"The first melon in summer", don’t miss these seven types of people!Which black skin white skin is better?

I often eat melon in summer, and Chinese medicine does not need to catch.Many people know that eating melon in summer can clear heat and dampness, but if you only know that eating watermelon, the loss is too great!Must eat winter melon in summer!

Winter melon is warm and heat -resistant, mature in summer. In fact, it is "summer melon".The reason why it is called winter melon is because the white wax quality on the outer skin of the melon can protect the winter melon overwinter and play a storage role.It is often called "the first melon in summer", and it is good for medicine.

Winter melon consumption nutrition

High water content

The edible part of winter melon contains 96.9 grams of moisture, which is higher than loofah and cucumber, and the energy is very low. It is only 10 kcal. The dietary fiber is rich and full. It helps to lose weight.

Rich vitamin

Each 100 grams of winter melon contains 16 mg vitamin C, which exceeds the content of tomatoes (14 mg/100 mg).

High potassium and low sodium

Each 100 grams of winter melon contains 57 mg of potassium and 2.8 mg of sodium. It is a good food for patients with kidney disease and hypertension who need to eat low -salt food.

Contains winter melon polysaccharides

Winter melon contains polysaccharides in winter melon, which has the effect of increasing the body’s resistance.Winter melon also contains glycolic acid. This small molecule organic acid can inhibit carbohydrates into fat in the body and help control weight.

Winter melon has a very high moisture content, and the price is relatively cheap. It doesn’t cost much to buy a big one. Then look at its nutrition and efficacy.Especially the following types of people–

Easy to be edema

In the summer, people’s drinking water increases, but some people can not discharge water and fluids after drinking, and accumulate in the skin into puffiness.Winter melon can lose the excess water of the muscle surface and guide them to discharge urine. Therefore, winter melon is often called "novenant melon".However, because the winter melon itself is cold, it is only suitable for the hot edema that is used in summer and is accompanied by a hot yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow.Conversely, if it is qi deficiency and spleen deficiency or edema caused by heart and kidney disease, it is not suitable.

Easy to get angry

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter melon has a sweet taste, cool, and is beneficial to water, sputum, heat, and detoxifying. It is suitable for diseases such as edema, heat and thirst, urinary tract infection, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

People who are losing weight

Winter melon has high water content and very low energy, rich dietary fiber, and strong fullness.In addition, it also contains compounds that can inhibit sugar into fat, which can prevent fat accumulation in the human body and have the effects of weight loss, lipid -lowering, and beauty.

Poor resistance

Vitamin C has the effect of improving the body’s immunity.Winter melon is a kind of food rich in vitamin C. Every 100 grams of winter melon contains 16 mg vitamin C, which exceeds the content of tomatoes (14 mg/100 mg).

People with increased blood pressure

Winter melon high potassium and low sodium, per 100 grams of winter melon contains 57 mg of potassium and 2.8 mg of sodium. It is a good food for patients who need to eat low -salt food and hypertension patients.

People with abnormal blood lipids

Winter melon is rich in various amino acids needed by the human body, and the dietary fiber content is very high, which is good for controlling cholesterol and blood lipids.

People with increased blood sugar

Diabetic patients can use winter melon as daily food, because the content of carbohydrates in winter melon is very low, which is 1/40 of the general rice, which has a small impact on the blood sugar after meals for diabetic patients.

Don’t throw melon seeds and melon skin

Winter melon seeds and winter melon skin have good medicinal effects. They can be used in combination and are matched with two winter two soups. It is suitable for people with symptoms such as abdominal distension, lack of stool, difficulty in the stool, dry throat and nasal cavity, and oral odor.

Composition: Winter melon skin, winter melon seeds, reed roots, white cotton roots.

Method: Adults, each ingredients need to be used for 30 grams. It can be used for heating and boiling, which can be used to eliminate the qi in the body.

Which is good for winter melon?

Blackpi Winter melon

Black skin winter melon skin is dark green and large in size, because it is easy to transport, so the market is more common.In order to facilitate sales, many merchants often cut them and sell them.Its meat is thick and empty, and its taste is more crispy. It is suitable for cooking, stewed soup, and shabu -shabu.However, because the summer ingredients are easy to deteriorate, when buying the cut melon slices, pay attention to distinguish the quality of the ingredients.

White skin melon

The appearance of the white -skinned winter melon is green and green, and its surface often has a thick layer of white wax powder.This kind of melon is slightly smaller. It is characterized by thick skin and thin meat. The meat is suitable for fried food and shabu -shabu, but it is not suitable for stewing soup. It is easy to stew after a long time.Both types of winter melon are rich in nutrition, and you can buy them according to the cooking method.

Delicious formula

Winter melon pork rib soup material: 500 grams of winter melon, 50 grams of barley, 400 grams of ribs, a little salt, ginger in an appropriate amount.Method: Soak the barley for 1 hour, cut the melon with small pieces (not peeled); wash the pork ribs and wash it, and then simmer the water with the ginger slices to remove the fishy smell, then add the barley rice, boil the water and turn it to small, turn to small after boiling the water.Cook the heat for half an hour, add winter melon to cook for 15 minutes, and season with salt.

Efficacy: It is suitable for people who are often prone to edema after drinking water in summer, or they feel full of abdomen after drinking water.People with obvious fatigue, obvious fatigue, rotten stool, and unwillingness should not eat cold food.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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