6 cases of cats are lean, do you know?

In the process of raising cats, many people will find that cats are diluted, and there are many reasons for cats.Let’s talk about the six cases of cats diluted today to see if you know!

When many cats change the season or when the temperature drops suddenly, the pet owner does not give the cat to keep warm, which causes the cat to catch a cold, so there is a dilute situation.Therefore, when changing the season, you must pay attention to keeping the cat warm.

Cats eat the same kind of cat food for a long time, which is not only easy to eat, but also may not be nutritious, so the pet owner can change a cat food for half a year or a year.However, if the pet owner suddenly changes food, without excessive, it is easy to make the cat’s stomach uncomfortable, which will cause dilute.It is recommended that the pet owner follows the seven -day food change method when changing food to the cat to slowly adapt to the cat.

If the owner does not help cats for a long time, it is easy to infect parasites.Parasites in the body will cause cats to be diluted.Therefore, for the health of cats, pets are mainly timely deworming. Generally speaking, the best deworming in the body in 3 months, but the specific deworming time should be based on the condition of your cat.

The cat is very greedy and curious, so I want to try everything.However, some foods are toxic for cats. If the pet owner does not pay attention, let the cats eat onions, chocolate, etc. In addition to causing cats, it will also cause cat vomiting and convulsions.Therefore, the pet owner must pay attention not to let the cats eat random. Once you eat the wrong thing, you should vomit and go to the hospital in time.

The reason why some cats are diluted is actually because the pet owner does not control the amount of feeding of the cat and allows the cat to eat, so it causes the cat to be diluted.At this time, the pet owner should take one or two meals to the cat and feed some pet probiotics to promote cat digestion and improve dilute.

If the cat food that the pet is selected for the cat is relatively inferior, the cat can’t absorb it at all, so it is easy to cause diluted condition, and it is not good for the cat’s body.Therefore, the owner usually chooses cats with high -quality, high absorption rate cat food to improve the intestinal absorption rate and improve intestinal health.

Conclusion: Do you know the reason why your cat is scarce?

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