"Simple and effective" what should I do during my husband’s derailment during pregnancy?

【Case Introduction】

I woke up at night during pregnancy, my husband’s mobile phone flickered. When I opened it, it was a girl who asked, did I sleep? And the chat history was empty.EssenceLooking at "the other party was entering" my heart pounded, she finally responded, and my stomach had a pain.

My husband is a blind date arranged by my family. I have a stable and stable work. I have no experience in love. I marry him without thinking about it.After pregnancy, he consciously splitted with me, saying that he was afraid of disturbing me to rest. At that time, I was very glad that I met such a thoughtful husband.

It turns out that he was just looking for a woman to find a woman more conveniently! I turned the woman’s circle of friends over again. They had been together for a long time, and he transferred money to that woman in each festival in the transfer record, and what was my wife, what is my wife?nothing.Tears couldn’t stop falling down, the pain I couldn’t say.At that time, the hands of the evidence I took my mobile phone were trembling.Looking at the leisurely snoring husband, I went back to my bed, covered the quilt, and dared not cry.

Since that, I have insomnia at night, and her eyes close are all the pictures of him and the woman.I seem to be addicted, while he keeps falling asleep and turning his mobile phone, the more you look at me, the more painful.I want to smash the phone on his face and call him to get out, but I touch my belly, and I am particularly confused. What should I do? I don’t want my child to have no dad, but what he does makes me uncomfortable. What should I do?What’s more?

【Mentor Analysis】

Hello lady! In the period when women are the most vulnerable and most needed to take care of them, you are helpless and painful.The man did not assume responsibility, but he was full of lies, so that you as a wife can bear such a big blow! For the child, you are very embarrassed, I understand that you are tangled now, how you can consider from the following points.

First of all, you have to spread this matter.I guess, you dare not say this now, because you are worried that the husband will break the tank after breaking, and it will be with that woman directly with that woman.But avoiding your marriage is not good.You go to say this, the first is to indicate that you already know. Second, you have to let him understand your feelings, and how much pain this matter will bring you.

You might say how could he not know that this kind of thing hurts people? Yes, he knows rationally, and he doesn’t necessarily know.He has to agree with you so much that you can change.

Secondly, don’t immediately say forgive him.The man knows that he is doing something wrong, and he is ready to make trouble with him.If you forgive him directly, it is equivalent to telling him his bottom card, and he will think that he will be forgiven no matter what he does.He even doubts your love for him. Can the person who really loves him accept his behavior easily? So, with a static brake, see his reaction and then forgiveness.

In addition, don’t expect him to return immediately.Some women take the premise of forgiveness with that woman, which means forced to return.Our ultimate goal is, of course, he and the woman who broke up completely, but most men are unwilling to be soft. The more you make him do, the more you do.

Moreover, he and the woman were in love, and he couldn’t do it immediately.Therefore, give each other more time. Only when you survive this time can things slowly develop in the good direction.

If you also encounter similar problems and don’t know how to deal with it, you can tell me the specific information, I will help you analyze.

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