"Writing Dream Collection" on May 8th Dream of getting pregnant

Foreword: Since the way of remembers, the dream of dreamed at night is never interrupted, dreams or strange, or weird, sorrowful, or open, or surpass the world, complex, or fantasy, elusive.Such a sudden thought, instead of being dreamed of dreamer at night, it is better to write it in the pen, or to be relieved. If the monarchs also have strange dreams, you can leave a message to talk together.

The weather was dull and rainy.Entrusted, I must send the little boy in front of me home.He is white and dense.I have never been good at talking to children, and I can only pretend to respond to adult tone.

The two people went to the traffic gate, and the crowd surged. He suddenly disappeared from his eyes. I handed a strange ten -dollar banknote to the traffic gate."You detect the data abnormal, you may be pregnant, let’s go back."

I grew up in surprise, "How is it possible, how can I get pregnant."

The female staff member next to them responded, "It’s just that it is possible, it may be a advanced data detection. Go back and observe."

The picture suddenly turned around, and I stood on a dark trail. A man suddenly rushed up and pulled my arms to cry, and his teeth could not be confused about his pitiful and sadness.He said, "I’m not easy, I run around to make money, just to live a better life for my wife and children. Now I find that there are someone outside me. My wife wants to divorce with me. No one understands me. I also need care and care outside.warmth."

I patted his arm and comforted, "It’s okay, the divorce is unfortunate."

I helped the man who was about to cry and walked forward. The night was getting darker and darker. It seemed that the overwhelming ink dumped down. I panicked the man’s arm in panic. Suddenly, a sticky and cold frog arrowYayi flew up, clinging to my thighs, accompanied by nausea and retching, I jumped crazy, shouted with crying, "Help!"

The picture rotated, and I stood in front of the old and old dormitory.A row of soil houses, three rooms.I first stepped into the middle house. The two girls closest to sit on each other. They drove me out because I was in contact with the man who had just been jealous and jealous.

Then I entered the right -handed room, and I saw four or five girls stunned.

I walked out and turned to the far left. There was a friendly girl lying on a spacious and comfortable bed told me, "You lie next to me, there is still a place here."

Turn around and look at it, a luxurious large bed was instantly divided into two, and it was filled again.University roommates lying on the side, "I haven’t seen me for a long time, let me tell me your later experience."

I talked about it and was awakened by urine.Dreaming all night, exhausted.

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