"Popular science" has a "secret recipe" for boys and women?The most reliable one is actually this!

The Spring Festival holiday has ended. During the Chinese New Year, I see relatives and elders, and young couples will inevitably encounter a problem."One child and a daughter, make up a" good "word is the dream of many families. Therefore, the people have also circulated a lot of remedies for" choosing to give birth to boys and women freely. "

However, are these methods that claim to determine the sex of the baby are really reliable?

Sour female alkali man?

It is said that eating more acidic foods is conducive to breeding girls, eating more alkaline foods, and developing alkaline constitutions is more likely to have boys.

the truth:

The pH value of the human body is stable. If the acid -base is imbalanced, it is generally sick.Moreover, many people just distinguish the acid and alkali of food through taste, and they are unscientific.

Is the Qing Gong map a gender choice?

According to the Qing Palace, it is said that the prediction table of boys and girls circulated from the court of the Qing Dynasty.It is said that the age and pregnancy month on the control table can choose the fetal gender.

the truth:

The Qing Palace pictures circulating on the Internet are diverse, and if you look closely, the proportion of boys and women on many pictures is almost 1: 1, which is almost the same as itself. There is no substantial basis.

For entertainment, the Qing Palace Map

The tire medicine "female to a man" turns the tide?

After taking the tire medicine, you can change your son when you are pregnant, and you even have a saying that the tire medicine needs to take 40 days in a row.

the truth:

The ingredients of the tires contain a large number of male hormones. If pregnant women are taken, it is easy to cause abortion or fetal malformations. Do not take it blindly!

There are many rumors that everyone knows, such as the sour girl with a sour appetite, a pointed belly male, etc., in fact, it has nothing to do with gender.

But in medicine, there is really a way to choose a boy and a girl independently, that is, the third -generation IVF technology.

How does it determine gender?

Gender is generally determined by chromosomes. Starting from fertilized eggs, the gender of the fetus remains unchanged.

Therefore, the third -generation IVF technology is mainly to "customize gender" by artificial selection of sperm and eggs of the corresponding chromosomes, cultivate in vitro into fertilized eggs, and then implant women’s uterus.

but!If you want to rely on this technology to choose to be free to choose a boy and girl, then it is illegal!Because the third -generation IVF technology has strict indication requirements, only for treatment, for eugenics, rather than screening gender.

For example, the couple have a genetic chromosomal chain genetic disease, and the gender of the fetus determines the incidence of the incidence. Through this technology, the birth of a baby with pathogenic genetic disease can be avoided.

Boys and girls are all treasures. Compared to helping babies choose gender in advance, it is more important to choose a healthy body for TAs.

Each person has about 20,000 to 25,000 genes, of which there are many hidden genetic diseases. Once the two genetic disease genes are carried, parents who show normal can also produce genetic disease children, such as congenital deafness and spinal atrophySymptoms, etc.

Even the diseases like albinism are listed as "rare diseases", and there are more than 20 million patients in my country.

For the future of family and children, each couple should pay more attention to the prevention of defects before pregnancy and prenatal birth defects.Mainly do the following 3 points:

1. Through genetic consultation, prohibiting close relatives from getting married

2. Early gene diagnosis

3. Preparatory diagnosis

For example, the couple are carriers of a certain constant chromosomal hidden genetic disease, or the woman who is a carrier of the X chain hidden genetic pathogen.Essence

The prenatal diagnosis center of our hospital has conducted screening gene testing for adult genetic disease carriers, and the results can be obtained 4 weeks after testing.

By checking the genetic status of both couples, early detection of congenital defects or genetic diseases early, master the treatment opportunity;

Actsy intervention measures can be taken earlier, so that pregnant women and family members can be fully prepared.

In the end, I hosted the stress and friends who were not ready to have a baby. You also have one thing.

That is to take contraceptive measures when doing sex.At present, our hospital provides free condoms. If necessary, you can go to the family planning clinic to scan the code to collect the code ~


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