the formation of follicles and ovulation, and at the same time, it can also improve the tolerance of the endometrium and provide the success rate of auxiliary reproduction. Therefore, it can be selected for Chinese medicine with blood breaking and removing blood removal, qi and relieving pain, clearing heat and dampness, and promoting blood circulation.Detoxify without leaving stasis, to clear the meridians, the qi and blood can be unobstructed, and the qi and blood are rushed to the cell palace.The cycle has been improved and the endometrium continues to thicken, improves the endometrium of thin uterine, and the ovaries can also be fully supported, improved ovarian function, secrete sufficient estrogen hormone, unused hormones, but can have hormone -like effects.The reaction, at the same time, can cooperate with the Chinese medicine damp and heat compress of Chinese medicine with blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating kidney yin and yang, dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, replenishing vitality, regulating qi and promoting blood, regulatory rushing, uterine endometrial forms significantly improved, uterine vascular resistance, and increased conception.Traditional Chinese medicine can be treated with Western medicine such as estrogen hormone, aspirin, granulocytes, and pellet cells.There are also many Chinese medicine methods, moxibustion foot Sanli, Sanyinjiao, Guan Yuan, Qihai, etc.; Acupuncture blood, uterine, Sanyinjiao, Shenshu, Shiyu, etc.; Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and biological feedback therapy, etc.Stream resistance, which may be used to promote endometrial blood flow through endometrial vascular production and vascularization to increase the nutritional transportation of peripheral tissue.

36. How to prevent thin uterine endometrium?

Answer: (1) Keep pleasure: avoid excessive mental stress;

(2) Menstrual warmth: Place hot compresses or warm water bottle on the abdomen;

(3) Persist in exercise: Practicing yoga is a good way to maintain the uterus;

(4) Avoid infection: Female gynecological inflammation should be found early and early treatment;

(5) Women without fertility adopt contraception to avoid damage to endometrium for non -willing pregnancy abortion.

37. What should patients with thin uterine endometrium eat?

Answer: Eat more foods that supplement estrogen, such as soy products, and can also eat more meat, potato, lamb, black chicken and other meats, high -protein foods such as eggs and chicken.Dry fruit is not taboo, you can eat at any time.Those with qi and blood deficiency eat more qi and nourish blood foods such as walnuts, jujube and longan.Eat less fatigue and easy to stagnate food.Less food field snails, clams, crabs, and crickets are preferred.Before and after menstruation and eat less fruits, rapeseed, kelp, cucumber, amaranth, amaranth, eggplant, chives, loofah, winter melon, bamboo shoots, lotus root and other cool foods.

38. The endometrium is thin, can I have the same room?Will the same room make the endometrium thinner?

Answer: It can be in the same room. Harmonious sexual life can relieve excessive tension and emotions, make the spirit happy, relax, and at the same time promote the blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, reduce the resistance of the uterine vascular resistance, improve the blood supply of the endometrium, grow the endometrium to growTherefore, it will not make the endometrium thinner, but you must pay attention to hygiene before the same room, avoid infection, and do contraception. If there are inflammation of the reproductive device, you need early discovery, early treatment, protect the same room, and avoid cross -infection between husband and wife.

39. Can strengthen sports and improve the endometrium?Which sports are good?

Answer: Exercise can enhance physical fitness and promote pelvic blood circulation.Reduce the resistance of the uterine arteries, improve the blood supply to the uterine, and increase the endometrium.Practicing yoga is a good way to maintain the uterus. Yoga can guide the blood circulation of female organs, regulate endocrine, and improve thin uterine endometrium.


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After the Spring Festival in 2020, we successively launched a series of "Immunological Dispine Pregnancy Answers" series of topics, which have been well received by patients and colleagues.Professor (see the following list) expresses deep gratitude!

As we all know, the diagnosis and treatment of poor recurrence of pregnancy involves a wide range of diagnosis and treatment. It is not completely covered by any medical profession. Each medical doctor’s view and opinions are not the same, even the opposite, and the majority of friends are even more very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very likeConfusion, anxiety, pain, and even despair, at a loss.To this end, we have collected issues that do dozens of patients’ education meeting, and those who often mention or pay more attention to patients are often mentioned, and they organize doctors, high -age doctors, experts, and professors of the corresponding majors in the country to ask questions about keywords.Methods made detailed and objective answers, hoping to help the smooth pregnancy and childbirth of every pregnant mother with bad pregnancy!

It is worth noting that the special content of the series of "Immune Pasta pregnancy and doubt" is that every medical worker is summarized by reviewing the literature and materials at home and abroad, and combined with its own clinical practice. It is not necessarily suitable for all patients.Each patient should comprehensively analyze and judge based on their own situation, and these materials are for reference only!

Of course, in the process of writing, editing, modifying, and supplementation, there must still be a lot of omissions and errors. I hope that the majority of readers will criticize and correct that we will correct it when publishing books. Thank you!

Liu Xiangyuan and his team 2020-4-29

List of PhDs, doctors, experts and professors

(Published on the Internet, sorted according to the surname pinyin)

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