"Zhao Mao Mirror" of Extrateronal Emotion: Three children who make men want to stop all are used to these routines

“”Many students asked me: Why do men are big pork trotters and can’t see the true face of Xiao San outside?Obviously it is a green tea, all routines, and men still feel sincere.Obviously his wife was sincere, but the man turned a blind eye.

For this issue, the teacher believes that the real reason is that Xiao San knows how to grasp the heart of men.

In fact, men do not see the routine of Xiao San, because he doesn’t want to see clearly. Why do you say that?Because he enjoys it, why do you know why you enjoy it.Many young three like to say to men the following:

Originally, I thought I was strong and I didn’t need anyone, but I didn’t find that I was fragile and could not bear it until I met you. I needed you so. I dreamed in the middle of the night last night. I dreamed that you were crying and woke up.

If you divorce, you will be separated from your child, and you will be sad. Maybe when the child cries, you will not be determined.Your wife is so good, and your conscience can’t live.

I know that all this is because of me. I should be brave and determined to leave you. I can’t make you sad, but I love you so much and inseparable from you.

I decided to accept such a unsatisfactory relationship between us. I don’t mind that you will accompany her at home at home at the New Year.I also have my life. Without you, my world has no color, but you don’t have to worry.

In this paragraph, which man is not heartbroken after hearing it?How can there be such a gentle and sensible girl in this world?Of course, we know that the proper routines are, what routines?Let’s analyze it one by one:

Routine 1: Show fragility

I woke up when I went to bed, was it fragile?As soon as the man heard it, the kind of pity and Xiangyu’s heart was instantly inspired, and he couldn’t wait to fly in the middle of the night to wipe her tears.

Routine 2: Repulse

You will be sad to divorce, you can’t bear your children, I can understand you.

Which man does not want to be understood?Isn’t a lot of little three just a lack of understanding between the original match and the man?

Routine 3: Raise the opponent’s character: You are a good person

Your wife is good, you will hurt your wife if you divorce, you will not be in your heart, so I ca n’t let you do n’t go.

Routine 4: I am a good person routine

I love you, so I am willing to sacrifice, I just ask you not to be injured.

Routine 5: Previous strength

In fact, what makes men feel most distressed is not a girl crying, but a girl who has tolerated tears without falling.

Why do men eat these routines?

Because men enjoy the affection of being loved by a woman most, this can satisfy his inner vanity.This is a reason with our women like to be loved by others, isn’t it?People have emotional needs!

So why are many wives who do n’t fight for Primary Three and cannot reveal the routine of Primary Three?Because his wife not only knew how to hold men’s hearts, it made men unhappy.Why is it unhappy?Because his wife is not only upright, but also likes to talk about anti -words, men can’t wait to jump their feet.

First, the wife is "true" strong

What do wives often say?Just you, if I did n’t leave you for a child, I had left you.

Second, like to blame

For example, if a man does something wrong, he will blame each other, do you do it, can you be worthy of me?

Third, like to negate the other party

There is a primary three outside the man, saying that this is true love.You would say, isn’t it just to go to bed?Don’t tell yourself so noble.

Fourth, complain

Why am I blindly, and I found you such a scumbag.

Compared with the original match with the original with the original one, it is clear that the difference is obvious. Primary three provides emotional value to men, making men feel that they are great and great, and make men feel that they live happily and fluttering.

The original match always hit his emotional value.If it is you, how do you choose?Do you also like Primary Three?

Of course, teachers do not want to rationalize men’s betrayal outside, but just analyze problems on things.

So, how to expose the mask of a woman outside?

Very simple, taking the small green road, so that the little green has no way to go.Is this sentence that sounds very enjoyable?

What does that mean?

You can also use the following five routines to repel her.

First, show vulnerability.You can tell men like this, since I knew you betrayed me, I was sad, I couldn’t eat it, I lost 20 pounds.

Second, convergence.I know you like her, but you are reluctant to family. You are in a dilemma between the two women. You are also very painful. On the one hand, I hate you and I feel very distressed to you.

Third, you are a good person routine.You have always been a kind person. No one you want to hurt, but the more you drag now, the greater the harm to the three of us.

Fourth, I am a good person routine.I also want to let go, it is all you, but I am sorry for so many years of our feelings, and I can’t bear to you.

Fifth, pretending to be strong.If you really want to leave this house, can you give me a little time?I am too sad, and it takes a while to treat injuries. If you are not willing to give me this time, it’s okay, I can accept it. After all, pain is my own business, and you should not bear it.

When you say this, a man must not feel guilty inside and feels disappointing his wife.But I dare to pack tickets. Most wives do n’t say that, because their roles determine that they ca n’t accept such a routine. Why do they think they are so kneeling and licking men?

The teacher tells you that this is not kneeling and licking. It is to learn how to pinch men and make men feel soft to you, and men are soft -hearted to you, and you will have the initiative to have the initiative.

Of course, these strategies given by the teacher today are for those couples with some emotional foundations. For those couples who have completely broken their feelings, these methods are not necessarily useful.

For example, a student told me some time ago that after she knew that her husband had betrayed it, she had a bad heart, and she directly committed the hospital. She called her husband to come back to see her.

But when the man answered the phone, he hung up immediately, and the man didn’t appear, and she collapsed.So, how to deal with this situation?

Welcome everyone to give her a little valuable opinion in the comment area.

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