44 -year -old Cui Zhiyou public pregnancy photos, elderly women are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and production. Pay attention to these four points

On May 7th, Cui Zhiyou publicly publicized the pregnancy photo and revealed that he was only half a month before the expected date of due date, and now he is treated at home.In the photo, she wore a white and blasting maternal dress, a white corolla, and a baby -shaped balloon with a "girl" in her hand. Should she be a baby baby?

Looking at this report, I also feel like the sun and the moon: It turned out that Cui Zhiyou was 44 years old.At that time, I was fascinated by her and Li Bingxian’s "Beautiful Day". After self -study at 9 o’clock every day, everyone hurried home to watch the second half.This shake is almost 20 years.

The former "tear goddess" naturally has a lot of domestic fans.While sending blessings, everyone is also worried that she is 44 years old and has a child.Forgive women over 35 years of age are elderly mothers, and are more dangerous in many aspects than mothers who are normal for normal fertility.

Indeed, take myself, if you want a second child after 35 years old, even if you are not a first mother, you need to consider many aspects. He is basically not dare to think about it.However, with the release of the second child, the news of the old child can often be seen. How tall is … Cui Zhiyou, as a star, has good economic conditions in itself. Relatively speaking, there will be better conditions for pregnancy and production.So as ordinary people, what should we pay attention to in the process of pregnancy, pregnancy, and production?

Before preparing for pregnancy, the most important thing to pay attention to is to consider clearly.For old age, do you really think about it?Maybe risks are clear?The economic conditions at home are allowed?Spouses, old people, and even children of a child also support you?Thinking about it, how old is your kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and university?Don’t just take your child to take on your impulsive bitter fruit with the impulse to want a second child.

For example, Cui Zhiyou, although he was 42 years old, he has been actively spare tires after marriage.The Japanese media reported that Cui Zhiyou fell in love with her husband at first sight. After marriage, she was loved by her husband like a child after marriage.Although Cui Zhiyou after marriage rarely appeared in public, every time he appeared, his figure and temperament were still outstanding.Take this public pregnancy photo, except for the raised abdomen, the figure has almost no way away, and the state of the whole person is very good at first glance.

Therefore, if you think clearly, the conditions in all aspects are OK, so prepare for pregnancy.

The pregnancy of the elderly mother is more difficult than the age maternal, so if you are 35 years old+considering having a child, it is recommended to check the physical condition of the couple first.In addition to conventional inspections to ensure the health of both sides, the reproductive system must be checked.

How many have you stepped on the pit for pregnancy?In fact, if you want to get pregnant, you can share it as long as you have these six o’clock ". If you want to get pregnant, you can: 1. Software records menstrual period: Monitor ovulation 2. Start supplementation of folic acid: you can eat from pregnancy to breastfeeding. 3. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination: If you have diseases, you can first interfere with youth, toxoplasma, free pre -pregnancy examination. 4. Good physical condition: Smoke forbidden to smoke and alcohol for half a year, exercise body 5. Keep your mood relaxing: The importance of mood relaxation is importance to conception 6. You can read a book.Precautions

Even the elderly maternal women are applicable to the above six points.For example, in terms of mood, some 35 -year -old+women are under great pressure when preparing for pregnancy. They are afraid that they can’t be pregnant. Too large mental stress will affect endocrine, inhibit the normal ovulation ovulation or cause normal pregnancy failure.Mentioned in this article-

When a classmate was at school, I was aunt once in half a year. After wanting the baby, I started to conduct traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. I was almost conditioned to go to the hospital to monitor ovulation. The doctor would tell you one day to do your homework.

The older the age, the more irregular ovulation itself. You can consult your doctor as soon as possible to see what means to be better conceived.

I am pregnant, congratulations, do these more strictly during pregnancy: 1. Do a good job

Especially the Tang sieve in the middle of the pregnancy -Tang’s syndrome pre -produced screening to determine the risk factor of the fetus suffering from congenital stupidity and vasal tubular defects.35 years old+, the hospital may also ask for amniotic fluid puncture, and check the health and development of the fetus by extracting the maternity specimen of the pregnant woman.

For elderly women, these two tests are particularly important because their egg cells are relatively prone to distortion. Therefore, the incidence of fetal malformations and certain genetic diseases is also high.During the discovery of abnormal embryo development in time.2. Pay attention to diet

Elderly maternal women are more likely to gain weight than maternal women during pregnancy, and they are more likely to suffer from diabetes during excessive gain. Therefore, they should pay special attention to controlling weight during pregnancy and avoid foods such as sugar, sweet drinks, and puffed foods with high sugar.In addition, it is necessary to control the intake of salt to avoid edema and hypertension caused by too much salt.At the same time, you can also cooperate with mild exercises such as walking.

It is also said that Cui Zhiyou has been in the expected period of half a month. In addition to the larger belly, the overall figure is still slender, which must be inseparable from her strictly controlling diet and moderate exercise.3. Psychological change

Studies have found that the older pregnant women, the higher the chance of postpartum depression.On the one hand, compared with young pregnant women, they are more worried about their bodies and fetus, and a small problem may make them more nervous and anxious.On the other hand, they also need to accept their bodies for longer because of changes in pregnancy, including anxiety about postpartum recovery.

So even after depression, the signs may have occurred during pregnancy.Pregnant women must communicate more with their families and try to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.Family people must not only take care of the diet of pregnant women, but also pay attention to her emotional changes, avoid stimulating them, and give more care and guidance.

Therefore, what is the attitude of your family in the preparation of pregnancy?After all, this is not your business alone.Although like Cui Zhiyou, "a child is loved by her husband" is not enjoyed by every pregnant woman, but in special circumstances, I hope that every family can give these elderly women more tolerance and respect.

Older pregnant women’s birth processes are obviously longer than that of pregnant women. This is because their soft tissue has poor elasticity and the cervix is not easy to expand.At the time of the due date, in order to prevent it, you can also see if you can negotiate with the hospital and enter the hospital for delivery in advance.

Although the risks facing elderly women are very risky, as long as they are considering full, prepared and checked, they can also give birth to healthy babies.

It’s about Mother’s Day soon, I wish Cui Zhiyou and every expectant mother, they can produce smoothly and become mothers.Like Gorky said- ——

"All the glorious and pride in the world comes from mother."

Bless you and become this great mother.”Happy Mothers’ Day”

What do you have to share about the road to preparing, pregnancy, and production of elderly women?Welcome to leave a message!

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