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Mo Lian Qiankun.

The prince disregarded his marriage and picked up my pregnant maid to leave.Later, he said that the maid’s identity was low, forcing me to recognize her as a righteous girl so that she would be promoted to the concubine.I didn’t agree, so I couldn’t afford to kneel and threatened it with a retirement.I was like her wish, took the initiative to ask for remarry, and turned to support her unspeakable sister -in -law as emperor.She panicked.

It turned out that she had never understood that half of my family said that my family said.On the day of the banquet, the guests welcomed the door.Originally, it was so good or not, but my personal maid vomited in front of many ministers and female relatives.I just let people take her down and rest.

She suddenly fluttered at the feet of the prince, and shouted in fear: His Royal Highness, this is your child, do you take me away?Miss she is going to kill me.She cried so much, she shrank and hugged the prince’s legs, which was extremely pitiful.I just said when I was going to kill her.

She is my personal maid, and I have been like a sister to her over the years.She opened her sleeves, and it was staggered whip marks on it. The blood red choked: His Royal Highness, you saved the kite, otherwise the lady would beat me.My belly is your flesh.The prince was so shameful that he did not dare to look at me. After seeing the injury on Bi Niang, the Huaihuai immediately became angry.She lifted Bi Niang and had a attack on me: You are the niece of the general’s house, how can she be so vicious in her heart.

No matter how much she said, she is your maid, and her father’s political opponents and princes.No matter what, this sister -in -law is pregnant.The young lady was too jealous.I looked at all this indifferently, and her eyes fell on Biyuan’s face. She dodged, and instantly talked with me.

Her eyes seemed to be saying, even if I planned to marry you, your fiance only believes me, as if she now has a prince supporting the waist and a child in her belly, there is a confidence with me.I didn’t know when I raised such a Zhongshan wolf, and I crossed the prince and walked to the side.

Pick up the close -fitting sword hanging on the military frame and wipe it gently.You also know that she is my niece, the subordinates of my general’s house, and you are the prince of the East Palace, and you are unmarried before you get married.The subordinates in the wife’s house are in love. Is this the way you learn?

A year ago, Qin Yi said that he was humb at me at first sight, and then he asked for this marriage contract.I have a high work, and the three levels of the border areas have been set, but the people in the Guan are still suffering from their livelihoods.At that time, I saw the position of Qin Yi’s prince, and just wanted to wait for him to ascend the throne.He reforms a lot, and he is so relieved to regain the loss of land captured by the king.

Now I am still going to have this marriage contract and never survive.He, who had been kneeling on a heavy rainy day to ask for marriage, took the lead in changing his mind and did such a mix of accounts.I really used him too much.

After half a sound, he was furious: Xie Yunyao, you want to give you a face, right?He dropped me in the palace and fell to the ground on the ground. Your husband did not learn the wife. You don’t wear this mule.He sneered at my face, trying to make me a joke on the whole of Shangjing on the day of my important and ceremonial day.Bi Ku hugged his waist and asked Miss I: Although you are the general of our beam, but His Royal Highness is the prince. You are the king you want to be loyal to worship. How can you talk to His Royal Highness?You feel that you have no one in your merits, and you don’t care about Lian Jun.I was annoyed to the sound of her fan, and before he finished speaking, the sword in my hand had fallen.

In an instant, her crying sounded the lobby.I lowered my eyes and spleen. Her pain and twisted facial features. Didn’t you say that the injury on this arm was hit?Then I sat down the crime you gave me, but I was still satisfied.I picked up Paizi and frowned and wiped the new traces of the sword on the sword. This sword had killed the enemy with me and cut off countless thieves.You have to taste it today, you should kneel down and thank you.The broken arm fell at the feet of the prince, and Bigan crawled towards the prince, and whine in his mouth: His Royal Highness saved me, His Royal Highness saved me.I penetrated the sword into the scabbard, and smiled at Qin Yi, who sat on the ground and trembled. Highly His Highness did not save him?Qin Yi looked at me in horror with a pale face, and his eyes turned over.It is really a dumpling waste piled up in Beijing.

I looked at the guests who were careful at the feast around, picked up a gentle smile on the wine glass, and Zhu Jun used it slowly.

When my father went to the DPRK on the second day, he joined the Royal Shitai to participate in the prince. The leader said that he did not expect that I was so popular, and my father actually had to ask me a fair.There is no way for my dad to take care of it. For my rebellion, I can do it. Her Majesty took a sentence for a long time: Didn’t she cut people?Qing, shouldn’t my dad be muddy?

After a moment of silence, His Majesty was reluctantly ordered the Prince to go to the General Mansion to pay me a crime, but he did not mention another sentence to Bi Ku all the way.Many courtiers moved to the wind, and they had remembered their enemies with their enemies on the side of the General Mansion.After the dynasty, the prince followed his father to go to my house to pay me a crime with me, saying that it was a crime.I looked at it as if I was guilty of Xingshi. Xie Yunyao I haven’t asked you to settle accounts. You dare to let your father participate in me.As soon as he saw me, he couldn’t wait to get angry first, obviously remembering the shame that was stunned by me that day.

I watched what he did to do, and I was afraid that others would say: The prince is still looking at me, and the previous Bi Ji said that you are just pretending to be dignified.I don’t believe me. I don’t believe my slave.Now it seems that these are the truth of Big Kite. Look at this sour and rude look, it is what you look like.

Han woman, I deliberately disgusting him, either you say that you are thinking about me at first sight, or you have to marry me if you die?What am I not your heart now, but a fierce woman?People outside have recently been passed on to be a waste, and we are also matched with men and weak women.Xie Yunyao, he stood up angrily.Originally, I wanted to forgive you compassionate as long as you said a few words to me.Now it seems that you are simply stubborn.

I tell you that Bigan’s sex is docile. I don’t know how many times better than you. You are not as good as her. I have determined to marry her to pass the door.I nodded, you don’t look down on you without marrying me. Remember that Shili Red Makeup raised her to be your princess.The niece is the princess.If you just marry, you will have an old name.

Qin Yi was half -died by me. Where would he dare to marry Bi Zuo as the princess?Even if the concubine can’t pass the level of the Ministry of Rites, the civilians of Yu Shitai will not bypass him easily.Big Jie Xiang can only be a servant. She stared at me deadly, and the emotions in her eyes changed rapidly. Finally, I fell down a sentence. One day I would break your hard bones.

Let you listen to me obediently, learn how to be a docile princess.My thumb slid slightly, and the sharp and bright blade was reflected in the dazzling white light by the sun. Qin Yi raised his hand to block his eyes, and fell to the ground again.She was anxious and the prince was lonely.

I supported my face with my hands, smiling with my eyebrows, looking down at his embarrassment.Prince Wanan, Xie Yunyao, and her iron blue climbed up from the ground, her eyes were moist, sooner or later I was going to abolish your martial arts, so that you can no longer afford the sword.I laughed at the last person who said this, and was stamped into meat in Beiyongguan.Do you want to try His Royal Highness?Qin Yi ran out of the house almost crawling.As soon as Qin Yi left, he passed his intention in the palace for a while, saying that the queen wanted to see me. I unpoved the sabers. The family was really dumped.

When I entered the temple, Bizheng was sitting under the queen and joking with her. Qin Yi sat in a cool look at me. The beside the embargo was the leader of the embargo., I ca n’t win knowing people, there is no news, I think of what his grandmother said to me.The prince is a good person, but she is just used to being proud. She only has you in her heart. As long as you are willing to coax him to follow him, you will want the stars in heaven, and the prince will also give it to you.

I think this is funny. She also made me low three or four times. Qin Yi saw that I took his eyes without man, and stopped ignoring him.She was really sick. Sooner or later, I had to let the doctor treat him.I leaned over to the queen to salute, and she just couldn’t see me.Small with a smile, he asked Bizheng to pay attention to raising the fetus. Bi Yan broke a armor and was extremely weak. His Royal Highness placed me in the Yuqing Hall. It was very good, but Bi was low.Good.After speaking, he glanced at me and was cut off by me, and his hatred after his arms hung on his face.Now that the Forbidden Army is standing in the Queen’s Palace, I come by alone and did not admire the sword. Naturally, she was no longer afraid.Yuqing Palace has been the residence of the princess since ancient times. Bigan is deliberately angry at me, but if there is no Qin Yi instructed, how can she dare?I thought about the law that made Qin Yi died silently in my head.Big kite is not a good thing, he is not a good thing. Now you have a royal son in your stomach.If someone is jealous and insulted, it will be said that it is the prince, but the palace will not forgive.

The queen was not angry, her majestic eyes fell on my face, and Xie Yunyao said sharply.Do you know sin?My peach eyebrows do not know what Yun Yao is sinful. I also ask the mother to show that the tip of the teeth is profitable. How can you have half the grace of the princess.Why don’t you kneel when you see this palace?I reminded her that I returned a year ago, and my Majesty exempted my gift of kneeling.

The Queen-Turking, the prince is your future husband. How dare you dare to spoil the Prince Jiao, and you dare to humiliate the prince. Is this your family tutor?The queen is the sister of the prime minister. The princess that was originally set by the prince was the niece of her mother’s family.The niece is superior.She has nothing to do with me.

Now that I saw Her Majesty’s court, I had raised her gently to the Bi people, and the prince had resentment with me again. The humiliation of me was even more frightened. My eyes were suddenly cold. The Xie family did not strict.Otherwise, there will be no niece climbing.You wanton, the queen slammed the handracks, and you were angry, are you saying that the prince of the palace is not strict?The girl dare not, I am innocent, and the mother does not have to be angry.His Majesty said at this morning today, saying that he was not strict with you, so that the prince did this kind of wind and custom, and the prince was angry.

Xie Yunyao, don’t know how to do it too much. Big Bing cried, it was my fault.Miss, you must not have the anger of giving birth to a mother and His Royal Highness. What you have rushed to me? The prince held her in her arms to comfort me.You are pregnant now, who dares to rush to you, if someone is looking for you, it is not to find it.He sneered at Xie Yunyao with a sideways with his eyes.Now I will give you an opportunity to atone for merit.Bi Ji is also good at the end of the concubine, she is also fulfilled, you better agree.I watched the three of them sing and want to scold people.His Royal Highness laughed. My father only gave birth to me and my brother. There were no extra sisters and brothers. Moreover, it was not that A cat and dog could call my sister.Bigan sobbing is Biguan, and His Royal Highness must not be angry with the lady. It is the fault of Big Kit.How does Bigan match as a lady’s righteous girl, I agree with her seriously, you are indeed not matched.Qin Yi’s face was leaning around the leader of the Forbidden Army behind Tieqing.Xie Yunyao, you are very evil, you will go out and kneel for me.When did you agree to recognize Bi as a righteous girl, when did he get up and kneel quickly, the queen’s handle tightened the wind chair’s hand to begging her chest.The coming person Xie Yunyao will suppress him below.Do I do n’t understand what I had before, and I came up to suppress my guard and was knocked down by me, and I rubbed my wrist.

Is His Royal Highness and Niang Niang who wants to resist the emperor?His Majesty does not need to go in and out of the imperial decree. So far, it is still placed in the general’s house. Do I need to ask me?Even without this imperial decree, His Majesty never seized my military power.Xie Yunyao is still the general of Changsheng, Chang Sheng, and a grade of Guanju.It is said that it is a prince and a mother -in -law, and what do you do if you just punish me and kneel.You are the princess of the son of the palace, and why is it impossible for the fiancee of his son to punish his son.I smile that the marriage is not determined today. I should talk about the monarch and his mother and the mother -in -law rather than the mother -in -law.Qin Yi couldn’t bear it.Xie Yunyao today, if you do n’t kneel, do n’t blame the lonely with you and lose your marriage contract with me. Do you think someone will dare to ask you?I do n’t hand soft people who threatened me.His Royal Highness has to forget that the north side has not yet cleared, and the Xie family’s several people buried here. The things you and my sister -in -law are in public.Even withdrawal, the Xie family should retreat.His Royal Highness was afraid that I forgot that behind me was Chen Jun Xie’s, my mother -in -law was the eldest daughter of the Wang family.At first, I said that they divided the world with the two of my two. Wang Xie’s two for the stability of the world as a minister. It is not the fortune of your family.

His Royal Highness used the embargo to suppress me. Tomorrow, Xie Jia’s Bei Fu soldiers dared to Qing Jun’s side, ignoring the shocked face of the people present.If I walked out without anyone, I got on the carriage waiting outside the palace, opened the car curtain, and entered the eyes of a man sitting straight.

He was wearing a mysterious crane wall, and his eyebrows called me: Sister cousin, he was the thirteenth prince.Qin Yi, my mother was Wang Man. Seven years ago, my cousin saved me when she entered the palace. At that time, I was pushed into the river by Qin Yi and almost drowned.He reported his own door, and I took the tea on the coffee table to drink. My mother had no blood relationship with your mother. I just saved you. I don’t have to care.He looked up at me, his eyes were clear, and I wanted to marry my cousin.I spit out a sip of tea and was sick.

Qin Yu took the Paizi from his arms and handed it to me.I know that the Wang family and the Xie family are looking for new chess pieces among the remaining princes. Qin Yi is disobedient because his mother is also from the family.Nothing, my cousin, I am willing to be your pawn, let you drive.The arrogance that I have been disguised disappears at this moment.

These things were originally secretly carried out. How did he know that he did not be favored?My fingertips gently stroke the cold crickets in my sleeves, with partnership maps, and the world is stable.My fingers stopped and looked at him with a stunned land.My cousin, I just returned from the disaster relief in the state, and his eyes revealed a silent despair.Sister cousin, you are a good general. When you set up the three levels, I was the eunuch in Luzhou. You are the only general who does not slaughter the city.Da Liang was fighting from Emperor Wu, the land collapsed, and the eight kings became the king, and the war continued.Although the first emperor calmed down the chaos of the country, the city that could be split out is still blood flowing into a river, and poetry is endless.He changed his name to me, his eyes were more pure and the gentleman’s wind.

You have read the strategy of governing the country from an early age. First, I followed the righteousness of the world. I believe that I can govern this country with you. I also believe that I am the one on the road with you. I don’t care about it.The king’s feelings, love interpret me, is just saving people.If he is He Qing and He Qing, the general does not need my chess pieces, Yu will be able to do his meditation, and will not allow the general cup to have half a stigmatization.

I revealed the first sincere smiles of these days. The Qin Yi family came out of you, and it was a thorough father. The bottom kept this dragon vein.The investigators counted Qin Yu’s things in the past years and collected it to me.Since the frequent war eight years ago, Qin Yu has followed the officials of the Ministry of Military to gather the camps in various places. Among them, there were several officials who came to send food to me.

Binzhou is now the most ruthless place in the war. The people there have been omnivorous, but Qin Yu has been in this place for two years.Why does the despair in his eyes no longer need to perform?There is no money, no soldiers, no power, there is no power, just not.It is a funny conversation. Except for watching his people who died slowly, you can’t make any changes.It took me two years to completely understand how useful it was.Qin Yu was right. Qin Yu’s mother -in -law was born in the big family. This is indeed the biggest confidence of him.

Now that Qin Yu is not obedient, this rivers and mountains will be replaced.

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