12 kinds of foods for pregnant women, pregnant mothers should keep in mind the best time for these foods

During pregnancy, diet has always been a problem that pregnant mothers are more concerned about. What women can eat during pregnancy and what they can’t eat. This pregnant mother must figure out themselves.The following editors have given you some 12 kinds of foods that pregnant mothers must eat during pregnancy. Unclear pregnant mothers will come and look at it.Let’s follow the editor to see it!

12 kinds of food that pregnant women must eat

1. milk

The benefits of drinking milk for pregnant women: Milk is beneficial to the human body. Needless to say, milk can moisturize the stomach and intestines, and contain a large amount of protein;

The best drinking volume: expectant mothers to add 500 ml of milk daily.

Best drinking time: breakfast time, about 4 pm, 1 hour before bedtime;

What milk is good for pregnant women: compared to low -fat milk and dehydrated milk, whole milk milk is more nutritious;

When should pregnant women drink milk: the whole pregnancy, especially the second pregnancy, until the baby is born;

2. Orange

The benefits of eating oranges in pregnant women: Orange in my country, oranges contain collagen that helps skin healing. It can ease stimulation and give skin vitality. There are trace elements such as vitamin C. Eating more oranges can soften blood vessels, which is very suitable for winter.

In addition, oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C and are easy to absorb. This vitamin has a great relationship with children’s intelligence.

Will pregnant women eat oranges? Children will jaundice: No, although orange is yellow, it will not cause jaundice to the baby;

The best time to eat: 3 months after pregnancy;

Third, soy milk

The benefits of drinking soy milk for pregnant women: Soymilk is also called "plant milk", which is rich in plant protein and phospholipids, and also contain vitamin B1, B2, tobaccoic acid, iron, calcium, etc., which can effectively regulate the endocrine system, delay aging, strengthen the human body, strengthen the human body, strengthen the human body, strengthen the human body, strengthen the human body, strengthen the human bodyResistance.

The best drinking time: it is best to drink soy milk during breakfast; it is advisable to start drinking after 3 months;

The best drinking volume: Drink a cup of not more than 500ml a day;

What kind of soybean grinding soy milk is best: soybeans;

Four, catfish

The benefits of eating catfish for pregnant women: Fish is known for rich nutrition, especially catfish with high protein content.Catfish has the function of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and appetizing, and can also promote milk. It is one of the essential foods for pregnant women.

The best time to eat: in the third trimester, Chinese food can be eaten frequently

The best amount of consumption: generally eat with tofu soup

What catfish is better: it is best to be lively;

Five, black chicken

The benefits of eating black chicken: Black chicken is a poultry unique to China. It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and 18 trace elements such as protein and vitamin B. It is often used to treat some gynecological diseases.

What is good for pregnant women to eat black chicken: Flower gum stewed black chicken (ingredients: black chicken, flower gum, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, salt)

How long does it take to drink black chicken soup for pregnant women: drink once every 3-4 days

Six, shiitake mushrooms

The advantages of pregnant women to eat shiitake mushrooms: Mushroom mushrooms can effectively enhance the immunity of expectant mothers. It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach, ethical and soothing, and beauty and beauty. It is recommended that expectant mothers consume it frequently.

When will pregnant women eat shiitake mushrooms?

Seven, shrimp

The benefits of eating shrimp for pregnant women: Needless to say, the nutritional value of shrimp, from shrimp to shrimp skin, each part of the shrimp contains a lot of phosphorus, which can meet the nutritional needs of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

What should I do if pregnant women eat shrimp allergies: scrub itching with white vinegar, the kind of white vinegar is to be brewed in grain, vinegar is pure natural and will not hurt the human body;

The best time to eat: eating in the early stages of pregnancy can help protect the cardiovascular system; starting in the fourth month to help the baby’s bone growth;

Eight, spinach

The benefits of eating spinach for pregnant women: Spinach is rich in a lot of oxalic acid. The combination of oxalic acid and calcium is easy to form calcium oxalate. Therefore, the appropriate amount of spinach can help the human body to absorb calcium, especially for expectant mothers who are often online in front of the computer.

Do pregnant women eat iron and iron: The content of iron in spinach is not high, and the main component is oxalic acid;

Consumption time: usually 3 months in the first trimester;

Nine, papaya

The benefits of eating papaya for pregnant women: Eating more papaya has the functions of flat liver and stomach, relieving muscles, softening blood vessels, antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, anti -aging and beauty, anti -temple anti -cancer, enhancement of physical fitness, etc. It is one of the health foods that must be eaten during pregnancy.

Consumption time: usually in the middle and late pregnancy;

Ten, banana

The benefits of eating bananas in pregnant women: Bananas are rich in essential substances such as starch, potassium, etc., which can clear the heat and intestines and help gastrointestinal motility.

Consumption time: Chinese medicine should be at 2 pm. The fruit of this time is called Jin Guo. The meridian is a small intestine meridian, which means digestion.

Eleven, Dragon Fruit

The benefits of eating fire dragon fruit in pregnant women: Dragon fruit can be called "the king of fruits’. It is not only rich in nutrition and unique, but also has little pests. Therefore, this fruit is generally no pesticide fertilizer, which is beneficial to health during pregnancy.

The best time to eat: eat before meals;

Twelve, chestnut

The benefits of pregnant women with chestnuts: chestnuts are one of the essential foods during pregnancy, which is very good for nourishing stomach, strengthening the spleen, nourishing kidney and strong tendons, promoting blood circulation and hemostasis.

The best time to eat: eat the best in the morning, about 15 at a time;

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