41 -year -old Ren Jiaxuan is going to stay in his father?I found that a 7 -year -old boyfriend betrayed during the doubt, and the news is difficult to distinguish between true and false

On July 15, the gossip media broke the news that Selina Ren Jiaxuan, who was about to be facing, was suspected of "going to the father and staying" because of discovering her boyfriend betrayal, which made netizens feel particularly shocked.

According to the media, Ren Jiaxuan discovered that her 7 -year -old boyfriend Xiaoxu during her pregnancy made various betrayal actions, which made her pain and disappointment.

In the end, with the support and persuasion of friends, Ren Jiaxuan resolutely decided to raise children alone in the future, that is, she intends to break up with her boyfriend and be a single mother.

After the exposure of such news, netizens were very surprised, and at the same time, they were particularly distressed by Ren Jiaxuan. After all, her love was too bumpy, and after many things, she finally got happiness.Therefore, many netizens said that no matter how much they support Ren Jiaxuan’s decision.

In addition, there are many netizens who think that the news has no conclusive evidence, but just uses the word "heard", and some hearsays are not credible.

As we all know, Ren Jiaxuan, 41, is a member of the popular group SHE. He has debuted for 23 years. He has won the love of countless people with his good singing skills and sweet and lovely appearance.

However, a burns during the filming in 2010 became a turning point in her life.Although her boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong married her in 2011, the life of the two was not full of life after marriage. Zhang Chengzhong even publicly stated that he saw Ren Jiaxuan’s burns to "vomit" for the first time.

In the end, Ren Jiaxuan and Zhang Chengzhong still divorced, and this marriage only maintained for 4 years.

After the divorce, Ren Jiaxuan admitted that she often felt inferior, so when she participated in the blind date show "Daughter’s Love", she once felt that love would not happen to herself.

However, she was still in love in 2022, and her boyfriend was the child’s father Xiaoxu.After publishing the relationship, she often took a group photo and showed sweetly.

Fortunately, she also conceived her child.It is reported that she was a male baby in her stomach, named "Little Limp Fruit".

But it was surprising that even if she was pregnant, Ren Jiaxuan said that she did not plan to register to get married.

After she was pregnant, Ren Jiaxuan’s state of the naked eye became better and better. Recently, she was still pregnant with 8 months of pregnancy. When she went abroad to travel to Okinawa, Japan, she felt quite good.

In any case, I still hope that "going to the father and staying" is just a rumor. Ren Jiaxuan can get happiness, and live with her boyfriend and children happy and happy.


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Editor: Cherry

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