"New Ten Articles" for epidemic prevention, how can families prepare medicine?

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On December 7, the joint control mechanism of the State Council issued ten new measures for epidemic prevention. Those who clarified the new crown infected should be "scientific classification and treatment", and the asymptomatic infected infected with the conditions of home isolation generally adopted home isolation.

How to prepare medicine at home?Is it necessary to follow the trend?Xia Ke Island compiled some experts’ views.

1. Q: Is the severe severe rate caused by Omikon?

Tong Chaohui, deputy dean of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University: The hospitalization rate, severe rate, and mortality rate of disease caused by Omikon have greatly reduced.Judging from the current national cases, the symptoms of respiratory tract infected with Omikon or above are mainly manifested by uncomfortable throat and cough.Asymptomatic and minor type account for more than 90%, and there are not many ordinary types (symptoms of pneumonia). The proportion of severe illnesses (required high -flow oxygen therapy or non -invasive and ventilated) is smaller.From the perspective of the treatment of designated hospitals in Beijing, there are only a few patients who truly interspersed with the intubation of the new crown pneumonia.

2. Q: What do you need to pay attention to when observing and treating treatment at home?

Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of Infectious Department of the First Hospital of Peking University: If symptoms such as fever and cough appear at home, you can physical cooling, use heat -relieving analgesic drugs, or take some traditional Chinese medicine and antiviral drugs under the guidance of a doctor.Do not mix with multiple medicines, because various drugs have side effects risks, and interaction may increase adverse drug reactions.If it is suspected of being infected with the new crown virus, you can do antigen detection at home.

3. Q: What medicines can be prepared for the new coronary virus?

Li Yan, chief physician of the infection comprehensive department of Beijing You’an Hospital: Preventing new crown viruses and influenza viruses, you can properly purchase the split granules, clear sense particles, etc.;It can be taken appropriately, compound cold medicines such as Tyno, Contec; such as the symptoms have seriously affected patients’ rest and sleep, you can take non -prescription antipyretic drugs such as ibuprofen or acetaminol or relieve heat analgesic drugs.The same type of drugs do not need to be purchased repeatedly, just choose one.

Patients with basic diseases must be very cautious when choosing non -prescription cold medicines and relieving heat and analgesics. It is recommended to consult a doctor; people with abnormal liver and kidney function or gastrointestinal disease should be used with caution; young people without basic diseases;There are slight symptoms of the respiratory tract with middle -aged people. If it does not affect normal life, it is not recommended to choose the self -proclaimed medicine. You can rest and drink plenty of water and wait for self -healing.You need to go to the hospital immediately.

4. Question: Is it reliable?

Zeng Yuanfeng, the Department of Emergency Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zeng Yuanfeng: At present, one or more of the top ten symptoms of the new crown patients will not have an absolute and complete order of medicine.There are seven or eight types of medicines in the picture, including western medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine. Each medicine has different effects. We need to take it according to their respective effects instead of taking it in order.

For example, the four seasons antiviral agent is a proprietary Chinese medicine, which has the effect of clearing wind and clearing heat and detoxifying. Patients have symptoms such as throat throat and so on.When there is no sore throat, you can consider taking it; compound pH, alkyamide tablets, ibuprofen sustained release capsules are mainly relieve heat and analgesic; if nasal congestion, flowing yellow nose, and sore throat, you can consider using the flowers clearing capsules;Victoria contains vitamin C. It is not a conventional medicine when treating new -crowned patients. There is no clear symptom improvement effect.

(Sequence map of the medicine for taking medicine)

5. Q: Is it necessary for families to hoard medicine?

Li Yan, chief physician of the infection comprehensive department of Beijing You’an Hospital: It is not necessary to blindly accommodate the wind. The symptoms are not serious.The healthy family can prepare for the amount of 1 to 2 times per person, and go to the pharmacy to buy it.If relatively severe respiratory symptoms occur, it is more appropriate to buy 5 to 7 days at a time.Self -healing of fever, throat pain and other symptoms requires the process of healing. Ordinary patients will heal for 1 to 2 weeks without too much panic.

Guo Yanhong, Director of the Medical Emergency Department of the National Health and Health Commission: We have asked medical institutions at or above the county level to strengthen these symptomatic drugs and antiviral drugs, including Chinese medicine, western medicine and other drugs, including antigen reagents, to prepare certain preparations.At the same time, through the treatment of classification, many infected people will choose home treatment. We require grassroots medical institutions and drug retail outlets to prepare accordingly to ensure the accessibility of the drug.

Remind everyone, there is no need to hoard and snap -up drugs.With the deployment of the entire work, these drugs are sufficient whether they are in drug sales outlets or in medical institutions.

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6. Q: How do pregnant women do well?Do you have to prepare more medicines with children?

Qiao Jie, Dean of the Third Hospital of Peking University: The infection rate of Maternal Maternal Omikon is close to the general population, and the types of symptoms are also close. Infection does not have more impact on the health of pregnant women.Maternal mothers with hypertension and diabetes should strengthen self -protection.Women with a pregnancy plan are best to vaccinate the new coronary virus vaccine before pregnancy, and try to adjust their physical condition and then get pregnant.

Wang Quan, Director of Emergency Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University: Autumn and winter is the season of high incidence of children’s respiratory diseases.After the child is sick, if you are mentally stable, your parents can deal with and observe the condition. If you continue to fever for three days, cough or vomit frequently, and even occur, frequent diarrhea, pus and blood, and difficulty in breathing, parents should bring their children in time in timeMedical.Families with children prepare some antipyretics suitable for children. It is not recommended to save too much medicine.When taking medicine for children, you should follow the doctor’s order and read the drug instructions carefully.

7. Q: Do I need to reserve antigen testing agents?

Li Yan, chief physician of the infection of Beijing You’an Hospital: When there is symptoms, the accuracy of antigen detection is high.It is not convenient to do nucleic acid detection and symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and sore throat.Ordinary families can properly reserve antigen detection test agents, but without a lot of hoarding, manufacturers are stepping up production.

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Source: Xia Ke Island

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