52 -year -old Yang Yuying was suspected of getting pregnant in a tight skirt. The small belly was raised like watermelon.

The former jade singer Yang Yuying was rumored to be pregnant?

Recently, when Yang Yuying participated in the event somewhere, she was wearing a green tight skirt. The radian of the small abdomen was very obvious. Many people suspected that she was pregnant.

However, Yang Yuying is 52 years old. From a age of age, people over half a year are not suitable for having children and will have great risks.What’s more, Yang Yuying did not have a relationship with the relationship, how could she suddenly get pregnant?

In fact, Yang Yuying has always paid attention to the management of her figure. In 2021, when she participated in "The Sister of the Wind", she did not lose to young female stars at all.

But when she participated in commercial performances this time, it was obvious that her lower abdomen became bigger, and her belly seemed to be like watermelon.

On the day, Yang Yuying’s shoes were not high, but when she was walking in a flat ground, she needed a lot of help.Even so, she almost fell, and everyone else carefully helped Yang Yuying, for fear that she would be injured.

When she officially entered the stage, Yang Yuying seemed to be deliberately closing her belly, and her belly was slightly smaller, but the raised marks were still obvious.This kind of clothes are relatively fat, but in the beginning, if Yang Yuying is simply fat, her belly should be relatively rounded, and the fat will not concentrate on the lower abdomen, so many people suspect that she is pregnant.

At present, neither Yang Yuying and her staff have responded to the matter, and the speculation of netizens is not based on it.

Yang Yuying and Mao Ning used to be a pair of golden boy and jade girls in the entertainment industry, but when the two faced the scandal, they always became unknown, so many people had their CP.But Mao Ning later made some mistakes, and the relationship between the two was no longer there.

Yang Yuying said that she and Mao Ning were like two little guessing bamboo horses. The two were more like siblings, not couples.

In addition to Mao Ning, there are many male stars who have passed on a scandal with Yang Yuying.However, none of these gossip boyfriends and Yang Yuying could not be repaired.Now she is very indifferent to her feelings and does not seem to get married.

This time Yang Yuying’s lower abdomen was suspected of being a test tube to get pregnant, but these are just a guess of netizens. As for what the truth is, everyone is patiently waiting for the party’s response.


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