37 -year -old Sun Xiaoxiao’s abdomen is suspected of getting pregnant!Renzhong was disinfected throughout the whole process, and the two had been exposed to the hidden marriage

On January 31st, there was a picture of the gossip media exposed Sun Xiaoxiao with Ren Chong to his parents’ home dinner. His prominent lower abdomen caused suspicion.

It is reported that Ren Zhong and Sun Xiaoxiao recently appeared in a hot pot restaurant.In the video, both wearing hats and red costumes, they look festive and fashionable.

After packing the food from the hot pot restaurant, Ren Chong carried a dozen boxes of food, driving his own luxury car carrying Sun Xiaoxiao to the other parents’ home.

After the dinner, the two bid farewell to their parents out of the door, and naturally and intimate actions, like old husbands and wives.

What is noticeable is that Ren Zhong’s parents seemed to be completely nervous at all, and naturally helped throw garbage, making people can’t help guess whether they had seen their parents, and Ren Zhong had been recognized by Sun Xiaoxiao’s parents.

Subsequently, Ren Zhong carried the big bags and small bags, and went to his car first.And Sun Xiaoxiao put his pockets with both hands and followed Ren Zhong slowly.

During the period, Sun Xiaoxiao looked down at his belly while walking, and his movements when he got on the car was particularly slow, seeing very careful, and his lower abdomen was slightly bulging. The whole person looked full of pregnancy.Essence

After Sun Xiaoxiao was sitting firmly, Ren Zhong drove back to the community where the two lived.

When arriving at the parking lot, Renzhong drove the car to the elevator of the unit and got off the car first.I saw him holding a bottle of alcohol and spraying disinfection at his own luxury car. He didn’t let go of the door to the elevator in front of the door, all of them were carefully disinfected.

It was not until the full disinfection that Ren Zhong asked Sun Xiaoxiao to get out of the car home, which seemed very intimate.

After that, Ren Zhong stopped the car alone, carrying a bag himself, and entering the unit building with a cooked door. It seems that he and Sun Xiaoxiao seem to have lived together.

As we all know, Sun Xiaoxiao was once the host of Hunan TV. Later, he switched to an actor and won the attention of many people with his outstanding appearance.

She and Jiangsu Satellite TV host Li Xiang had a vigorous relationship, 4 years long. During this period, Li Xiang proposed in public. Unfortunately, in 2016, they chose to break up.

She and Ren Zhong were filmed in 2019 to watch the drama, and then came up with a scandal.

However, it is confusing that since then Sun Xiaoxiao seems to withdraw from the entertainment industry and "disappear" for a long time.

It wasn’t until 2021 that she appeared again.But it didn’t take long for her to empty social accounts and completely retreat.

Last year, some netizens exposed her latest developments, saying that she occasionally met Sun Xiaoxiao and Ren Zhong to try the wedding dress together, and even said the specific name and location of the wedding shop, suspecting that their good things were approaching.

In addition, some authoritative media broke the news that Sun Xiaoxiao and Ren Zhong were already married, so many netizens believed it.

Today, although Sun Xiaoxiao and Ren Zhong have not responded to their feelings, they seem to have hammered together. As for whether they are married and have children, they look forward to their good news.


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