6 tricks can fight against urticaria during pregnancy.

We know that urticaria is a terrible disease, and when we go to the hospital, spend money and hurt our body. I do n’t know if this is a big trouble for everyone. Young expectant mothers during pregnancy will definitely be worried about this illness.Little baby, so how to deal with urticaria during pregnancy?Let ’s go into the pregnancy to deal with urticaria during pregnancy. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

Pregnancy urticaria is the most common in several peculiar skin diseases during pregnancy, and the incidence rate is about 1/250.This disease occurs in the first pregnancy, and it is generally only after the third phase of pregnancy (27 weeks).The cause of the disease is unknown, and some scholars speculate that it may be related to the tension of the belly.

Symptoms of urticaria during pregnancy: The clinical form of pregnancy urticaria is sampled, including urticaria -like septic, pimples, plaques, or small blisters.

Urticaria parts during pregnancy: Generally starting from the navel, along the stretch marks, gradually spread to the chest, thighs, calves and upper limbs.Patients will feel very itchy, even itchy to affect sleep.

1. Diet should be light, avoid irritation and allergies, and avoid animal protein foods, seafood and spicy and irritating foods.A reasonable diet is an important measure for cold urticaria care, and try not to spicy food.

2. Pay attention to keep warm. When there is cold air, pay attention to keep warm, try to avoid going out and suddenly contact cold water, and wear hats and gloves as much as possible when you go out.

3. Forbidden to put flowers and spray pesticides in the indoor to prevent pollen and chemicals from being sensitive again.

4. Usually strengthen physical exercise, strengthen physical fitness, and adapt to cold and heat changes. Usually, outdoor exercise should be performed to improve the body’s adaptability to the external weather changes.

5. Once this disease is suffered, in addition to taking active prevention and treatment measures, it is possible to scratch the affected area with less strongly, and it may be scalded with hot water.

6. Underwear should wear soft and loose cotton fabrics to avoid inducing skin itching.In addition, do not use alkaline soaps when bathing, and do not use frequent baths in other baths to avoid excessive loss of sebum.

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