52 -year -old Yang Yuying is pregnant?Wearing a long skirt with a tight body, a round belly, a round and drum, the ex -boyfriend is married and has a child

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In recent days, Yang Yuying, a 52 -year -old "Sweet Song Queen", has caused heated discussion among netizens. She was suspected to be pregnant.

how did this happen?

Recently, Yang Yuying participated in a commercial performance somewhere. Before the official performance, some netizens filmed a video related to it.

From the video, you can see that Yang Yuying is wearing a green tight skirt. Her overall figure is very thin,

But the sharp -eyed netizens found unusual this time.

Netizens found that Yang Yuying’s small abdomen was very obvious, and her belly was round and drum.

Moreover, Yang Yuying usually does not need to be supported by people, but many people help her this time.

Even Yang Yuying almost fell. If it wasn’t for her assistant eyes, I was afraid Yang Yuying would be ugly.

When Yang Yuying officially appeared on the stage, everyone found that Yang Yuying’s abdomen specially made her belly, which made her belly look smaller, but the raised marks were still obvious.

Based on these situations, many netizens suspected Yang Yuying’s pregnancy. The topic of whether Yang Yuying was pregnant for a while has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Some netizens think that Yang Yuying is 52 years old and cannot get pregnant.

Some netizens said that Yang Yuying did not have a boyfriend’s boyfriend. She has always been unmarried and cannot be pregnant.

However, some netizens said that some women still have children in their 60s, and Yang Yuying is not impossible to get pregnant at the age of 52.

As for whether there is a boyfriend or husband, Yang Yuying may choose to keep secret.

However, in the face of heated discussions on public opinion, as of the press time, Yang Yuying has not responded to this.

This time, the topic of Yang Yuying’s pregnancy caused heated discussions, which has a lot to do with Yang Yuying’s past achievements and her past love history.

Yang Yuying was born in an ordinary family in Shigang Town, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province in 1971.

Her father is an electrician, and her mother is a female worker in the textile factory.

Unfortunately, a few months before she was born, her father died because of an accident.

After she was born, she lived with her mother, sister, and grandma.

To raise two children and take care of the elderly, Yang Yuying’s mother is very hard.

But even if she is hard, she will play the piano singing in her spare time, which affects Yang Yuying.

Under the influence of her mother, Yang Yuying started performing on stage at the age of 5.

Mom also quickly discovered Yang Yuying’s literary talent, and she saved her money and saved money to report to Yang Yuying.

Yang Yuying did not disappoint her mother. She was admitted to Nanchang Teachers College to study music systematically.

After graduating from Nanchang Normal University, Yang Yuying was admitted to the Jiangxi Song and Dance Troupe.

In the Jiangxi Song and Dance Troupe, because of his excellent performance, Yang Yuying received the attention of the teacher of a song and dance troupe.

In 1989, the teacher went to Guangzhou to develop, and he took Yang Yuying.

It turns out that Yang Yuying’s decision to follow the teacher to develop in Guangzhou is very correct.

After arriving in Guangzhou, she released the cover album "How Deep Love Me", and the response was very good.

As a result, she soon signed a contract with the Guangdong New Era AV and partnered with Mao Ning to form a combination of "Golden Boy Jade Girl".

Soon, they were all over the country.

Yang Yuying’s "I don’t want to say", "Tell you gently", "I don’t want to say", "You see the blue sky" and other songs are deeply loved by fans.

And because of her pure and sweet appearance, she became the dream lover of countless men, and has the reputation of "Sweet Song Queen".

Become "Sweet Song Queen", Yang Yuying’s emotional life naturally attracts the outside world.

Because she cooperated closely with Mao Ning, for a while, their scandal was very arrogant.

However, Yang Yuying admits that she and Mao Ning are more like brothers and sisters, not couples.

And Yang Yuying’s real boyfriend appeared in 1994.

The man named Lai Wenfeng, the general manager of Hong Kong Yuanhua Company.

One day, Lai Wenfeng looked at the magazine without any things. He saw Yang Yuying’s photos. He was deeply fascinated. He felt that his girlfriend should be the same as Yang Yuying.

So he began to pursue Yang Yuying.

It happened that this year, Yang Yuying flew from Guangzhou to Xiamen to participate in a business event.

At that time, because she was too busy, Yang Yuying didn’t want to go to Xiamen anymore, she told her agent.

She even said she could compensate all losses.

But she was finally pulled by her agent to Xiamen.

What Yang Yuying didn’t expect was that when she got out of the plane, six Mercedes -Benz was lined up in front of her, and they specifically came to welcome her.

Subsequently, Yang Yuying arrived at the event site, and a man gave Yang Yuying a bouquet made of 800,000 yuan in cash.

The man was Lai Wenfeng. During the process of chatting with Lai Wenfeng, Yang Yuying learned that Liu Tai Mercedes -Benz was also arranged by him.

In this way, the two met each other, and after a period of contact, they became lovers.

At that time, Yang Yuying had no love for foreign officials, and they fell in love with a low -key manner.

They will travel abroad and often go to the countryside.

They squeezed sheep milk together in the countryside and talked to the villagers who worked together.

Because it was too sweet, at that time Yang Yuying and Lai Wenfeng thought about having 3 children in the future.

And Yang Yuying plans to withdraw from the entertainment industry before the age of 28 to be a kindergarten teacher and live an ordinary life.

However, it was unexpected. In the third year of their love, they suddenly broke up.

For the cause of the breakup, Yang Yuying frankly said many years later:

"Because of personality problems, we are very friendly. We have no tears, only the smile of blessings. We also agreed that no one can get old when we meet in the future."

At that time, Yang Yuying thought it was just an ordinary breakup. She never expected that the relationship would affect her destiny trajectory.

In 2000, Lai Wenfeng had an accident, and he was trapped in the "Yuanhua smuggling case".

At that time, the case caused national attention, and the relationship between Yang Yuying and Lai Wenfeng was picked up.

For a while, various rumors about Yang Yuying were very arrogant.

Some people say that Yang Yuying and Lai Wenfeng are "contract love". The contract period is 3 years, and they broke up in 3 years.

Some people say that Lai Wenfeng gave Yang Yuying a $ 2 million Porsche sports car.

Others said that Yang Yuying had been aborted four times for Lai Wenfeng.

For a while, Yang Yuying’s word of mouth fell to the bottom of the valley, no matter how she explained, the outside world didn’t believe it.

So that she later lamented:

"I said everything was wrong. I said a hundred sentences of accusations and waiting for me. I was fighting countless people with one person."

However, she did not regret the relationship with Lai Wenfeng. She said that they were happy when they were together. She also said:

"A young girl has a normal love with her peers. But this love has suffered a particularly bad destiny."

But at that time, her reputation was gone, and the job opportunities were gone.

In the face of this situation, Yang Yuying simply withdrew from the entertainment industry.

From 2002 to 2012, for 12 years, she traveled, read, and kept self -cultivation.

It was 2012 when Yang Yuying returned again, and she was 41 years old this year.

After returning, it is unavoidable to be asked about the topic related to Lai Wenfeng.

She will answer related questions, but she still shows her attitude to the media. She said:

"Now people already have a very complete life, don’t bother again."

It is understood that after breaking up with Yang Yuying, Lai Wenfeng was arrested and imprisoned, and overseas was exiled.Now that you have been married and have children, living a normal life.

As for Yang Yuying’s attitude towards love now, when she participated in "The Sister of the Wind and Broken Waves" in 2021, she said that she would treat love as everything when she was 20 years old, but now she is not.Love is already the cherry on the cake, and it is incredible.

I have to say that Yang Yuying is now paying attention to love. It is okay, and it doesn’t matter.

Although Yang Yuying is not as popular as before, there is still a place in the entertainment industry. There are many job opportunities and good material life.

Today, she lives in Shenzhen with her mother and sister. When there is no performing arts, she will grow vegetables in the yard and live very comfortably.

She is very satisfied and satisfied with her current life.

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