5 kinds of pain that expectant mothers must go through during pregnancy

      Pain during pregnancy can occur in different parts of from head to toe. Most pain is physiological, and a few are pathological factor.Therefore, mastering the nature of pain is beneficial to the health of mother and baby.


      Some women may have dizziness and mild headaches in the early stages of pregnancy. This is a common early pregnancy reaction. If there is an increasing headache after 6 months of pregnancy, it will be more aggravated, accompanied by vomiting, chest tightness, and even blurred eyes open, closed eyes and dancing.At the same time, there are edema, hypertension, and proteinuria. This is the serious complications of pregnancy hypertension syndrome. If it is not treated in time, it will develop into convulsions, coma, and endangering mother and child safety.

Chest pain

      Chest pain during pregnancy occurs between ribs, like neuralgia, and some manifested as liver pain or pain on both sides of the spine on the back. It may be caused by the deficiency of calcium in pregnancy, or the increase of the thoracic expansion caused by the increase of the muscle.A small amount of sedatives and an appropriate amount of calcium supplement can reduce the symptoms of chest pain.

Arms pain

       It often occurs in the early morning of the middle of pregnancy. When pregnant women put their arms under their head or sleep under the pillow, the pain is particularly obvious.Some pregnant women just feel heavy arms and cannot be raised, while some cramp -like pain, or ants with ant crawling.This is the result of the spine bone change caused by pregnancy and the result of compression of nerves.


      The muscle peristalsis of the digestive organs during pregnancy slows down, often with flatulence and fullness of stomach.Some pregnant women can cause continuous water return and stomach burning pain. This is the stomach retrograde motility caused by pregnancy, causing acidic content in the stomach to flow from the stomach to the esophagus, throat and mouth, stimulating the mucosa.This stomach pain should not be used with alkaline drugs containing sodium bicarbonate. Although these drugs can temporarily reduce and relieve pain, the biggest disadvantage is to increase gastric acid secretion and increase edema.When the pain is unbearable, you can take the aluminum hydroxide gel appropriately, and sometimes the half -sitting position can be used to reduce the pain.

stomach ache

       Some women will feel painful and falling in the pelvic area in the early stages of pregnancy. This may be caused by the pelvic blood vessel congestion and expansion of pelvic blood vessels after pregnancy.If abdominal pain is severe and accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage, it may be a sign of abortion or uterine pregnancy, and you must seek medical treatment quickly.After the middle of pregnancy, the uterus increased rapidly month by month, and the ligaments around the uterus changed from the original relaxation state to a tense state. Among them, a pair of round ligaments located on the front of the uterus were pulled, which could cause traction pain.

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