41 -year -old Selina has been drinking 3 months during pregnancy. I don’t want to get a certificate of marriage.

Congratulations!IntersectionIntersectionRen Jiaxuan, 41, finally became a mother.She has been pregnant for 3 months.

The reason why Selina chose to disclose her pregnancy on such a special day because of Pinky.

Selina’s puppy Pinky died on this day.

Pinky, in the eyes of Selina, the first daughter in her life.

Selina had a 7 -year -old boyfriend for a year, and they were together with the original intention of falling in love.

Selina once said that she wanted to get married at the age of 28 and give birth to a child at the age of 30.

She could have fulfilled this wish, and she had a stable lawyer fiance.

Unexpectedly, a fire destroyed the happiness built by Selina.

It is said that a good marriage can fall in love with the whole world through a person.A bad marriage will only be one place.

Selina has shadows for the previous marriage.After being burned, the ex -husband’s attitude towards Selina has changed greatly.

Once attending the event, the ex -husband sat directly, and he would not take the initiative to help his wife.All of this was seen by Tian Yanzhen.

Later, they were unexpectedly divorced.

Since meeting her 7 -year -old boyfriend Xiaoxu, Selina has been very grateful. She thinks that Xiao Xu is a gift given to her by heaven.

The 41 -year -old Selina claims to have fibroids in the uterus and frequent urination after pregnancy. It is currently three months pregnant.Selina revealed that when she was 1 month of pregnancy, she didn’t know she was pregnant, and she stayed up late.Now she regrets it very much, but fortunately, the baby is nothing.

Selina thanked her mother for giving her a good body that she can get pregnant naturally at the age of 41.

Since pregnancy, Selina has fallen in love with various pasta after pregnancy.

She only liked to eat food and other staple foods before.

Three months of pregnancy, Selina had been fat 4 pounds.In order to not exceed the standard in the later period, Selina has to control her diet.

Consider the time, the baby was pregnant before Selina went to Vietnam.

Therefore, SELINA is named "small cashew fruit" for the baby in the belly.Little cashew is a neutral name, whispering looks like smiling eyes.

Small cashews are the greatest pride of Seina.She is grateful to Xiaoshuo to choose her to be her mother.

The 41 -year -old Selina’s mentality was very stable. He once felt that when he was quiet at night, would he think there would be such a person, love her past, and love her scars.

Now Selina has finally met her true emperor.Xiaoxu is a boy with an unexpected appearance, but a very warm man. He will take the initiative to cook for Selina, and he will also cry in tears after learning that Selina is pregnant.

Xiao Xu is a very intelligent man. For the first time, Selina’s parents of her boyfriend had a little shyness and nervousness. Thanks to her boyfriend Xiaoxu reconciled from it.

The parent of the boyfriend Xiao Xu is very enlightened and interesting, and he did not mention the topic of marriage throughout the process.

Selina once said that she did not want to get a certificate. The premise was that she might shake.With Selina’s current value and reputation, she no longer needs to rely on men.She is rich and famous, and she can live well alone.

If you encounter a bad man, then it is definitely a situation of defeat.The marriage between Big S and Wang Xiaofei is the best example.

The happy couple, for the sake of money, the final tearing was gone.

This is why Selina doesn’t want to get a certificate of marriage.

After pregnancy, will you marry your boyfriend, Selina does not give an exact answer.She lamented: I don’t need to guarantee, let alone spend her husband’s money.His money is still his own money.

There are many luxury homes under Selina. There are a large house of 200 million Taiwan dollars on Zhongxiao East Road alone.

She does not need to guarantee.

She is her own ace.

Independent women are always the most beautiful.

Finally, I wish Selina a healthy and giving birth to a small waist fruit!IntersectionIntersection

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