6 medicines have been restricted, but it is a common medicine for many families. See if your family is still used?

Aunt Lin, 65, had a toothache in the past two weeks. At the village health center, the doctor prescribed her two kinds of painkillers, but after taking a few days, Aunt Lin found that the effect was not obvious, so she went to the dental clinic in the town.Seeing a doctor, he was diagnosed with periodontitis and prescribed three drugs for her.

After returning home, Aunt Lin saw the medicine that had been prescribed before. In order not to waste, it was better to think that eating together may be better.Unexpectedly, after two days after mixing, she began to urinate less, and her feet began to swell. The family was wrong and took her to the hospital for examination.

It was found that Aunt Lin had protein in the urine, and the blood creatinine value increased significantly. After further examination, Aunt Lin was diagnosed with acute renal failure!The doctor speculated that Aunt Lin’s acute renal failure was related to her merging and eating 5 drugs.

Auntie Lin’s example warns the importance of taking medicine for safety. We must take medicine correctly under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take medicine, add and subtract drugs or stop medicine without authorization.Otherwise, it may cause irreparable consequences.

On May 22, the website of the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration issued the "Notice of the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration on the Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Inspection Inspection Information (No. 1 2023)", which was inspected by 5 pharmaceutical inspection institutions including Yunfu Food and Drug Inspection Institute.Essence

The results of sampling inspection showed that 7 batches of drugs produced by 7 pharmaceutical companies did not meet the regulations, including Shenling Baiqi San, Dandelion, Dilong, Eucommia, etc.It is worth noting that in this unqualified product, Guangxi Beibu Bay Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a commonly used Chinese medicine, is unqualified because of the "measurement (Yinyinhua)".For the reason why the Victoria C Yinqiao tablets produced by the enterprise, some inspectors analyzed that because the price of mountain silver flowers and leaves is lower than that of mountain silver flowers, it may be that enterprises use mountain silver flower branches and leaves to cast during production. Of courseIt may be that the enterprise did not find mountain silver flowers and leaves when purchasing Chinese medicinal materials.

In fact, it is not the first time that Victoria C Yinqiao tablets are "hacked". As early as 2013, the Hong Kong Health Agency issued a appeal that the general public did not buy the "Victoria C Yinqiao film"Oral products, because the product may contain a variety of unspeakable and disabled western medicine ingredients, which may endanger health after taking.

Some of the previously used drugs have been restricted for a long time, such as the following 6 types:

1. Bupleurum injection: may cause allergic shock

Chaihu injection is the first Chinese medicine injection variety in the world. It has been used for more than 70 years in clinical application. It has been used as a "antipyretic needle" in children’s fever treatment.However, in 2018, the State Drug Administration issued an announcement that the Chaihu injection instructions were required to list the "children’s disable" under taboo items and add warning "The adverse reactions of this product include allergic shock".

2. Libaweilin: There is a risk of teratings

Libaweilin is a broad -spectrum antiviral drug, which has inhibit the hyparotonosis, influenza virus, hepatitis A virus, and adenovirus.However, in recent years, clinical applications of Libavelin, especially security issues, have attracted much attention.In 2006, the national drug adverse reaction information report had warned Libavirin’s safety issues, which may involve fetal abnormalities, malformations, tumors, hemolytic anemia, etc.

The US FDA is the most dangerous X -level X -Lebavirin in the classification of pregnancy drugs. Its instructions clearly indicate that pregnant women and women who may be pregnant are disabled.And because a small amount of drugs are excreted through milk, it is potential to danger to breasts. It is not recommended that breastfeeding women use Libavirin when using Libavirin, and breastfeeding must be suspended when medication. Milk should also be discarded.

3. Annai: There are many side effects and serious

Aojin is a compound combined with amino Bilin and sodium sodium sulfate, which can relieve heat and analgesics. In the last century, it was often used as an antipyretic medicine.However, according to the prompts of the State Drug Administration’s website, it is found that An Nai nearly caused many adverse reactions, mainly blood systems, severe allergies, and skin damage, gastrointestinal damage, and urinary system damage.

In 2020, the State Drug Administration released two heavy news about Ansi nearly. One was that 7 drugs with Ao Nai were canceled; the other was that 4 other drugs that were nearly were restricted to indications andFor people.

4. Norfloxacin: Obstructing skeletal development

Norfloxacin, a variety of antibiotics, has a inhibitory effect on bacteria and is often used for diarrhea treatment caused by bacteria, but it is useless for diarrhea caused by viruses.It should be noted that norfloxacin cannot be used for minors under 18 years of age and may hinder the growth and development of bones.

5. Nimei Schioli: Hypatic toxicity

Nimi Shuli was used for child fever in the past, but clinically found that it may cause adverse reactions such as adverse gastrointestinal reactions, liver and kidney injury, coagulation dysfunction, central nervous system injury, etc., and even permanent organs. Therefore, in 2011, in 2011,The State Drug Administration issued a document prohibiting Nimeian from using children under the age of 12.

6. Pito Moder: damage the digestive system

The Pido Moder preparation is an immune promoter, which can be used to promote macrophages and neutral particle cells, activate naturally kill cells, and is commonly used for chronic or recurrent respiratory tract infections and hypotal infections.However, through testing, there are many adverse reactions in Pedo Moder, including digestive system damage, nervous system damage, skin allergies, and chest tightness, palpitations, and lethargy.

In 2018, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement to revise the instructions of Pido Moder, narrowing the scope of indication, and clearly stated that children under the age of 3 are disabled.

Reasonable and regulating medication has always been serious issues.The medication is to cure the disease, and the misconduct will be fatal.Therefore, pay attention to 2 points before taking the medicine: read the instructions, take the right medicine

Before taking the medicine, you must carefully read the instructions in detail. Keeping the drug taboos in mind is the key to ensuring the safety of medication.For example, aspirin is not suitable for patients with stomach diseases, otherwise it may cause gastrointestinal bleeding.Take the medicine

Before taking the medicine, be sure to take the medicine according to the doctor’s order. The clinician will appropriately increase the amount of medication according to the patient’s specific circumstances, or the combination of medicines, and take the medicine according to the doctor.Pay attention to the storage conditions

According to the requirements of different drugs, it is also necessary to check the cleaning of the drug box regularly. For drugs that have expired or deteriorated, they cannot be taken even if they are expensive.Otherwise, it is likely to break the body.

In short, the safe and reasonable taking drugs in accordance with the doctor’s advice plays a vital role in the control and rehabilitation of the disease.I hope that the middle -aged and elderly friends who see this article can improve the consciousness of safe medication and avoid misunderstanding of medication.

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