42 -year -old Chen Shaoxia’s photo in September, laughing is unnaturally laughed

Recently, Hong Kong female star Chen Shaoxia updated a set of latest photos on Weibo, but was commented by netizens. Many people felt that Chen Shaoxia in the photo was far -fetched, and it could even be said to be as crying.Let’s share with you the following.

Chen Shaoxia is now 42 years old, and at this time, she has been pregnant for more than nine months. Soon it has reached the expected date of due date. Many netizens also look forward to the baby’s birth and appearance. Chen Shaoxia during pregnancy did not have no time to get pregnant.When staying at home all day, she often appeared in the public’s field of vision. Every time she travels, she can see her husband Li Wenhui accompanied by her and protect him in her arms. I have to say that the current husband is still very pet.of.

Chen Shaoxia made her debut in the entertainment industry very early. The interpretation career can be said to be unblocked all the way. She has cooperated with many big -name stars. When she was very popular, she chose to get married and have children. At first, the relationship with her former husband was more loving.However, because the husband’s bankruptcy began to cause some contradictions, he finally went to divorce. After that, he met the current husband Li Wenhui. They finally got the crystallization of love.

No, Chen Shaoxia, who is holding a big belly, travels again. Since Chen Shaoxia also prefers to paint, this time she followed her good friends to the gallery and created by herself.Take a group photo, you can see that she was still in a good mood that day, but through these photos, she couldn’t see Chen Shaoxia’s mood happily.

Not only did Xiaobian think this way, but even many netizens said this way. Chen Shaoxia laughed with a sorrowful expression, and his expression looked really strange. Although Chen Shaoxia usually paid attention to all aspects of his skin in all aspectsMaintenance, the skin still looks very smooth and exquisite now, but to be honest, even with such a face, the smile still gives people an unclear feeling, and some netizens said that Chen Shaoxia is laughing at all, but it feels like it is.Like crying.

Chen Shaoxia is now a little older, so the smile naturally failed to be compared with when he was young. In addition, it was not easy to get pregnant when you were old.Let’s, Chen Shaoxia is about to become a mother and her husband hurts her so much. Life must be very happy, and she should be very happy.

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