"Son, anyway, she is pregnant, I don’t need to give Cai Li, I don’t need to buy the house, she dare not marry."

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The so -called "integrity" means "honesty" and "credit". Some people should pay attention to these two points, otherwise interpersonal relationships cannot be maintained normally.

Specific in a marriage, all interpersonal relationships involved also need to talk about "integrity", especially during the "marriage and marriage" stage before marriage.Everyone is not allowed to go out of it, otherwise it is a sinner to mess up marriage.

If everyone has such awareness. Sadly, in reality, there are always some people who do not comply with the rules in this area and do not talk about integrity. They are always reversed to the agreed things.

The marriage of the couple is relatively bumpy. The reason for the bumpy is the problem of "integrity". It is not that there is such a problem between the two of them, but the mother -in -law does not talk about integrity. Let’s take a look.

In the morning, I read an article you wrote before, talking about the case of "a daughter -in -law who married a wife’s marriage by her mother -in -law", which reminds me of my own marriage.My marriage once experienced this kind of problem, but unlike the case you said, I did not regret marriage, because my husband is a good person, my mother -in -law does not speak honesty, not him.

The reason why my husband and I married were not voluntary, but the mother -in -law asked.

When the two of us talked about marriage together, the conditions were: 300,000 Caigi and 500,000 houses.However, there is an additional condition behind this condition. In the words of my mother -in -law, "I have no opinion in color gifts and houses, but I must marry me, otherwise spend so much money, I don’t feel at ease!"

She said that she was vowed at the time, saying that as long as I was pregnant, she immediately fulfilled Cai Li and the house, and also took out a bank card, saying that she had prepared the money in advance, leaving her son to get married.

At that time, I didn’t feel that she was a bad person. After discussing with my husband, I accepted this request.After I was pregnant, I thought my mother -in -law would keep the promise to find out Cai Li and the house, but the result was different from what I thought.

I heard that I was pregnant. She specifically called me and my husband at home. She deducted the gift in person. She said that since she was pregnant, there was no need to give Cai Li, and there was no need to buy a house.

When my husband argued with her, she told my husband in front of me, "Son, anyway, she is pregnant, she does not need to be given to the house, she doesn’t need to buy the house, she dare not marry!"

My husband was afraid that I couldn’t stand, and no longer ignored my mother -in -law and sent me away.After sending me back, he went home again, took the account book and the bank card of the hukou book and the mother -in -law. He went to get the certificate that day, and then went to see the house.

My husband’s approach will naturally be angry with her mother -in -law, but my husband is not afraid. He said to my mother -in -law in front of me, "Mom, you must be honest.We are married in Fengzi, and we promise you. All you have to do is to fulfill the gifts and houses. Since you do n’t take the initiative, then I will take the initiative! "

My mother -in -law continued to make trouble. My husband had to turn his face with her. After that, the wedding was held in my house. My husband would not let anyone notify his family.

If my mother -in -law shows weakness at this time, my husband will definitely return to her.Sadly, the mother -in -law did not show the weakness at all. She has never let my husband pay back the money. At the end of the trouble, the mother and son were completely troubled.

I don’t care, I didn’t do anything wrong from beginning to end anyway.I only know that my husband is so sensible and so painful to me. I don’t have to be afraid of anything.He dares to fight his mother, so he has a sense of justice and will definitely not betray marriage, so in general, I am still happier.

Other women choose a man like my husband, so that you can save a lot of trouble, there will be no contradiction between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, and will not be counted by mother -in -law.

Although the mother -in -law in the above case, although she finally spent money for her son’s marriage, she was really disgraceful.I really don’t understand what she is suffering. Isn’t it good to just talk about honesty to fulfill her promise?In this case, the son and daughter -in -law will be very happy, and the family will be with the beauty together.She had to be a demon, and eventually was clever and clever. She could only say that she was self -contained.

No one should blame the son in the case. As a man, as a marriage parties, it should have been his attitude of "integrity".you.

Other sons and mother -in -law should have "integrity" awareness. If you want to mention the conditions, you should mention it when you talk about marriage. No matter how fierce the process is, as long as the two parties reach the final agreement, you should follow the agreed ones.Conditions to execute.

For women, we must treat the "Fengzi Marriage" carefully, and you must not easily bet on "pregnancy". Otherwise, your mother -in -law asked you to get pregnant before getting married.Whether you give birth to your child are painful.

I am Donglin Xiting, you have a story, come to me.

If my mother -in -law asked you to get married, would you accept it?

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