2 pounds of lobster takeaway, get 6 or two in hand?The merchant argued that it was "burning and cooked shrinkage", and the actual measurement of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission was amazing

Hot summer

It’s time to eat crayfish again

On each takeaway platform

Many stores have a seductive discount for 99 yuan 5 pounds of lobster

However, many consumers report:

The crayfish is actually very good but there is far from five pounds

Crayfish is listed, and many discount packages are exciting on the takeaway platform.However, some citizens found that some packages were short of two.

Citizen: That must be a bit of shrinking. Anyway, there should be not so much weight.It also has small ingredients, water, and packaging boxes, which may be reached.

Citizen: One hundred dollars and 5 pounds, I can’t feel it. It is estimated that 100 yuan is only two or three pounds.

The reporter randomly purchased two takeaway crayfish on the platform. One indicated that the 2 catties of classic 13 -fragrant crayfish was priced at 60.8 yuan. The merchant claimed that the net shrimp weighed 2 pounds.

Reporter: You are 2 pounds, the weight of the shrimp is 2 pounds, or do you add dishes (together)?

Merchant: Do not add side dishes.

After actual measurement

This crayfish claims to be full

After cooking, the clean shrimp is only 701 grams

Curgiers are about 300 grams less

Reporter: It can be seen that the net weight of this ingredients, as well as some soup, and the outer packaging crayfish is 701 grams.

And this 2 pound of spicy crayfish

The weight of the clean shrimp is only 747 grams


The merchant explained that it was caused by the shrinkage of cooking

Not only Shanghai, some time ago

A news of "5 pounds of crayfish into 3 pounds" in Nanjing

Treatment of widespread concern 泛

Some reporters placed a 99 yuan five -pound lobster in the "Xu’s Lobster" store in Nanjing’s Xinjiekou area through the takeaway platform.After the measurement, a total of 7.7 catties with a box and soup.If the shrimp is taken alone, the weight is only 2.9 catties.The ingredients of this lobster include chili and rice cakes, occupying most of the weight.

The person in charge of the merchant said

Lobster may be dehydrated in cooking

At the same time, the chef is a lobster made in a large pot

There may be an uneven situation of "playing vegetables"


Will live shrimp become cooked shrimp really missing two less?

Is the shop’s defense of "shrinking after burning" is credible?


Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission

The measured measurement is carried out

Staff through offline dishes and freshmen super

Each purchased 8 pounds of young crayfish ‍

The six flavors of this experiment are

Ice, garlic, thirteen incense, white burning, spicy and yellow ‍

Each taste is called a crayfish near 1 kg

Send to the kitchen for cooking


6 flavors after cooking

The change in weight changes is surprising 的

"After burning, it will shrink"

"There will definitely be loss" and so on

They are all the excuses for merchants to lack two less!

Comprehensive News Workshop, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission

Source: Dongfang.com

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