6 symptoms on the face during pregnancy, indicating that you should replenish it!

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After pregnancy, the pregnant mother has undergone obvious changes in all aspects, and even the skin becomes sensitive, especially after entering the autumn, the temperature decreases will "steal" the skin of the skin. At the same timeThe activity weakened.

Therefore, the skin of pregnant mothers will be particularly easy to lack of water and dryness. At this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention, and your skin needs to "drink water".

What are the symptoms of pregnant mothers’ skin shortage?

1. The entire face often feels tight.

2. When touching it gently with your hands, there is no sense of moisture.

3. The skin on the other part of the body is in a state of dryness.

4. The phenomenon of dry peeling appears in some parts.

5. After taking a bath, there will be itchy.

6. When the skin on the face is dry to a certain degree, "dry seborrheic dermatitis" will appear. The specific manifestations are erythema, and the skin of the skin falls off with the mouth of the mouth and nose is very itchy.

Precautions for anti -skin dryness during pregnancy

1. When changing the season in summer and autumn, it is easy to make people’s skin dry and tight. Therefore, at this time, the pregnant mother should not wash her face frequently every day, otherwise it will cause the skin to lose a little bit.That’s fine.

2. When washing the face, it is not advisable to wash your face with hot water, because hot water will evaporate the water on the face too fast, and it is best to wash your face with warm water.When cleansing, you should choose a cleansing soap, baby soap, or facial cleanser and cleansing milk suitable for sensitive skin.

3. On the choice of skin care products, you must choose a mild stimulus that is suitable for pregnant mothers, such as infant oil containing pure vegetable oil or pure mineral oil.When going out, you should rub some nutrient water, toner or moisturizing lotion suitable for pregnant mothers on your face.

4. Pregnant mothers should be bathed with water. If you use baths, try to choose ordinary soap as much as possible. It is best to have a neutral shower or soap without soap, acid and alkali.And it is not appropriate to soak in water for a long time, because soaking in water for a long time can easily cause dehydration of the skin, and shower is a good choice for pregnant mothers.

5. It is best to choose a cosmetics without irritating and moisturizing ingredients if you are makeup, and remove makeup in time to make the skin breath.

6. It is best to place a humidifier in the home or office, and open more windows to circulate the air. If you have time, you can go out for a walk to allow the skin to breathe fresh air.

7. In autumn, although the ultraviolet rays in the sun are not as strong as summer, the ultraviolet rays can still cause skin aging and darkness. Therefore, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to sunscreen in autumn and winter.Essence

8. Not only should you pay attention to hydrating, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to internal hydration, drink plenty of water every day, and eat some fruits and vegetables with more moisture.

The hydrating care of the skin in autumn is very important for pregnant mothers. Do not take it lightly, but pregnant mothers also choose to suck the water supplement products, a balanced diet, and maintain a good attitude. You can also be beautiful during pregnancy.

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