"Seeing red" during pregnancy is the omen of abortion?wrong!Take a look at the specific symptoms and then conclude

When you are immersed in the good news of pregnancy, on the one hand, you are particularly happy, and on the other hand, you have a lot of concerns.Afraid of something wrong, the baby is dangerous.The most scary during pregnancy is probably bleeding during pregnancy, and there are many such scenes on TV.Pregnant women bleeding, either abortion or life.However, the TV series adds exaggerated ingredients, and some of them are normal during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not need to fury."Seeing red" during pregnancy is the omen of abortion?wrong!Take a look at the specific symptoms and then conclude.

Xiao Liu recently knew that she had a baby in her stomach, and she was careful about doing things. She had been looking forward to this baby for a long time.I planned to have a baby in the first year after marriage, and it was dragged for another two or three years.

I was getting late for marriage. If you want to have a child two years later, it is likely to become an elderly mother.

After Xiao Liu was pregnant, the family spoiled her up and down, and the days passed like this.When Xiao Liu went to the toilet, he found that he had a small amount of bleeding, which scared Xiao Liu.I kept thinking about it in my mind, should I not eat anything?

After telling her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law immediately took Xiao Liu to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that it was caused by cervicitis. The amount of bleeding was relatively small and it had no effect on the baby.After listening to the doctor’s words, Xiao Liu’s heart was stabilized.

Like Xiao Liu is a type of normal bleeding during pregnancy. So what are the categories of pregnancy?We together look.

1. Normal bleeding in the early pregnancy

In a few days after pregnancy, minor bleeding may occur. This situation is mainly caused by fertilized eggs in bed, but it is not a big deal. Some Baoma may still treat it as menstruation.

In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones in pregnant women change and are not stable, and sudden bleeding due to insufficient hormone levels is also possible.We can determine whether to go to the hospital for medical treatment based on the size of the bleeding amount.If the amount of bleeding is relatively large, it is recommended that you rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

2. Normal bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy

During the third trimester, the placenta position in the mother’s belly may change, because the bleeding caused by the placenta is basically distinctive, and the mother will not feel pain because of bleeding.Although it is a normal bleeding situation, conservative suggestions are still after a doctor’s examination, and then see if you want to take some measures.

3. Abnormal bleeding in the early pregnancy

It is finally time to abnormal bleeding. Basically, abnormal bleeding in the early pregnancy will be accompanied by a severe response, the stomach is painful, and the amount of bleeding is relatively large.It may be because the fetal location is wrong, or the abortion caused by no attention in life.Such a fierce response is also very critical, rushing to the hospital as soon as possible.

4. Abnormal bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy and placental stripping are more dangerous in the middle and late pregnancy.I believe everyone has heard of ectopic pregnancy, that is, the children did not develop in the uterus, but fell outside the uterus.It is not easy to avoid ectopic pregnancy. In addition to paying attention to hygiene, the rest needs to go to the hospital for regular examination to detect abnormalities as soon as possible.

After reading the above situations, do mothers have a new understanding of bleeding during pregnancy?Sexual life during pregnancy is also a dangerous behavior. It is recommended that parents can bear more at this time, everything is for children.

Finally, I will share with you a little cheats to determine whether the bleeding is dangerous through color. If it is tan, it means that the previous menstrual bleeding, but it is only discharged now.Basically, there will be no more after two or three days.If the color is brilliant and a little sticky, you need to pay attention to whether there are signs of miscarriage.

Senior career, multi -platform invitation to the original writer, a mother of children’s psychology major in Southwest University, focusing on parenting, pregnancy, and newborn care knowledge sharing!Hope this article will help you!

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