1th of 5 million chances!The 24 -year -old woman "Double Uterine pregnancy" produces twins

The 24 -year -old woman was born with two uterus. She did not expect that the different uterus on both sides was pregnant at the same time, and miracles gave birth to twins.(Drama diagram / Dazhi image)

Australia’s 24 -year -old woman Madeline Kaklikos was born with two uterus, making it difficult to conceive.A child has recently given birth to a pair of twins, and it is rare to be described as a miracle of "one in 50 million" by doctors.

Madeleine revealed in a recent interview that she and her husband Jon (Jon) began to try to get pregnant in 2020. I did not expect that after further examination, she accidentally found that she suffered from the "Uterine Didelphys".Born in the twin uterus, which leads to difficulty in conception. All kinds of blows make her quite frustrated. "I am afraid that there will never be children."

Later, at the proposal of the doctor, Madelein tried it for two years and did 10 artificial conception. The last side was pregnant in an artificial manner, and on the other side of the uterus was naturally pregnant.Madeleine said, "The doctor told me that the chance of occurring is one -50 million, because two children are located in different uterus and conceive in different ways in different times."

Although the physician warns that children who have to give birth to the second uterus may have risks, but the couple believes that all this is doomed, "although they are afraid to decide to be born."In the end, Madeleine gave birth to Nate and Cole, two twin boys on February 20 this year. Because of premature birth, the child was finally discharged smoothly after 17 days of hospitalization.Madeleine revealed, "When I picked up the child for the first time, I felt that my heart was going to explode. This is everything I dream of!" Now Madrine’s twin son has been 3 months old and his physical condition is good.

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