"Obstetrics and Gynecology" pregnant mothers are allergic, fetus suffer?Allergic rhinitis is not just sneezing!

Author: Zhang Lisong Capital Medical University, Beijing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Beijing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Beijing Maternal and Child Health Hospital

In the spring season, when people are about to indulge in the beauty of nature (and the dust that comes from time to time), a disease -allergic rhinitis that increases the disease has also quietly arrived.

Discarded symptoms such as missional rhinitis, paroxysmal sneezing, nasal congestion, clear water -like nose, nasal itching, etc.

Don’t underestimate allergic rhinitis!

Allergic rhinitis is a perverted response disease that occurs in the nasal mucosa. It is divided into two types: perennial and seasonal. Spring and autumn is the high incidence of allergic rhinitis.

If you suffer from this disease, if you do not pay attention to and do not intervene, in addition to bringing physical discomfort, you can also induce sinusitis, nasal polyps, secretion otitis media, allergic conjunctivitis, and even induced high -sensitivity reactions of bronchies, leading to bronchial asthma asthma asthma asthmaNympho

Pregnant women are high -risk people suffering from allergic rhinitis. For this fragile and sensitive period of pregnancy, how should they prevent and treat?

Why pregnant women

More prone to allergic rhinitis

The level of estrogen in the body during pregnancy has increased, stimulating a allergic response to its more sensitive nasal mucosa, leading to small blood vessel dilation, cyt edema, and strong glandular secretion, and allergic rhinitis.

Will the symptoms of allergic rhinitis affect the fetus?

01 Nasal congestion is severe to cause hypoxia in the fetus

Temporarily mild nasal congestion can be inhaled with sufficient oxygen through oral respiratory, but long -term severe nasal congestion can cause reduced oxygen supply in the blood, which will cause the palace to be hypoxic and affect the normal development of the fetus.02 Repeated sneezing stimulation uterine can cause abortion

When pregnant women with weak constitutions have abdominal pain and threatened abortion symptoms, repeated sneezing stimulation causes the internal abdominal pressure to increase repeatedly, aggravate the symptoms of threatened abortion, and even causes abortion in severe cases.

How to prevent and treat allergic rhinitis during pregnancy?


Try to avoid contact with allergies

· Pay attention to wear masks to reduce contact with pollen and dust mites;

· Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hair frequently, pillows and bedding often change to prevent dust mites and mold breeding;

· Spring and autumn reduces windows, use air purifiers to purify the air environment as appropriate, filter out harmful and stimulating allergens;

· Wash your face and clean the nasal cavity in time after you come back, reduce your contact with pollen allergies;

· Pregnant women with a history of food allergies to avoid foods that can easily lead to allergies during pregnancy, such as fish and shrimp.2

Pay attention to nasal hygiene

Apply a physiological seawater to rinse the nasal cavity daily, clean up allergic substances, reduce the retention of allergic substances in the nasal cavity, thereby reducing the allergic reactions induced by the stimulation of the nasal mucosa. At the same time, it can clean up the secretions of the nasal cavity and help relieve the symptoms of discomfort.


Apply drugs as appropriate

Pregnant women who still have severe symptoms after prevention and nasal cavity are still severely unable to alleviate. They need to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Under the guidance of a specialist, the application of hormone nasal spray can effectively relieve the symptoms.

However, it is best to apply a small amount of such drugs as appropriate after 3 months of pregnancy, and try to avoid use in an important period of development of various organs in the first three months.

The so -called: nasal allergies are really troublesome. Maternal and children doctors come to support. It is most effective away from the pathogen. Nasal rinse is indispensable.

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