"Sister Moon" 39 -year -old child produced a child, beding in bed for 3 months, and has a deep meaning to name his son

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Thinking back to the first thing when I was young, the first thing I went home every day was squatting in front of TV, waiting to watch the children’s channel, hearing the familiar "big windmill, squeaking", seeing the familiar "Moon Sister",The best time a day is here.

Although the time has passed in a blink of an eye, twenty years have passed, and the children’s channel has become our children’s squatting, but those pictures have still lingered in their minds.

Especially the "Moon Sister" who hosted the children’s show at the time left a deep impression on us.Today, her 42 -year -old life is very beautiful, and her family is also happy and healthy.However, when it comes to the name of the sister of the moon, it is still a deep experience.

When my sister was 39 years old, she was pregnant. This is already an elderly pregnant woman. In order to give birth to a child safe and healthy, she rests from the first day of learning the news of pregnancy.Get out of bed.

You know, the age of 39 is really not very young, especially when she is pregnant. She is afraid that her body is not good and the fetus has abortion. Therefore, during that time, she gave up all her work and devoted her wholeheartedly to the tire work.

Fortunately, everything is smooth and smooth. After experiencing October, "Sister Moon" was successfully promoted to "Mother of the Moon", and then appeared in front of the public at the 11 months of the child.There is a strong atmosphere of mother love.

It turns out that the name of "Sister Moon" is "just right". Why take this name?Because the Moon Sister feels that the child is just right.Whether it is his age, energy, and physical strength, the child is just right, so the meaning of this name is particularly good.

First, there is a meaning

The name is the first gift for parents to give their children to the world, so parents must consider it carefully. When they name them, they cannot run. Among them, they not only represent their parents’ blessings to their children, but also for their children’s future.look forward to.

Just like Sister Moon, named the child "just right" to commemorate the child’s exactly; for example, the sixty -year -old man in his sixty -year -old man who had a child produced a child and named the child "heaven", which also had a strong meaning.

Second, a well -elapsed

In addition to the meaning, the name must also be eloquent and read smoothly.Some parents named their children and want to avoid the situation of the same name, so find some words that are not known in the remote words or poems. Although this can avoid the duplication rate, the name will inevitably read it.

First, "warm supplement" after delivery, do not "make up"

Most of the elderly women are cesarean section, and they recover slowly after delivery, so some elderly people think they should make up.In fact, this is not the case. There is a saying called "virtual non -supplementary". On the basis of ensuring nutritional balance, the elderly mother can appropriately eat some black chickens, milk, eggs, etc., not large supplements such as ginseng and velvet antler.

Second, pay attention to hygiene, but not to wash your hair for a month

There are many taboos in confinement, which makes some Baoma unbearable. Just wash your hair with a bath. If you do n’t wash it for a month, you may be stinky by yourself.In fact, we should pay attention to hygiene during confinement. In the case of ensuring indoor temperature and water temperature, mothers can simply wash.

Third, release negative emotions in time

As the older mother gets older, there are more postpartum depression. Some are the causes of life, and some are the causes of hormone changes in the body.In the face of this situation, Baoma must release her negative emotions in time, communicate more with her husband’s family to avoid emotional low and overwork.

Sometimes I lamented that time was so fast. I was already a mother -in -law, and my sister who had grown up with me also became a mother. I hope that in the identity of "mother", everyone can learn and progress together.Growth.

I am Xiaoxue’s mother, a post -90s treasure mother, follow me, share scientific pregnancy and childcare knowledge every day!

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