55 -year -old single female nanny, 78 -year -old rich old man sleeping for 7 years, but was eventually kicked out by his children

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Recently, such a thing happened in a small city in the United States. The 55 -year -old nanny and 78 -year -old employer were together.However, this incident was opposed by employer children.Regardless of their 7 -year -old feelings, their children drove the nanny out, causing people to discuss.What is going on?

The female nanny is named Mary.When he was just taking care of the old man Garston, he was 48 years old. At that time, Mary was in the trough of life. I did not know that the god of fate arranged himself to meet with Garson.Come to an unexpected ending.

Mary was the same as many people when she was young.Find the right person at a suitable age and formed a perfect and happy family.After the marriage, Mary and her husband lived a happy life. The husband was very intimate. Not only would he take over all the housework, but also pay attention to what Mary likes and create surprises to her.

They are sweet and sweet, and they have become exemplary couples in the eyes of people around them.Such a life is fast. Over time, Mary is pregnant.The husband who heard the news picked up Mary and turned around. That picture was one of the few pictures in Mary’s hard life. We guessed that this happy time occupied Mary’s memories and became the one she in her long life.Not many happy moments.

Two people immersed in happiness.Looking forward to the arrival of a small life.Since knowing that his wife is pregnant, her husband has been treating Mary more intimately. He will not only take care of Mary’s diet, but also bring Mary to the suburbs when he work. Every time he checks, the husband has not missed it.Needless to say.At that time, Mary felt that she was the happiest woman in the world.

Under the careful care of her husband, they quickly ushered in the days of beautiful Mary’s delivery, this day.With abdominal pain, the husband and wife faintly feel that new life may come.Without experience, they hurried to the hospital, accompanied by crying, their first daughter was born.

The birth of her daughter added another joy to this original happy family. The family is filled with laughter every day. The husband said that it was the most wonderful voice in the world.Because of this wonderful, Mary’s husband expects home every day.When he was looking forward to the fireworks outside, the family enjoys warm and happiness in the lighting room.

The day passed like this, and the child slowly grew up. Originally, he thought that more happiness was waiting for himself, and he couldn’t think of the happiness that followed the days and his happiness.I don’t know when Mary found her husband began to go home late. Not only that, the husband would sneak messages to send messages in the bathroom, and even his daughter and himself became less.Mary, who was vaguely felt that her husband’s heart was changed, began to pay attention to his every move.

Mary found her husband often borrowed the name of overtime.Mix with the company’s colleagues, and these people have a lady named Laura.After Mary’s observation, it was found that Laura would not only use the same mobile phone case with her husband, but even after get off work, the two people had frequent contacts.Not only that, both of them did not forget to invite each other.

A ambiguous smile, the words of crossing the border, all tell the derailment and infidelity of the husband.Finally, the husband claimed that the business trip actually appeared during the hotel’s holiday, and Mary took her girlfriend to catch the two in bed with her girlfriends.Because of her husband’s derailment, their marriage was drawn from then on.

In this divorce farce, her daughter was sentenced to Mary under Mary’s insistence.She took her daughter away from that sad place. She couldn’t stand her marriage to end betrayal and infidelity. She cried and sued the injustice of heaven, but she still had to face the cruel life the next day.Mary, who left her husband, began to depend on her daughter, and they came to a strange city.,,

In order to support her daughter, Mary started trying various jobs, and because she had to take care of her daughter at the same time, Mary could not engage in full -time jobs and could only earn living expenses in part -time.Most of these flexible work are housekeeping, nanny, etc., although the salary is enough for her and her daughter to eat.However, in the difficult life, Mary deeply appreciated the warmth and warmth.

In the hard days, only the comfort of her daughter was warm. This warmth surrounded him was the only motivation for her life.However, fate often likes to tease people who are hard.As her daughter grows up, Mary is no longer as working as a child as a child. When she thought she could be a little easier, a bad news came.

It was a sunny afternoon, and Mary asked her daughter to go home because she had no time to pick up her daughter at the employer’s house.Because there was such a situation before, Mary thought that there was no problem, so she didn’t think much.Unexpectedly.On the way home, her daughter suffered a serious car accident. When she was taken to the hospital, her daughter’s heartbeat had completely stopped beating.Faced with the body of her daughter, Mary cried. She didn’t understand why her daughter who was still alive yesterday was lying on the cold bed today without responding to her shouting.She didn’t understand why her fate was so miserable, but God still deprived her of the only motivation to live.

Mary cried and fainted a few times.However, she would rather wake up for a long time, because every time she woke up was a cruel fact, she did not want to believe that her daughter really left the world, and she did not want to believe that her world was only the same.

Since then, Mary has changed her personal and has not been out of the room all day.From the dark room is her lonely and desperate eyes, back to the place where she had been with her daughter, her eyes were full of her daughter. She thought about committing suicide and paid a practical action for this, but was finally saved.

She couldn’t help torture, left the place where she got along with her daughter, and changed her life.She did not want her daughter’s memory to invade herself, and she was unwilling to live in the future, so she came to a strange city again, and continued to live in a flowing life.

In order to make a living, she continues to do housekeeping work.Unlike before, Mary seemed to lose the ability to laugh.She is always immersed in work expressionlessly, and in addition to the necessary communication, she rarely can hear her actively speaking.Because the meticulous work is not in communication, it is very in line with the employer’s expectations of the nanny, so Mary’s work is also welcomed.

She was transferred elsewhere and had the opportunity to take care of people with higher commissions and higher commissions.In such a state, she met a rich man named Garston at the age of 48 and had a different relationship with him.

Garston’s life experience has similarities with Mary to a certain extent.When he was young, Garston was a capable husband. He was tired of working every day and ran in various cities, so he neglected his care for the family.In order to make up for the lack of his family’s company, he gave all the money he made to his wife to take care of it.

However, maybe life is too boring, maybe the husband’s care is not available to find others. In addition to taking care of the children at home, the wife’s heart is about to appear.She was discovered by her husband, and she was dyed with a man 10 years younger and spent a lot of money on the man.Unbearable husband chose to divorce his wife and live alone.

In a person’s day.He still helped work hard to work hard, although he got a lot of money, but he fell for his physical problems for many years.Until his later years, his body began to show a tired state, and people needed to take care of them all year round.

In this way, Garton, who needs to take care of people, meets Mary who is good at taking care of others.

Mary was chosen by the children of Jiaston and came to take care of her father.Mary has done a good job in her own affairs. She is not only considerate, but she is silent. She rarely communicates with the employer. She never crosses the border. This has won the love of everyone at home, including Garston.

However, in addition to excluding the employer’s love for the nanny, there is always a doubt in Garston’s heart, that is, why Mary always doesn’t look happy?With this question, Garston has been watching the melancholy woman secretly.

Once, there was no one in the family, and Houston and Mary, who hadn’t opened his heart for many years, had a in -depth dialogue.Mary.Tell the experience and despair of these years.It also exposed his indifferent heart to Gaston’s enthusiasm.At this time, Garston, a nanny who had a bumpy experience, had different feelings.The nanny opened his heart because of the comfort of Garston, and gained the warmth of long -lost.

After that, Mary took care of Garston more thoughtfully and enthusiastically. She seemed to be able to detect everything that Garston needed, including psychological needs.They are like soul mate and fully enjoy the fun brought by life.Mary was no longer as gloomy as before, and began a wonderful love journey.They often take a walk together to bask in the sun and talk together.

In this way, the two people who fits their minds have sparked love, and they are often known for their husbands and wives in private.Mary took care of the diet of Garston with her experience. Garston enjoyed the warmth of being cared for by others. In return, he also won all Mary’s spending.They began to develop like a normal husband and wife. They would be together during the day and night. They were like each other’s beam of light, illuminating their boring life.

In this way, 7 years have passed, and he thought they would grow old and accompany each other’s life at the end of each other, but did not want this "old age" to end with the obstruction of the children of Gaston.

Their affairs were gradually known by their children, and their children were extremely opposed to their affairs.Children think that Mary’s cross -border seems to cross the border. As a nanny, she should not have feelings with the employer, and who knows if it is money.Some children’s words seem to make sense from the secular eyes, but Mary is very aggrieved. She said that she had never received Garston’s money, and even after together, Garston canceled the salary, but only took over the salary, but only paid the salary, but only took over the salary, but only took over the salary, but only took over the salary, but only took the salary, but it only took over the salary.Her living expenses are not endless, but their children should not interfere with her father’s old age and love.

Garston said that he and Mary really loved each other, and Mary took care of herself very much, and did not want to be greedy for her money.Because she just took her life and did not give extra money, the children felt that Mary’s claims were not established.But children do n’t think so, maybe they think more, including the division of property after the death of the father, and the minds of Mary, etc., the two sides stood in their respective angles.

In order to solve this matter, Garston said to Mary; "Otherwise, we find a place where no one lives together." But Mary did not agree: "Your body is not good, and now life is used toStarting from the beginning elsewhere, the two of us have such a big age, is it appropriate? "After listening to Mary’s words, Garston also fell into contemplation. How could the old people over half a year be able to withstand the toss?

In the stalemate, Garston’s children came over for three days and asked her to dismiss Mary and asked her to move out.At first Garston always stood on Mary and blamed his children. However, as an old man almost 80 years old, he obviously did not have a weight when he was young.Under huge pressure, helpless Mary can only choose Garston.

Where does Mary’s Mary go? We don’t know. Maybe she will continue to leave in different cities, find different jobs, and maybe she will find a place without anyone.I thought I found a life partner who could spend a lifetime, but I didn’t want to face the fate of being abandoned.Mary’s heart is full of helplessness and resentment of fate, but she is 55 years old, what can I do?She could only sigh and move forward.

Faced with Mary’s departure, Garston was unacceptable for a while and became ill.He was looking for Mary in his mouth, but now Mary has long been disappeared. Where can I see him?

After the incident, everyone talked about it. Some people said that Mary should not surpass the boundaries between the employers and talk about feelings with the employer.If there is no cross -border, there will be no things today, everything is Mary’s blame.On the other hand, some people think that people are emotional animals, and they cannot be emotional like a machine.Moreover, the two elderly people are pursuing each other to accompany each other to work together for a lifetime. If this requirement cannot be met, how can children’s filial piety reflect?And in this story, who is right and wrong, we can’t judge, and can only wish these two elderly people find their own happiness.

Finally, if this happens to your parents, how will you react?

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The 55-year-old single female nanny, sleeping with the 78-year-old rich man for 7 years, but now he was abandoned and kicked out of the door of the door.

The 55-year-old single female nanny, who sleeps with a rich man 78-year-old for 7 years. After being rushed, he was said to be too affectionate.

Looking back at the 78-year-old uncle will drive a 55-year-old girlfriend, saying that she is a nanny, girlfriend: You want Bai Yan Baidu.com [Citation Date: 2023-4-19]

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