41 -year -old Ren Jiaxuan Guan Xuan was pregnant, and her skin was allergic to herpes in the early stages of pregnancy.

On March 13th, Ren Jiaxuan Selina promoted the good news in her program "Welcome to". At the age of 41, she was naturally pregnant. The baby has been more than 12 weeks.For three months, on the other hand, this day is special. Pinky, a dog raised by Selina, leaves her forever on this day. Selina is really loving.

Selina and her boyfriend Xiao Xu were photographed in hand in March last year. After that, the two confessed their love generously. Now a year later, the two are already prospective dads and expectant mothers. For this child, Selina has already planned a plan, but as he has planned, but with itEvery month’s disappointment, Selina was no longer paying special attention to it. In December last year, Selina stayed up late to drink with relatives and friends in order to welcome the New Year. I did not expect it to be pregnant that month.The boyfriend also cried, thinking that the picture was very warm.

Selina revealed that there are a lot of discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy. I have uterine fibroids. Fortunately, it does not affect the baby’s development. In the early stages of pregnancy, the skin is allergic to herpes and severe constipation. For the health of the baby, Selina has not used too many drugs, and now I have survived it.In the early stages of pregnancy, everything went smoothly, and the baby was very healthy. Selina made the baby’s nickname "Little Limp Fruit". Limats were curved representing the smiley face. Although the baby’s gender was not known, the name "small cashew fruit" was relatively neutral, boys and girls.Can be used.

I am really happy for Selina. Selina once had a failed marriage and has experienced the haze of burns. Now Xiao Xu walks into Selina’s life, heals all her unhappy, the two are very sweet daily.Xiao Xu Zhenrong was exposed, and S Xiao Xu, who was seven years younger than Selina, looked very stable. I wish the two for a long time and the small cashew fruit was born safely!

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