"Several kinds of water" that affect the intellectual development of the fetus, pregnant women should pay attention, and do not drink without drinking.

Drinking water during pregnancy is particular, do not touch a drop of water during pregnancy, which will affect the intellectual development of the fetus

Many pregnant women have the habit of drinking coffee and drinking drinks before pregnancy, but they know that these "water" is not good after pregnancy, but they can’t quit.Some mothers don’t like to drink boiled water, and the effect of pregnancy, they want to vomit as soon as they drink boiled water.It is really embarrassing to drink boiled water, drink coffee and worry about the fetus.

Today, the fairy mother came to tell you the things of drinking water during pregnancy, telling you which water can drink and which water can’t drink.

1. Kaishui

During the whole pregnancy, water is very important for pregnant women and fetuses.Water has a very important circulation and exchange role as a nutritional carrier.The nutrition that the mother eats needs to be passed to the baby through the blood. It is absolutely impossible if the body does not have enough water.

Pregnant women with sufficient water, the number of urinating times will increase, and the urine concentration is reduced, reducing the probability of reproductive system infection.Secondly, sufficient water can also alleviate the problem of constipation during pregnancy.

In order to be healthy by themselves and the baby, pregnant women should water at no less than 1.5 liters per day.It is recommended that pregnant women develop a good habit of hydrating. Do not wait until thirsty before drinking water, especially after getting up early, you must drink a glass of boiled water.

2. Soymilk

As a traditional breakfast of Chinese people, soy milk is rich in saturated fatty acids and protein, and the fat content is very low, which is very suitable for pregnant women.

It should be noted that no cooked soymilk cannot be drunk, which will cause people to respond disgusting and increase the problem of pregnancy.Soy milk will boil at 80 degrees, which will make many pregnant women think that soy milk is cooked.In fact, soy milk is cooked for another 5 minutes after "boiling", and there is no foam to cook.

Although the soy milk mechanism is convenient for soy milk, the soy milk mechanism is not cooked. It is recommended to return to the furnace again.

3. Dairy products

Milk is not only rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals, but also rich in calcium, which helps the bone development of pregnant women and fetuses.

After disinfection of fresh milk, 99%of harmful pathogens can be killed, and pregnant women can rest assured to drink.Yogurt is fermented by lactobacillus and bisidobacteria. It is sour and delicious, and contains a large amount of beneficial bacteria, which helps promote digestion and enhance the appetite of pregnant women.

1. Raw water

Although boiled water is very good, it is suitable for anyone to drink, but the disadvantage is that the taste is almost and not delicious.But not all tap water can drink.There are no boiled raw water and polluting water, because there are a large amount of harmful bacteria, which cannot be directly consumed, especially pregnant women.

2. fruit juice

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to supplement a variety of vitamins, and fruits are essential.However, many pregnant women think that fruits are troublesome and often like to use fruit juice instead of fruits.Generally speaking, pregnant women eat 200 to 400g of fruits a day to meet daily needs. Eating too much will cause blood sugar problems and affect health.

Freshly squeezed juice is really convenient, but squeezing a glass of juice may require four or five fruits, or even more, which is far more than the standards mentioned above.Secondly, in the process of juice, the dietary fiber in fruits is damaged, but the sugar is retained, and gestational diabetes may come to the door at any time.

3, wine

Alcohol is a taboo for pregnant women. Alcohol in pregnant women may enter the uterus through blood, causing fetal development defects, especially intellectual development.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women do not drink alcohol, and even do not drink alcohol during breastfeeding.Some people are more addicted to alcohol, and often think that it is okay to drink less.In fact, drinking is not safe for pregnant women, but the more you drink, the greater the damage.

4. Tea

Many mothers know that they ca n’t drink coffee, but they do n’t know that some tea ca n’t drink.You know, the caffeine content in some tea is not much lower than that of coffee.

Green tea is rich in zinc, which helps the fetal brain development, so pregnant women can drink low -concentration green tea in moderation.However, the zinc content of black tea is very small, but the content of caffeine is high, so it is not recommended to drink black tea.It should be noted that whether black tea, green tea, white tea, or Pu’er, the higher concentration of tea is not suitable for pregnant women.

5. Drink

Speaking of drinks, many mothers know that gas -sized carbonated drinks cannot be drunk because the sugar content is too high.However, some lactic acid beverages are more deceived. Many pregnant women think that it is milk, and in fact, it is a drink with many flavors and additives. The milk content is very low, which is one of the water that is not suitable for pregnant women.

Many people see here, often saying, "I am pregnant, how can I eat everything, I eat everything, and the child is not good."Yes, these "water" that is not suitable for pregnant women, maybe there is nothing to do when they drink, but aren’t they afraid of that "in case"?

For pregnant women, they are fighting between "eating and not eating" every day.But for the sake of children’s health, "be careful" is right.

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