300 mothers exposed themselves: There is no experience in the first pregnancy, making everyone laugh

The time passed quickly, and after more than a month, the expected date of the small hair cake was coming.

I was holding my belly that I was able to be a small table, and I still felt a little bit of emotion when I found that I found that I was pregnant with a cake:

At that time, when I was on a business trip in South Korea, the time to come on vacation, as a result, a little blood was gone, and there was no bleeding the next day.

During the live broadcast, I still pondered: Should a little man listening to the belly?

Later, I was busy with the stylist to go to the tree -lined road to sweep the goods. After running all day, I forgot about it. I also bought a bunch of clothes (I couldn’t wear it later).

When I left Seoul, I got a bunch of conditions: a bag was thrown in the hotel, and I did not have a tax refund success when I went out of the customs. When I called my husband, I cried grievily (I wanted to come to my pregnancy. I really came very early).

Back to Hangzhou was late at night, and washed and slept.

The next day, I thought of a flash of flashing aunt, and felt that I was really likely.There was a pregnancy test stick in the cabinet (preparing for the second child, and the pregnancy test was often prepared at home), measured, the captain!

Change a brand of pregnancy test stick, test, still the captain!

Take a deep breath, run back to the bedroom to find the cake dad, and show him the pregnancy test stick very excitedly:

Look at you, our baby, Made in New Zealand!(Made in New Zealand!)

The extremely regardless of the engineering male cake dad did not look like he was expected.

It’s really two, so go to the hospital to confirm it.

—— Okay, this is the story of my second child pregnancy.

Speaking of which, we made a solicitation some time ago: Remember what happened on the day you were pregnant?

We received the story of more than 300 mothers.Looking at it one by one, the mothers in the editorial department sighed: I found that I was pregnant, but it was the most intense moment of our woman’s emotional experience.

——Chimonicity on the day of pregnancy, I have ended for 5 years with my husband for 5 years;

—— knowing that his daughter is pregnant, the first reaction of my mother is: Will we look good when we wear a wedding dress?

——In a mother abortion naturally three times, this time I saw the word "living" marked on the B -ultrasound. At that time, the eyes became red.

Pregnancy is really amazing. If you have not experienced it yourself, you will never think of what you will react.

Just like the reader@就 就 就: "Originally thought that pregnancy was a normal thing, but I did not expect that it happened to themselves, which made people so happy."

How did you find that you are pregnant?

It may be because the first mother had no experience. After reading more than 300 stories, we found that many mothers did not find pregnancy themselves. Some colleagues found that some of them found that their husbands found, and some even found their dogs!

"Really, because I eat too much and find that I am pregnant" "


During that time, I became particularly eaten, and then I was afraid of fat. I had 50 sit -ups every night, but my appetite was not suppressed.

One day at noon, I ate with my husband. I ate a large plate of fried noodles, a meat clip, and watched the onion cake of others drooling.My husband was shocked, afraid that I would eat it, and said that I didn’t buy me onion cakes for me, and cried me.

In the afternoon, I talked with my colleagues to talk to my husband onion cakes.

So I just knew that I was pregnant … I confirmed that my first reaction after pregnancy was: my god, I actually sit up 50 every night …

"It was my pet puppy found out that I was pregnant first"

@小 @小

The dog has been following my husband before, but he always followed me during that time. As soon as my husband touched me, it called.

In those days, I was particularly drowsiness. I packed up the gardening at home and confiscated and fell asleep on the ground when I was too sleepy.My dog covered me on the pillow of the sofa, and then always around me. After waking up, I was a little doubtful.

I told my husband to go to work on Monday, and went to the hospital sneaky. Sure enough, I won the prize!

"It’s amazing, I am my husband dreaming that I am pregnant"

@Jayden mother

A few days after menstruation, my husband woke up and suddenly said to me, dreaming that I was pregnant.

So I bought more than a dozen pregnancy test rods from one to dozens of dollars. After three days, I watched one more color than one, and then went to the hospital to confirm whether it was in the palace.

After knowing that she was pregnant, the first reaction of most mothers was to see what the baby’s father reacts.

Don’t say, some husband’s response really moved us.

"On the day of discovering that I was pregnant, my boyfriend appeared in front of my house with the household registration book and room."


He broke up with his boyfriend, but found that he was pregnant unexpectedly.

I knew that my tears came out of tears after pregnancy. At that time, I just broke up with my boyfriend because of a quarrel. I was particularly complicated. I didn’t know what to do. My parents were anxious.

As a result, that morning, my boyfriend suddenly appeared at my door unexpectedly. I apologized to my parents with a copy of the household registration book and the house in my hand, and then officially proposed to me.

The stones in my heart fell to the ground at that time.

"My husband knows that I can’t even go to work after pregnancy."


After knowing that I was pregnant, I was excited, joyful, and at a loss. I hurriedly called the husband who went to work and said it seemed to be pregnant.

Husband immediately asked the leader to leave and said, "My daughter -in -law is pregnant, I have to go home," and then rushed back.

"In order to confirm that I was pregnant, my husband was like a fool. He kept the hospital’s independent reporting single machine in the middle of the night and brushed it hard …"

@心 麻

I used the early pregnancy test in the toilet, and then went to the hospital for blood to test it the next day.

Because I just met the weekend, the report was taken the next day.Her husband looked at the results in a hurry. I heard that sometimes the report came out early, so he ran to the hospital’s self -service report single machine to brush at night.

After brushing for a long time, I didn’t brush it out, and then a nurse came over and said, the machine was broken in the past two days …

"Because of pregnancy, I was deceived by my husband to get a marriage certificate"


When the boss was illegal, "although I was pregnant unexpectedly, I didn’t want to disrupt my plan to get married at the age of 27 and prepare to give birth to only children and raise them together.

Later, he was deceived by the child’s father to receive a marriage certificate.

They all said that the child could not get the account without a marriage certificate, so he didn’t want the child to become a "black household".

When I was born in the second child, I knew that even if there was no marriage certificate, my mother could get a hukou for her children. Dad had to do parent -child identification with the baby to determine that the relationship between father and son could be used to get a hukou.

After being fooled for more than ten years, it seems that I am still too simple!

For many mothers, even if the process of preparing for pregnancy has worked hard, at the moment of knowing the baby’s arrival, I still feel very happy.

"I have been married for 3 years, have a natural abortion 3 times, and the fourth time is finally" living "."

@ @秋

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