6 days in a row?Can you greatly increase the chance of pregnancy?

I have to say that there are too many amazing people around Xiaobian. Take one of them, for example, from preparing for pregnancy to pregnancy, they have been slamming to their legs … As a result, they are pregnant in just 6 days!So, how did this do it?Today, I will give you a good pregnancy experience:

For many pregnant couples, pregnancy is a long -lasting battle, so in order to stand in the end, we must make full preparations!So what should be done before pregnancy, supplement nutrition for nutrition, so that good pregnancy will come faster, and the baby will be healthier!

Pre -pregnancy examination is something that each couple must do before pregnancy. This is very important because it can not only help the couple’s pregnancy in the best state, but also reduce the occurrence of complications during pregnancy.Once the factors that affect fertility can also be treated in a timely manner, so that good pregnancy will come faster. The following two inspections are necessary to do:

① Male sperm detection: In the same room, ensure that there are high -quality sperm;

② Women’s ovarian testing: Ensure that the ovarian ovarian ovarian output is guaranteed.

After the pre -pregnancy examination, the couple were not too big.Among them, the man eats foods containing zinc and selenium; in addition to eating folic acid, the woman is normal qi and blood and eating VE.To do so is to have strong sperm and beautiful eggs, and you can hit it when you make a baby!

On the day of ovulation day, although it is very good for pregnancy.But sisters need to know that it is not only on the day of the ovulation day.Knock!The main difference between efficient pregnancy is here!According to relevant research, in a menstrual cycle, there is a total of 6 days to have the opportunity to conceive: the day of ovulation, and the earlier 2 days, the probability of pregnancy is the highest.There are still opportunities within 5 days before ovulation, and it is impossible to conceive on the second day after ovulation, and you can only wait for the next cycle.

Therefore, as long as you find the time for the past few days to arrange the same room, you can come faster if you are pregnant!It is not only on the day of ovulation to get pregnant.In order to find a few days to arrange the same room, it is definitely not possible to speculate that the best way to compare with ordinary ovulation test strips or the basic temperature meter is to go to the hospital for follicular monitoring, but it is too troublesome to run to the hospital every day.

After the recommendation of Xiaobian, she used the lucky ovulation test strip, and found out these 6 days of conception time!6 days in a row, successful sowing!

But I want to remind you warmly: Because everyone’s energy and physical strength are different.If you feel tired, don’t deliberately barely!Want to prepare for pregnancy, hit it in one blow!In addition to good ways, good pregnant artifacts are absolutely indispensable. Finding the day of pregnancy and spare no effort. Fortunately, the ovulation test strip is definitely not small!

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