43 -year -old pregnancy prepare for pregnancy, conditioning for two months, and promoting the successful pregnancy of the month

The release of the "second child policy" did not allow Ms. Zhang’s second child to go smoothly, and she upgraded all the way. At the age of 43, she finally became pregnant …

The first level of the second child road: prepare for pregnancy

Ms. Zhang has always had a second -child dream, but the child is more tight, and the couple delay the plan.Later, the boss also graduated from high school and was admitted to a university. The two couples put the plan into the agenda.The first step of these two -child road was successful.

The problem of pregnancy

But the second question came immediately, "After 40 years old, can I still get pregnant normally," the two husbands and wives came to a nearby hospital with this question.Condition and treatment by doctors.Three months … Six months … a year has passed.Still failed to get pregnant.The doctor’s words are even more like a thunderbolt: "Now your ovarian function is very bad. After adjusting you, you still can’t be pregnant. Moreover, this age is relatively large in fertility. It is recommended to consider the problem of the second child carefully."Ms. Zhang was intended to give up.

Perseverance and successful pregnancy

Through the introduction, Ms. Zhang hugged the last mentality and found me. The test results were very unsatisfactory: the number of AFC was small, and the number of unilateral follicles was 1-2.Ovarian function drops quickly, and fallopian tubes are also unreasonable.

When I saw the result, Ms. Zhang cried excitedly: "I don’t have any hope for the second child." I have been advising Ms. Zhang that as long as she does not give up, we will work hard to help her.Considering Ms. Zhang’s age and physical condition, I formulated a conservative treatment method for it.The outpatient clinic is permeable, and Chinese and Western medicine is conditioned.After 2 months of conditioning, the detection found that a follicle form was better, and immediately arranged to guide conception.Unexpectedly, I was pregnant after the month!

Dynamic observation precision fetal protection

"Older women are also facing many problems after pregnancy, such as increasing the chance of complications, such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, etc. In additionThe opportunity for defects is significantly higher. What we have to do next is dynamic observation and accurate fetal protection. "

I hope that all friends who are in the same situation as Ms. Zhang can upgrade the monsters successfully and have their own baby!

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