5. Original pregnancy, Xiaosan will lose

As if a thunderbolt, Chen Luo was in place and couldn’t care about climbing.

He came to An Chen in a roller, trying to stroke An Chen’s shoulders, and he was afraid of being rejected. He was careful: "Xiao Chen, what are you just say? Are you really pregnant?"

Seeing An Chen nodded cautiously, it looked a little uncomfortable. The surprise on Chen Luo’s face overlapped: "Xiao Chen, you tolerate, I will take you to the hospital."

After getting off the hands of Chen Luo’s hand, An Chen resisted the discomfort of his stomach, and took his best to Chen Luo: "I don’t want to see you. If you think the child in my belly is okay, please leave now and leave now., Otherwise– "An Chen couldn’t talk about it, and he rolled down from his forehead with cold sweat, and she stroked her belly again.

Knowing An Chen’s stubbornness, for fear of hurting the child in An Chen’s belly, Chen Luo hurriedly got up: "Okay, I leave. Xiao Chen, don’t get angry, go to the hospital for examination, I will leave."

In the hospital, after the doctor was checked, there was no big deal, but the mood was too excited.

After the inspection, Xu Bei drove An Chen home.

When An Chen was sent under the floor, An Chen had returned to normal. She was a little embarrassed: "Every time I am the most embarrassing, I meet you, let you see a joke."

Xu Bei thought, you are not embarrassed once or twice.So many times, which was not in front of me.He smiled: "No hindrance, it can only show that we have fate."

An Chen said in his heart, and after all, he didn’t dare to say it, and smiled with a sense of politely: "It’s really troublesome to you today, please change your day to dinner."

Seeing an alienated smile on An Chen’s face, Xu Bei felt inexplicable that his chest was a bit blocked. He rushed to Anchen: "I heard you grew up in Xuancheng.Several words from Xuancheng Qingshi Lane blurted out.

"Really? It’s been too long, I have forgotten." An Chen frowned slightly, as if he didn’t want to think about the time when he was a child, a sense of disgust that could not be restrained.

After all, she hated that time when she was a child.My father gambled all day, looking for a woman outside, came back to hit her mother, hit her.

The mother would only hold her crying, and sometimes even vent her anger on her.

From small to large, there was no intact place on her body, all of which were beaten blue and purple marks.When she was fierce, she would hide from the little brother of her neighbor’s house. The little brother would become delicious lollipop and fun toys, so that she would forget the devil -like family for the time being.

Later, the little brother also moved away. She felt that she was completely abandoned. In the world, no one would really love her.

She let herself live as an island. For years, only Chen Luo really entered her heart except Shen Lin.

Today, even Chen Luo is gone.

Aware of An Chen’s rejection of his childhood, Xu Bei sighed silently and stopped opening.

How many people need to heal their childhood with a lifetime, but unfortunately they have not been cured. Throughout their lives, they have repeatedly sinking in the past pain, chewing back and forth until I hurt myself, or hurt everything around me.

After learning that An Chen was pregnant, the Chen family came to the door soon.

Her mother -in -law held soup diligently. An Chen glanced at the living room of the Chen family, and sighed. It seems that sooner or later she will be locked for the house. Otherwise, anyone can come in.

When they were married, they did not lack a house.The new house is on the west of the city, but the house bought by An Chen before marriage is closest to the company’s straight line distance from An Chen and Chen Luo. Therefore, the two simply regarded this as a new house, but the new house was empty.

Since Mo Bing was pregnant and pregnant, after An Chen and Chen Luo made a divorce, the father -in -law and mother -in -law hadn’t come for a long time. Basically, she took care of Mo Bing there.Essence

This time, when I saw my mother -in -law, I kept warm, An Chen felt inexplicably irritable, and it was not easy to attack my father -in -law. She said to Chen Luo: "We are about to divorce. What are you doing now?There is a home outside the two boat houses, living the color flag at home, the life of the red flag outside? "

Chen Luo’s face was sullen, and it was Zhao Xuelan, distressed his son, and quickly explained: "Xiaochen, see where you said, when the upper lips and the lower lip, how can the family not be in contradiction, now nowThe most important thing is the child in your belly. "

An Chen has always been respectful to her mother -in -law. Before, she also felt that her mother -in -law was really good to herself, but since she was out of Mo Bing, An Chen saw it through. Before, her mother -in -law was good to her.The thoughts of the Chen family’s Chuanzong.

Now that An Chen realized that as long as there was the grandson of the Chen family in her life, as for who the child’s mother was, the Zhao Xuelan couple didn’t care.

I don’t want to look at the hypocritical face of the father -in -law and mother -in -law anymore. An Chen directly satirized: "No matter how important the children in my belly, can it be comparable to the outside? After all, the grandson is in the belly of others.have no idea."

Mo Bing once took a picture and confirmed that the son was in his stomach, so Zhao Xuelan was so protecting Mo Bing and even stopped Chen Luo many times. He was afraid that Chen Luo would be impulsive, so he forced Mo Bing to kill the child in his belly.Essence

Seeing that An Chen was angry, Chen Luo directly rushed to his parents: "What son and daughter, only in Xiaochen’s belly, my child, other women, I don’t want it."

Seeing that his son committed axis again, the father -in -law quickly hit the round, pulled the mother -in -law out of the door, leaving the space to An Chen and Chen Luo.

"You and Huali’s new director, what’s going on?" After all, Chen Luo still asked.

"I and he and I have nothing to do with you." An Chen answered, secretly sending WeChat to Shen Lin, telling her to come quickly.

An Chen was afraid that Chen Luo would be mad again, and the incident on the parking lot repeated again. She needed Shen Lin to accompany her.

The string in Chen Luo’s heart was put down, as if he couldn’t hear An Chen’s scolding, and he sorted out the pregnant women’s supplies he had just bought for An Chen.

An Chen couldn’t bear it. How could this person’s face be so thick, as if he couldn’t understand people’s words, he couldn’t get away, and said nothing.

It was really impossible. An Chen took out the WeChat and B -ultrasound that Mo Bing sent her on the mobile phone: "If you do not agree with divorce, I will sue you for the crime of getting married. Chen Luo, don’t force me to move you."

With the evidence of An Chen’s hands, Chen Luo’s face rely on his face: "I will not divorce, even if you put me into prison. Xiao Chen, this marriage will not be separated anyway, I will let you look back."

When Shen Lin hurried, Chen Luo had just left.

Looking at Anchenqi sitting on the sofa, Shen Lin hurried forward to hug her for her: "Not angry, Chenbao, let this stinky man drag him, let’s sue him, he doesn’t want to enterIs it prison? Let’s make him like it. "

An Chenfu was on Shen Lin’s shoulder: "Lin Bao, I can’t wait for a moment. When I think of him once lingering with other women, other women’s stomachs still have his species, I am disgusting.Nothing, property or something, I didn’t have a penny, I just wanted to get married quickly, why is it so difficult? "

"Lin Bao, when did Chen Luo and I reached this step?" An Chen’s tears went down.

Since Xu Bei announced the cooperation between Huali Group and Meiting Group at the dinner that day, it has acquiesced on the new era project to An Chen. When Liu Bei, who heard the news of the three markets, was so angry that he fell at the time.Breaking the water cup in the office.

The project is about to start, and the content of the two companies has the content of specific details. On this day, An Chenzheng and Xu Bei’s negotiation in the company in the new era received a call from the front desk, saying that there was a middle -aged woman.He claimed to be An Chen’s mother who was unwilling to leave in front of the company’s door and had to see An Chen.

Helpless, An Chen had to suspend the meeting and get up downstairs, but in front of the company’s building, he saw the figure of a few mothers.

In the bright sun, An Chen’s body suddenly shivered.

Except for paying money on time every month, I usually try to reduce their exchanges as much as possible. Even for so many years, when you see his mother Xu Suzhi, An Chen still feels cold, as if he was beaten and scolded when he was a child, and was discarded in the field. He was discarded in the field.On the street, you are under the bridge cave.

This time, An Chen finally became clear. That day, Chen Luo said so fearlessly that the reason why the marriage could not be separated was because he moved his mother’s mother.

Knowing that his parents were the nightmares of their childhood, the nightmare that had exhausted all over many years. In order not to divorce, Chen Luo still invited Xu Suzhi.

After the meeting, An Chen hurriedly settled Xu Suzhi into the hotel.Sure enough, Xu Suzhi came this time and knew that An Chen had a child to persuade her not to divorce.

An Chen had tears with tears and rushed to Xu Suzhi: "Chen Luo is derailed, and there are women and children outside. How can we go on?"

Xu Suzhi didn’t care about it, thinking that he was kindly persuaded: "Which man has no flowers and willow outside, not to mention that there are rich men like Chen Luo. At least he is good to you, unlike your dad and beating people.Want to make your child in your stomach have no father as soon as you are born? "

When An Chen’s father had not said goodbye, An Chen repeatedly persuaded Xu Suzhi to divorce his father. Xu Suzhi insisted that he would consume Any Father and the wild woman outside.After many years of abused life, in the eyes of Xu Suzhi, as long as he does not divorce and does not have domestic violence, it is a good man and a good family.

An Chen’s tears came down again: "Mom, have you ever thought, the child of the belly may not want such a father, such a family. I have no choice that year, but now the child in my stomach can choose a choice.of."

"What?" Xu Suzhi suddenly raised his eyes, as if An Chen said something that was not reversed: "I have worked hard to raise you, because you are a daughter, how many times I have been in your dad. How many times I have been my dad.Ready to discard you, if it wasn’t for my soft heart, I’m afraid you will not be in this world long ago. If you are not grateful to morality, now you actually say that you have no choice? "

Xu Suzhi pulled his sleeves, and began to cry again, and involved his old grievances with his father, pointing to Sang Huai.

An Chen’s headache.For so many years, my mother has not changed.The consistent self -complaint, the consistent pessimistic emotional negative energy burst, and consistently put this pain, tens of thousands of times of pressure on himself.

If you can choose, how many children will choose to have never come to this world.

Everything in the world needs to be learned. Only parents can go to work without learning.But many of the dark corners in the world, how many parents are not worthy of the words of their parents.

After coming out of his mother, An Chen drew Chen Luo’s phone with his teeth and cut his teeth: "Chen Luo, you really use everything, you are shameful!"

At the end of the phone, Chen Luo brought an extreme smile: "Xiao Chen, you are mine, you will always be mine, I can’t divorce you."

After hanging up the phone, Chen Luo was silent for a long time on the side of the phone.

The more closest people, the more you know where your weakness is, where you are the most painful.It is not that you do n’t know that once you invite An Chen’s mother, the gap between herself and An Chen will become bigger and bigger, but if Xu Suzhi is not invited to come, I am afraid that An Chen will really sue himself to court.

Chen Luo was not afraid of going to jail, but he was afraid to divorce An Chen, so he really lost An Chen.

After dealing with his mother exhausted, he hurried home, and An Chen was busy with the project again.

After the project of the new era, An Chen was ready to take a leave and raise his body.

However, everything is not as good as An Chen.

Every day, Xu Suzhi stays under the door of Anchen’s office building. As long as An Chen does not eliminate the idea of divorce, she will never leave for a moment.

In Xu Suzhi’s concept, it is very simple. Following a man, you have to end from one time, especially with the man’s child, that is really a man in his family, and his death is his ghost of his family.

At the beginning, Father An spent the sky outside, and the women outside led home one by one. To her and An Chen, from time to time, she had never moved the idea of leaving.Essence

Today’s daughter is going to divorce, and she still has a big belly, and Xu Suzhi can’t agree.

Xu Suzhi disagreed, An Chen did not dare to pull Chen Luo to divorce. She was afraid that her mother -in -law was out of control and destroyed everything.

Seven inches beating snakes, Chen Luo now squeezed An Chen’s seven inches, that is, Xu Suzhi.

Xu Suzhi stays downstairs every day. Although I don’t know why, the company’s people have begun to discuss behind, and even in the end even the Hualili Group’s notice of this matter, bringing An Chen’s workVery big trouble.

The cooperation negotiations with Hualili Group has reached a critical moment, but there is no final setting.

The Huali Group originally started the real estate, and basically a few years ago was a rough house.In recent years, due to the changes in the policy, the hardcover house has sprung up like a rain. At one time, Huali Group also followed the pace of the times and started a hardcover room.

At the beginning of this time, the new era project was the first test of Huali Group in City A. If it was successful, Huali Group will carry out several major projects in City A successively.

But unlike other developers, although Huali Group also contracted all real estate decoration to the decoration company, in order to reduce costs, it tried to separate artificially from materials, implement the raw materials for its own, and decorate the decoration group.It is the half -bag of the industry.

Previously, the contact with Haisheng was also looking for suitable raw material suppliers.

At this moment, Huali Group has different differential raw material problems with Meiting Group.

Meiting Group has always been all -inclusive, and there have been no so -called separation of artificial materials. For this, the two companies have not reached unified.

After discussing again, from Meiting Group, Xu Bei saw that An Chen’s mother Xu Suzhi was guarding under the company’s building.

Knowing that An Chen was entangled by Xu Suzhi during this time, she couldn’t get away, and Xu Bei wanted to clean up the trouble for her so that An Chen can support her body.

He sent away the crowd he followed and quietly walked behind Xu Suzhi: "Auntie, hello, I’m Xu Bei, I don’t know if your daughter has mentioned me to you."

Xu Suzhi and Xu Bei sat in the cafe near the company for more than an hour.

When leaving, Xu Suzhi looked at Xu Bei: "Xiao Bei, my aunt always feels familiar to see you. Have you ever lived in Xuancheng before?"

Xu Bei stared at: "Yes, I used to live in Qingshi Lane, Xuancheng before, but later moved the family because of my father’s work."

Xu Suzhi stared at Xu Bei carefully, and finally thought of something, she covered her mouth in surprise: "You are the little boy who hid your house every time Xiao Chen was beaten?"

In the afternoon of the same day, Xu Suzhi hurriedly left the downstairs of Meiting Company. If he was not allowed to go to work at work, he urged An Chen to return to her home.

An Chen’s doubt.According to Xu Suzhi’s temperament, she did not agree with her life without divorce, and she could not take the initiative to ask for leaving.

Worried about the ghost behind Chen Luo’s back, An Chen immediately called and asked Chen Luo what was going on.

At this time, Chen Luoying was taught by Chen Haidong by Chen Haidong.

In order to fight with Xu Bei for An Chen, the last time he made Mo Bing lose a lot of funds, he was still in a fiscal crisis.

This time, because An Chen and the director of Hualili Group, Xu Bei fighting, the cooperation between Haisheng Company and Huali Group is about to be yellow.

It’s really a woman, I’m afraid that Chen Luo will be destroyed in the hands of women in her life.

After receiving An Chen’s call, Chen Luo knew that his unreliable mother -in -law was about to escape.

Chen Luo also couldn’t figure out what was going on. After he hung up An Chen’s phone, he immediately called Xu Suzhi and asked what was going on.

At that end, Xu Suzhi’s voice came to me: "Chen Luo, I’m not good at blending with your husband and wife. If you can’t get through, you will leave it. After all, there is still one in your lover’s belly outside., This in Xiaochen’s belly, don’t miss it too much, let’s get together … "

I thought it was a town rune. I didn’t expect Xu Suzhi to suddenly evacuate, and Chen Luo was so angry that he would hit the phone on the table.

On the way to Xu Suzhi to the train station, Xu Suzhi was rare for a long time.

An Chen was too lazy to think about why her mother suddenly turned. As long as she did not come to disturb herself, she begged the Buddha to burn high incense.

When leaving, Xu Suzhi couldn’t help but quietly arrived in An Chen’s ear: "Xiao Chen, all moms already know. Although Chen Luo is derailed, you have the species of others in your stomach.It’s just two clear. If you want to divorce, Chen Luo calls me all to cover you. Don’t let Chen Luo show the truth. "

At the end, Xu Suzhi added a sentence: "The child of Xiao Bei is still good. After all, you have been a childhood bamboo horse since he was a child.Knot. "

As soon as he said, An Chen was in the mist in the clouds. He was about to ask, but Xu Suzhi waved his hand and hurriedly entered the station.

Only An Chen stood there and couldn’t touch it.

An Chen Chen was completely fainted after what he was pregnant with other people’s species, and what was divorced and married.

After driving back to the company, An Chen’s question was still not resolved.As soon as she was sitting in the office chair, she suddenly thought of the two words in the mouth of Xu Suzhi. In her mind, she knew Beibei with only one Xu Bei.

Thinking that before sending her mother to leave, she mentioned to An Chen at the front desk and said that when she went out for afternoon tea, she saw Xu Suzhi sitting in a coffee shop face -to -face with a man. It seemed to be Xu Bei, the marketing director of Huali Group.

The heart was suddenly clear, and An Chen immediately called Xu Bei’s phone.

There was a sound of Xu Bei’s chest. "An Chen, have your mother left City A?"

I did not notice that Xu Bei’s title of An Chen changed from Manager An directly to An Chen. An Chen held the anger in his heart: "Trouble Director Xu explained, when will I and Director Xu, Qing Mei Zhuma, and even the children have the children.? "

No one noticed that Liu Bei, who was about to knocking in outside the door, ended abruptly, put his ears beside the door.

On the other side of the phone, Xu Bei smiled softly. Through the phone line, An Chen could imagine that Xu Bei was raised with his lips.

Only hearing Xu Bei’s voice seemed to be like the water of the spring, with Qin into the heart and spleen: "I can explain. The second sentence you said is false, and the first half of the sentence is true."

-Chapter 5 End-

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