"Knowledge during pregnancy" Woman can be in the same room during pregnancy? What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Can a woman be in the same room during pregnancy? What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Women should pay special attention to many aspects after pregnancy.During the pregnancy, many expectant parents will have questions, and I don’t know if they can be in the same room during pregnancy.So, can I have the same room during this period? What should I pay attention to when I am pregnant? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian.

Can a woman be in the same room during pregnancy?

Many experts and scholars have their own views on whether pregnancy can be used in the same room.Most of the recognition can be in the same room.However, because pregnant women are more special and are inconvenient to move, pay attention to the impact on the fetus.

How long do you get pregnant in the same room

From the perspective of medical theory, there can be the same room throughout pregnancy, but everyone’s physique and situation are different. It is recommended not to have the same room in the first three months and the last two months of pregnancy.The fetal development of the first three months of pregnancy is still unstable, and even some pregnant women have low progesterone. At this time, the same room is likely to cause miscarriage.

The placenta has begun to decline in the second trimester, and many women have edema, and it is also inconvenient to move. At this time, the same room can easily cause uterine contraction, lead to premature birth, and threaten the safety of fetuses and pregnant women.

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the same room is strictly prohibited

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is unstable. For pregnant women, the symptoms of early pregnancy are more obvious.During this period, the same room can easily cause contractions and cause abortion.

After 36 weeks, the same room is strictly prohibited

After 36 weeks, the placenta began to decline.Many pregnant women have serious hands and foot edema. At this time, when the movement is inconvenient, some pregnant mothers have begun to prepare for delivery.At this time, the same room is also likely to cause contractions and lead to premature birth.

Suitable for the same time during pregnancy

Generally, the fetus is basically stable during the 5 months of pregnancy-8 months.It is recommended to be carried out during the same room.


Don’t take the medicine in a cold

Differential pain is a taboo drug for pregnant women. Aspirin is not suitable for 32 weeks of pregnancy.Antibacterial, pregnant women have no clear evidence of bacterial infection, such as tonsillitis, high blood pressure, coughing yellow sputum, and luminous nasal nose, which may not require antibiotics.

Excience and cough medicines are generally safe, but cough medicines containing iodine -containing preparations should not be used.

What to do if pregnant women have diarrhea

Pregnant women’s diarrhea may cause abortion or premature birth.First of all, do not eat for the time being, make appropriate replenishment, and make up for the water and electrolytes lost due to diarrhea, especially potassium ions, and also supplement the lost heat.Can prepare some porridge that is easy to digest for pregnant women. If it is not very serious, the empty belly will be fine.

When replenishing the liquid, pay attention to observe the condition of the fetus, see if there are any signs of premature birth. If the situation is abnormal, go to the hospital immediately.

Precautions for pregnant women watching TV

Avoid watching TV at close distance: The distance between pregnant mommy is more than 2 meters away from the TV.

Avoid watching TV for a long time: Generally, it is not advisable to watch TV at a time for more than 2 hours to avoid excessive use of the eyes. Pregnant moms with pregnancy hypertension syndrome should pay more attention.

Avoid watching horror, nervousness, and tragic programs. These programs will make the pregnant mummy nervous, and a special substance appears in the blood. The fetus is brought to the fetus through the placenta to disturb the fetus.

Avoid overweight labor and strenuous exercise

Pregnant women who are just pregnant should not engage in excessive physical labor such as water lifting, moving heavy objects, and strenuous exercise such as running, dancing, and excessive physical labor and severe exercise.You can take a walk appropriately, sweep the ground, and do some simple and relaxed exercise.

Keep a good mood

Pay attention to emotions because of pregnancy, because the mental emotions of pregnant women who are pregnant are very unstable. This is that the husband must be considerate of his wife, tolerate care, and do not make your wife’s emotions too excited, affect the growth and development of the fetus, and cause miscarriage.

Far away from pets

Pregnant women in early pregnancy should pay attention to pets raised from families such as cats and dogs. They can first support them in relatives’ homes, because contacting pets or bite by pets, germs and parasites on pets will cause fetal fetus once the fetus is infected with the fetusDeformation and death, so stay away from pets.

Pay attention to personal hygiene cleaning

After pregnancy, leucorrhea will increase, so prepare a special clean towel and pot to clean the pussy every day and change the underwear to prevent the genitals from infected inflammation and damage the fetus.

Summary: Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has answers whether they can have the same room during pregnancy.In addition, the article also tells you some precautions during pregnancy for your reference.For the health of the baby, parents should pay more attention to these aspects.

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