100,000!The 23 -year -old pregnant woman gave birth to premature babies on the streets of Wuhan, and the umbilical cord was not cut

2019-11-12 20:55

Around 6 am yesterday morning

This scene on the streets of Wuhan

It’s too critical!

The 23 -year -old maternity lattaine is ruptured and the pain is unbearable

Only two minutes

The premature birth of the first 28 weeks was born

The ambulance hasn’t come yet

The umbilical cord is not cut

Maternal has been bleeding

The people around me were crazy

A few days ago, I fell down a few days ago

The 23 -year -old pregnant woman has a premature child on the street

Luo Yumin, a 23 -year -old pregnancy m nows, is a native of Guizhou. She and her 26 -year -old husband of Xianning Tongshan, Hubei, lived in the Youth City of Linkong Port, West Lake District.

On the evening of November 7, Luo Yumin accidentally fell while taking a bath in Lin’s hometown.But I didn’t feel any strange body, so I didn’t mention it to my husband.

On the 8th, Lin Gui returned to Tongshan’s hometown to pick up his wife back to Wuhan.The next day, his wife mentioned a wrestling.At that time, Lin Gui wanted to take his wife to the hospital for examination, "but his wife said there was no problem, and there was no need to go to the hospital for examination."

Unexpectedly, around 6 am yesterday, Luo Yumin’s stomach suddenly felt pain.

Her husband quickly dialed 120, and then took Luo Yumin to take the elevator downstairs, and walked to the entrance of the Youth City Community of Lintong Port and waited for 120 emergency vehicles in advance.

On the way to the 120 first -aid vehicle, Lin Gui also called the cousin who lived nearby and asked him to drive to Luo Yumin to the hospital.

Near the entrance of the community is the Taichung Youth City Bus Station, the station is also the starting point of the bus H109.

I did n’t know, waiting for the car, Luo Yumin had emergency conditions such as the rupture of amniotic fluid and bleeding from the lower body.

"Hurry up!"

"I drive you to the hospital"

Seeing the good heart and security workers nearby, I saw a military coat on the roadside next to the bus station.

In just two minutes, Luo Yumin gave birth to a son who had just reached 28 weeks.

Chen Lingui quickly took off the only dress he was wearing on his body and wrapped his son.

But the car had not yet come. At that time, the weather was very cold. The child cried a few times. The umbilical cord was not cut. The mother covered her belly and her lower body in pain.The people on the spot mentioned their throats.

At this time, Wuhan’s 37 -year -old driver Yang Liuzheng drove the bus H109 through the station.

A master outside the car shouted loudly towards the Yangliu- "Master, there is a child outside!" Hearing this shout, Yang Liu hurriedly shouted and beckoned in the car- "Hurry! Hurry! Quick! Quick!Get in the car, I will drive the car directly to the hospital! "

Yang Liu ran out of the car and took the Gao Lin Gui family to get on the bus. Lin Lin Gui’s cousin who had just arrived also got on the car.

"After they got in the car, there was only one idea in my mind -I had to rush to the nearest hospital at the fastest speed, the People’s Hospital of Xiehe West Lake District." Liu Liu said.

Yangliu temporarily changed the operating line and copied the road. On the way, he also asked passers -by and accelerated driving.

At 6:56, bus H109 arrived at the gate of the People’s Hospital of Xiehe West Lake District.Judging from the surveillance video, it took only 16 minutes from getting on the bus to the hospital.

Since then, after Yangliu returned to the car to clean up the carriage, it started the driving operation service on the day.

Mom has turned in danger

Premature babies are still being rescued

After the operation on the day of the evening yesterday evening, Yang Liu "still can’t rest assured!"

Then he and his wife brought fruits, milk, etc., and rushed to the hospital to visit the Luo Yumin couple.

Because there was no contact information of the Luo Yumin couple, the Yangliu couple found the Luo Yumin couple after asking the obstetrics department of the hospital. Luo Yumin quickly turned the crisis after healing.

Photo by driver Yang Liu and Chen Lin Gui, a correspondent Wang Jinlan

Jiang Hong, director of the Newborn Department of the Central Hospital of the City Center, introduced today that at 7 am yesterday, the department received a call from the People’s Hospital of Xiehe West Lake District, saying that a newborn was rescued in the hospital, but he was transferred to the hospital due to his illness.

"I know that the child is born on the roadside, and the fetal age is only 28 weeks of premature babies. The fetal age is young and the outdoor temperature is low. If the survival rate is low in time, we immediately mobilize the experienced medical staff and ambulances.Go straight to the East and West Lake and use the T-PIECE recovery device to transfer the child safely. "Jiang Hong said.

According to reports, when Luo Yumin’s son entered the hospital at 9 o’clock yesterday, his skin bloomed, his breath was rapid, moaning, and a shock state. He had a syndrome of respiratory distress. The medical staff quickly treated him with symptomatic treatment.

At 18:00 on November 12, the son of the Guilin couple was taken by Ma Yaoyao, a correspondent Ma Yaoyao in the newborn ward of Nanjing Road Hospital, Wuhan Central Hospital

Today, Luo Yumin’s son’s situation is much more stable. He used non -invasive ventilator. At present, medical staff are still being rescued.

"In the past two days, my mood has always been unable to calm down. There are a lot of people who really want to thank. Master Yang Liu and his lover, the sanitation workers and security guards at the roadside, and the medical staff of the two hospitals …"Li Lingui said with emotion on the reporter of the Yangtze River Daily on the 12th.

Like Wuhan good people

I also hope that premature births will turn in danger and be safe

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