"Yang Kang" pregnant mother, "complement" is particular!

New Year

When the family gathers the reunion

All kinds of foods have also served on the table

Many pregnant mothers "Yang" after "Yang"

Want to take this opportunity to "make up for one supplement"

So, do pregnant mothers need to make up after "Yang Kang"?

How to "make up" scientific and healthy?

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Dai Yongmei, Director of Nutrition Department, Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Answer ——

Pregnant mother "Yang Kang" is weak

Do I need a big tonic?

Recently, many pregnant mothers have said that after the antigen turns to yin, she still has symptoms such as cough, night sweats, and fatigue.In fact, this is the manifestation of the dysfunction of the viscera, the dysfunction of the internal organs, lungs, and spleen and stomach after the new crown virus is infected with the new crown virus."Virtual supplementation, but actually leaked"? Does this mean that physical deficiency needs to be "retaliated"?

Dai Yongmei reminded that after Yang Kang, evil spirits have been removed, but the righteousness is insufficient, and the internal organs in the body have not returned to normal. At this time, if blind supplement, it may increase the burden on the body and cause the symptoms to worsen.It is recommended that pregnant mothers better supplement and make up for it, such as eating some shrimp steamed eggs, fish porridge, and pear lilies.The Astragalus red dates black chicken soup, etc., can be arranged once or twice a week.

In addition, pregnant mothers can also help their family or let their families help pressing the Sanli acupoints, regulating the spleen and stomach, and improving the body’s immunity, which is conducive to the recovery of righteousness and vitality.

The post -weight of the pregnant mother "Yang Kang" decreased,

How can I eat it to recover?

After some pregnant mothers "Yang Kang", there is still a sense of taste and sense of smell, loss of appetite, reduced eating, and continuous decline in weight.Dai Yongmei suggested that during this period, pregnant mothers should continue to improve appetite to ensure sufficient heat supply.

① Pay attention to the cooking method: When cooking, you must consider the needs of pregnant mothers for food color, aroma, and taste, but also take into account the physical condition of the pregnant mothers.There are difficulty swallowing, you can try semi -current meal such as rice paste, vegetable porridge, soup, egg custard, meat porridge, and small crickets.

② Choose appetizing foods: such as sour and sweet tomatoes, lemon, orange, apples, etc., can also take lactate slices under the guidance of a doctor to promote digestion.

③ Increase nutritional reinforcement food or supplement: For example, after nutrition screening and assessment, it is found that pregnant mothers’ feeding volume is obviously insufficient. It is recommended to add pregnant mothers milk powder, full nutritional powder, milk protein powder, and special nutrient supplements for pregnant women.

④ Regular production examination: Pregnant mothers should be checked regularly according to the appointment time. If the weight continues to increase, it is recommended to pass the occurrence of ketone body in the urine routine test (if it appears, it means that the energy is insufficient, especially the carbohydrate is insufficient). At the same timeB -ultrasound monitor the growth and development of the fetus.

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