41 -year -old actress official announced pregnancy: more than 100 stitches, took 25 medicines a day, only three times before successful

According to the news released by the Household Register Management Research Center, the number of newborns registered in my country in 2020 was only 10.35 million, a 15%decrease from last year.

The decline in fertility, most people do not want to give birth, feel that raising children is not easy, and a small number of people missed the best childbirth age. When they want to give birth, they find that they cannot be born.

Fortunately, the medical conditions are now more advanced, and there are many technologies that assist reproductives, such as our familiar IVF babies.

Many female celebrities are at the peak of their careers when they are 20 or 30 years old. When they have reached a height of their careers and other causes, they think about getting married and having children, but they find that they have no matter how young, but their own fertility ability isIt has been everywhere.

Many 40 -year -old female stars look only 20 years old, but they have suffered torture, and some test tubes have not succeeded several times.

Taiwanese actress Zhao Xiaoqiao, on February 19th, very happy to tell everyone on her personal social platform that she was pregnant.

Zhao Xiaoqiao has a beautiful appearance and many works, such as "Prince Change Frog", "Women’s Flowers", "Happiness Selection Title" and so on

It is still a host and singer, which can be said to be a versatile female star.

I never expected that she would choose Liu Liangzuo, who was married to the second marriage, and had a very good relationship with steps. She often took photos with steps on her social platform.

After marrying her husband, Zhao Xiaoqiao still wanted to have a baby, but because she was already over 35 years old and belonged to an elderly mother, she also suffered a lot on the road to pregnancy.

The artificial insemination failed, and then the long IVF road began.The first two test tube babies failed. They took more than 100 stitches and took 25 medicines a day on average. Finally, the third IVF had succeeded.

When Zhao Xiaoqiao and her husband went to the hospital to see the results, they laughed with tears.When I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, Zhao Xiaoqiao’s eyes flowed out of tears.

In order to ask the child to condition the body two years in advance, Zhao Xiaoqiao did not spray perfumes, does not dye his hair, and adjusted the schedule. It is really not easy to be a mother.

Misunderstanding 1: IVF will do it if you want to do it

my country’s infertility rate is 12.5%-15%, and the number of patients exceeds 40 million.

IVF can indeed help many infertile couples to conceive their children smoothly.But IVF is not what you want to do.

Women who do IVF need to be in three certificates: marriage certificate, ID card, fertility permit.

That is, if you want to be a test tube baby, you have to get married first. Some women who do not get married and want to have children have no way to do IVF in China.

Ye Haiyang, the female CEO of cosmetics company, did not have a boyfriend, but wanted to have a child who belonged to himself, so he took a plane to buy a sperm for a "mixed -race" male in the "Five Kingdoms".girl.

Many netizens criticized Ye Haiyang to be selfish and brought their children to this world, but they did not give their children a complete father’s love. Ye Haiyang was very depressed. Later, fortunately, the daughter cured himself: we closed the door and came to himself.There was no other person in the society, and I tried to give her a mother and father’s love.

Misunderstanding 2: All infertility can be solved through test tube babies

Many people feel that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you get married at a time. As long as you have the money, you can do a test tube. In fact, it is not enough to make a test tube.

Seeing Li Yan, Zhong Liti and Lin Zhiling, such female stars, money is just a number for them, but it is still on the way to prepare for pregnancy, and it has not yet progressed.

Li Yan has done 9 test tube babies, but has not succeeded. Lin Zhiling has always said that she is preparing for pregnancy, but it is estimated that the little angel is still watching herself in the sky, and she has not chose to be her mother.

And Zhong Liti has given birth to three children, but after the three -year marriage to Zhang Lunshuo, who is smaller than herself, she still wants to give her husband a child.When she saw her deformation, it was said that she was conditioning her body to have children.

The best age for IVF is under 35 years old, with a power of only 30縛 35 years old under the age of 40 and less than 45 years old.The success rate is too low, so this will not be pregnant.

If the cause of the mother infertility is that the endometrium is too thin, then IVF can not do it.Because IVF is only a healthy embryo in vitro fertilization, but in the end, the embryo still has to live in the mother’s uterus, so it is very important to go to bed.

If the endometrium is too thin and there is no way to succeed in bed, the IVF can not cure this infertility.

Zhao Xiaoqiao himself also mentioned that he had taken 20 eggs before, and successfully cultivated 9 embryos. Three were healthy, and he failed to bed in the uterus.

Misunderstanding 3: IVF can choose men and women

It is national regulations that do not choose men and women when doing IVF in China.And some IVFs have a dragon and phoenix tire, mainly because embryonic cultivation will be placed in the uterus to bed if more than two or more successful.EssenceNot artificial choices.

Therefore, there must be early children, otherwise IVF will not be able to save you.

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