4 physical signals indicate difficulty in pregnancy. Do you take up for pregnancy?

Conception is a complicated thing. Sometimes the more you want, the more you don’t come, which will cause your mood to collapse.But this is very easy for women who are easy to get pregnant. This is also envious of women who are not easy to get pregnant. Why are it difficult for those women to get pregnant, and what are the common characteristics of them? Let ’s take a look at it.Essence

Signal one, dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is generally divided into two cases, one is primary dysmenorrhea, and the other is secondary dysmenorrhea.Primary dysmenorrhea is spasm caused by excessive shrinkage of the uterus.This symptom is generally not caused by health, so this dysmenorrhea generally does not affect the child’s birth.And secondary dysmenorrhea is mostly due to the lesions of the reproductive organs, which leads to dysmenorrhea symptoms.For example, endometriosis can cause female dysmenorrhea, which may lead to female infertility.

Signal 2. Endocrine disorders occur

As the pressure of work and life is gradually increasing, it is easy to cause women to have endocrine disorders. HoweverThe disorders may affect women’s pregnancy.

Signal III, the hair of private parts is crazy

In fact, the troubles of women’s private parts are closely related to women’s health.If a woman finds that her hair grows crazy and even starts to move towards the abdomen, it is because the increase in therogen in women’s body will cause hormone level imbalance, which will affect women’s ovulation and cause women infertility.

Signal 4. Overweight or thinner

Women are too fat or thin, which will affect pregnancy.These are because both situations will affect the endocrine function of women’s bodies, which is not only not conducive to pregnancy, but also affects the baby’s health.Especially for some overweight women, even after pregnancy, there may be complications such as pregnancy hypertension syndrome and gestational diabetes.

Come and see if you have a few signals above? If you do n’t have that congratulations, your fertility is very strong, but if you appear, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time, and you can get pregnant early.Be a mother as soon as possible.

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