10 months pregnant, these three points have benefited me endlessly

I confinement today, reviewing the past 10 months again, summarizing and sorting out, and sharing it with you.

Everything in the past

To be honest, the sharing and words of the whole society make people feel that pregnancy life is not a relaxed thing.

For example: when you hear pregnancy, everyone will habitually say: Attention, note that, there may be this symptom, that pain, etc.

Hearing the sharing of birth baby, it is even more … saying that fertility pain is level 10 pain, or a little bit of attention causes accidents.

Regardless of whether it is smooth or cesarean section, there are all kinds of pain and pain, the weight gain, the body of the body … and various repair.

Pregnancy, pubic pain, back pain, poor sleep, fertility pain, recovery difficulty.

After the birth of confinement, the joint pain, not sleeping well, staying up late feeding, milk urging, etc.

There are also changes in the family structure, which has more contradictions in various relationships.

The most critical of all of this will be taken for granted -because you are becoming a "mother".

Of course, you have to give some bitterness, how can it be so easy?

Or a lot of novice mothers are not enough for newborn milk. Eating milk powder may be persuaded by various good words outside the outside world. How to urge milk and give babies more, as if not taking the baby as a mother is irresponsible for the mother.

It is even more that the mother will affect work, without her own time, some even lose herself, and so on.

Anyway, whether it is a TV movie or a relatives around you, you have not stopped saying that "the process of children is very difficult".

Therefore, all of these preconceives will make many people discourage, or to act while worrying.

Standing in front of this door, I once trembled. I remember when I was interviewed, the most worried question was: What if there is postpartum depression?Do not expect the existence of your light and joy to have heavy emotions.

I was lucky.

The entire pregnancy inspection was green, the production was smooth, the baby was healthy, the career was not too affected, and the team was more stable.

More importantly, I do n’t have much anxiety about the team’s business income, and I do n’t have the grievances of my family husband ’s intimate relationship, and I do n’t worry about the baby’s birth.

Even others said that I asked Yuezheng to step on the pit. From the bottom of my heart, I felt that I would meet the fairy Yueyue.As a result, two were invited, and one really liked one.

The summary of the whole process is "light joy".

4 days before giving birth to baby during pregnancy, I was still doing live and work.It is not because of anxiety, but a kind of idleness and idleness.

Thinking can always have such a result because what did you do right?

1. Continue to clean up and work hard on yourself

From November 21st, I joined Zero Zero, daily and evening homework, thinking seed rules, and stories of pen. I know that everything in the outside world is inherently projected.

So I just need to manage everything, isn’t it OK? Why worry the outside world?

During my pregnancy, I still keep cleaning, righteous thoughts, practicing altruism, giving gifts for donations, and meditation. It is also regarded as the last day of the day.

For example, there will be depression in confinement. The most important one is the conflict of childcare concepts and parents.

I heard that many Baoma talked with her in -laws and even her mother -in -law, and even my mother was depressed. I was originally exaggerated, but I have experienced this intergenerational difference.

To avoid, the two of us decided to ask the moon early early, and parents should not come.And even after the first month of the first month, I still felt that it was still not enough. Continue to ask for a month and a half to buffer, and it was for the sake of raising a baby.

Even so, every time I call my aunt and my mother, and talk at will, I can hear their various suggestions. The tricks say: How can you do this, how can you like that, you can’t use the bottle.What you ca n’t eat, what must be eaten, your baby ca n’t hold it, XX cannot be used, or how to eat the baby … and so on.

While feeling the love of the elders, on the other hand, it is the desire to control the elders, so if you want to be light, it is not the best.

It’s easy to say: money.

Parents save money, and the monthly lunar month is expensive.

To be honest, I did not have enough breast milk at first, but I still insisted on chasing milk. After meditation, I found that I did not think that breast milk was nutritious, but that breast milk did not use money, and milk powder was not cheap.

Including Yueyuehua sales is the same principle.The title is returning here: the inner efforts are made.

Continue to clean up this emotion and see the cherishment of money, even greater than the love of your body and mind.It is also why the past workaholics make money and do not want to spend money, like to save money.

It does not depend on how much money, but the inner mode.

My husband does not have this problem in this regard. He always said very lightly with his mood, so he cleaned up a lot of concerns and reluctant to know what to really love himself. Money just made life better instead of storage.

So why is the real reason for one thing?Facing the most authentic, then clean up.

Because I heard that too many people say in this regard, I can’t do it, I can’t do it; or you have money, or my parents are coming, as if I am helpless.

Return: You are created by yourself, clearly know what you want most, what you value most, and acknowledged it sincerely.

Do not enjoy the care of the elders, and complain about their uncomfortable understanding.Don’t enjoy the benefits such as Yueyue, and feel distressed to spend more money and anxiety, and they are embarrassed by themselves.

Qingming’s choice can be accepted lightly.

This aspect involves deeper, and there is a chance to share it in detail later.

Recommended books "Zero Limits"; Recommended groups: Return to Zero Law, and group growth is faster.

2. Concern root door, Qingming choice

The entire process of pregnancy has not stopped work. At the same time, it is still studying spiritual painting, live broadcast every week, Guangmei course, and amateur to create 10 works. Instead, there are more time, and it also increases the daily walking and leisure time.

The most important thing is that except for work, painting team trainees and zero home information, external information is almost not concerned.

For example, the Guangzhou epidemic during the confinement is very serious.Some people even see how much newly added every day, where to block, where there is news, etc., and broke the heart.

Our daily brain capacity and energy are limited, and you give it here, and you will be reduced elsewhere.

I know very clearly that personal concerns are not helpful for the epidemic. You only need to listen carefully to the inspection of the command to do well, and silently pray for the early recovery in your heart.

I do n’t need to pay too much attention, so I always feel that Guangzhou is not serious. Until I ca n’t send out the courier in my community, I even have a yellow code at home to confinement. Occasionally, I watched the videos of the videos.So serious.

Including the confinement period, because the milk is not enough, just brush various small videos to find methods. Watch it as soon as you have free time. As a result, you did n’t find a good way during that time. After reading it, there was a dairy mother.However, my milk residue is not used.

After simultaneously, if you do n’t look at it, you tell yourself: how much you eat, you do n’t have enough milk powder.The mood recovered again, and the amount of milk slowly increased naturally.

There are also what to do if the baby vomit milk, bowels, distress, etc., originally there are no problems in the baby, because I watched the various branches of the video, but I was worried about what to do every day?Increase anxiety.

Whether it is a leisure video or taking care of the baby videos, you can try not to watch it, unless it is a real problem in reality, such as the baby really spit milk, and then find a way.Do n’t happen, browse various methods, waste time, and be anxious.

This is the importance of closed roots.Usually talk less, read the book quietly when you have time, you need to be online videos, such as postpartum recovery, quickly find a series of collection and preservation, follow the exercise every day, or directly download a sports app.Don’t search for more than the practice time.

3. Turn to mind, see the gift behind

In fact, the whole pregnancy was not comfortable. In the third month of the early days, I was severe in my pregnancy. It was mainly headache and lethargic.As for pregnancy, there is no appetite.But headache is unbearable.Because the continuous headache makes people unable to think at all, they can’t do it at all.And sleeping from 9 am to 12 o’clock in the morning, sleeping at 14 o’clock to 18 o’clock, I feel that it is a waste of time and cannot be tolerated.

At that time, I was extremely anxious. I ca n’t do anything to clean up my homework. I just want to watch the ceiling in a daze. What should I do if I feel that it is too much time to work?

At that time, I participated in the question of Teacher Ina and asked questions. The teacher said two words to wake me up.

She said: Actually, you should thank your baby. In the future, she is reminding you that you should rest more. Many things should not be so busy. According to the correct way, you can get results lightly.

Second: In fact, you are doing a great important thing at present, that is, to give birth to a child for the world.Is there any more important than this?

At that moment, I suddenly realized that in fact, I was a typical workaholic before pregnancy.At the same time, I would have a complaint, and I felt that there was a child that could not do anything.

After being guided by the teacher, he turned to a 3 -hour coach for this matter. Suddenly, he suddenly realized:

I can feel the present in -depth. I lost the concept of time. There is no sooner or later, the past or future, only what happened at the moment, and many things that are easy to ignore in the past can see it.

Such as eating, what to eat, how to move your mouth, what are the trees on the roadside, the sound of the keyboard when typing, etc. I feel that there is no time, only the present.The day after the coach was also done, my headache was amazing.

And I know what I live in the present.

During the confinement period, there were several cries because of emotions. They all broke a few stubborn cards because of deep awareness and cleaning.

So whether it is a good thing or not, it can be interpreted positively and happily. This is a kind of ability.You need to practice intentionally.

During pregnancy, the doll has come, the identity has changed, and new exploration is started.

Miscellaneous thoughts are the real reason to hurt themselves, and simply is the fastest way to get results.The simpler the more energy.

Starting today, practice is simpler, open a little bit, and happy.

May we all have a light and rich career life.

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In the later period, I will continue to share for everyone

Experience about the childcare of novice mothers

Looking forward to you

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