54 -year -old Faye Wong was pregnant for Nicholas Tse?Faye Wong appears rarely at the airport, and his belly is suspected to be pregnant

Just last week, Faye Wong and the little assistant took a plane from the Hong Kong International Airport. I don’t know where to go. The sharp -eyed netizens recognized that she was Faye Wong at a glance, and also found that Faye Wong’s belly was drum.Isn’t it really pregnant?

Judging from the photos revealed by netizens, Faye Wong looked very close to the people on the spot. The car I took was the ferry bus of the airport. The clothes wearing on the body looked very simple.V -neck long sleeve, paired with a pair of wide -leg casual pants, carrying a messenger bag with a mask on his face, really admire fans’ eyes, which can be recognized as Faye Wong.

After Faye Wong got out of the car, she was recognized by the sharp -eyed fans, so she looked back at the ferry car, and immediately responded to the fans in the carrier. She bid farewell to the fans very gentle.It’s very friendly and friendly.

But the moment she turned around, the sharp -eyed netizens once again discovered the clue of Faye Wong. According to the sideways taken by netizens, Faye Wong’s belly had a trace of bulging.EssenceOf course, it may also look at it, because the weather on the day was sunny and windy, and the clothes in Faye Wong were relatively loose. It did not rule out that the wind blowing her clothes, which caused people to mistake the illusion of her pregnancy.

But the next one, Faye Wong preparing to board the plane made netizens more determined that Faye Wong’s pregnancy conjecture is more determined. From this side photo, the place where the red arrow refers to, is also Faye Wong’s belly.The bulge, the bulging belly, is obviously not the wind that the wind will blow up with loose clothes. It looks more like a pregnancy reaction that has been pregnant for 3-4 months.Essence

In March of this year, a reporter took a photo of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong at a airport in Yunnan.Now they are already restoring single, and they have experienced unfortunate marriage, so they prefer to be together as lovers. They have been in love for more than ten years. They have not received a certificate so far.The level of the old husband and wife, during the tour, may also broadcast the crystallization of love.

In this way, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse went out to play together in March, and may be pregnant. According to the pregnancy of Faye Wong airport exposed by netizens, it is also in line with the appearance of 2-3 months of pregnancy.If you say this, Nicholas Tse may really want to be a father, that’s really joyful!However, what is worrying is that, now 54 -year -old Faye Wong, if the child is born, is an elderly mother, and the risk of fertility will be much higher than that of ordinary people.

However, with the current medical conditions, the elderly childbirth is not a difficult problem. As a fan of the queen, she really hopes that she can cultivate a positive result with Nicholas Tse. After all, the two really loved each other for more than ten years.The end of the end, Nicholas Tse happened to get married by Faye Wong and got married. Presumably, it was not impossible to double the door.

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