7 people eat more than 300 crabs on the table for 4 hours. What do you think?

Today (May 5) morning

"”7 people eat more than 300 crabs for 4 hours to show the table”

I also ate more than 80 bowls of poplars of Yangzhi ""

The topic rushes to the top of Weibo hot search list

Treatment of many netizens heated discussion

May 3, Qingdao, Shandong

Mr. Zhang and his friends go to a buffet restaurant to eat

Crab shell is full of attention at the table

Mr. Zhang Introduction

7 friends at the time

Everyone usually has a large amount of food

So usually choose a buffet restaurant

I have eaten 4 hours

I ate more than 80 bowls

More than 300 crabs

Forty Fifty Box Durian

Sweet shrimp and raw fish slices also ate a lot

Crayfish has never stopped

Finally, I have eaten people off work

For this matter, netizens have different opinions


"Big stomach is refreshed for a while, lying on the bed when I get sick"

"Everything must have a degree, crabs are cold,

Eating so many crabs is not good for your body "

"Isn’t the buffet in time limit?"

"Our self -help is generally up to 2h"


Just last month, about "eating buffet"

There is a hot search


At 218 yuan a buffet, a woman in Guiyang ate five meals in a month, ordered a lot of meals per meal.

On April 16, Ms. Chen, the person in charge of the store, introduced that the woman was packaged in violation of the rules and paid 1010 yuan for five meals, but ordered 45,653 yuan.And before that, the woman also went to the store to consume many times, but it was impossible to find out whether it was packaged.

Ms. Ye ’s menu and surveillance videos for multiple consumption.In a menu, the sweet shrimp sneed in 15 copies, a total of 720 yuan; 8 French foie gras, a total of 624 yuan; Angus snowflake cow sketching 6 copies, a total of 588 yuan … The total dishes were 11130 yuan.EssenceThe surveillance video clearly showed that Ms. Ye took out a plastic bag from her bag and put it on her thigh, and kept holding the dishes on the table with chopsticks and put them in plastic bags.

Women pinch the vegetables into the plastic bag on the thigh (video screenshot)

"I often say to the waiter that it is normal for the loss or money to make a buffet. No matter how much the customer eats, we have to recognize it. But under normal circumstances, even if a person can eat it, it will order more than a thousand yuan.It is impossible to eat thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of yuan. "Ms. Chen said that they can only go back to Ms. Ye’s consumption situation in the last month, and in about half a year before August last year, Ms. Ye came to the store to eat.Dozens of times, the specific order of order or whether there is a secret packaging, the store cannot confirm it.

Afterwards, the store contacted Ms. Ye and pointed out that she had packaged many privately for illegal behavior, asking her to pay for the meal fee at the order price, and the total amount of five meals was 45,653 yuan.44643 yuan."This is not a matter of money, but this kind of behavior is too bad." Ms. Chen said.However, although Ms. Ye admits that she has a packing behavior, she is willing to make up for the meal fee of five more times at the price of the buffet, which means that she only wants to make up about 1,000 yuan.

At present, the store demands that the female customer pays 4,4643 yuan. The woman has not agreed, and the store has filed a lawsuit against the woman.

Since the implementation of the "CD -ROM Action", people’s awareness of civilized dining has improved significantly. Many people will consciously restrict their behaviors and reduce waste.

"Some people have the mentality of" eating back ", which is often full of seven plates and eight bowls, and the plate is filled. In the end, there is often a situation where the" eyes are wide and narrow ‘.Jin Xin, a citizen who often "check in" food, said that now it is not only him. Many friends around them are loyal practitioners who "take them in diligence and take less". While everyone is happy, they enjoy the beautiful experience and experience and experience of the "CD".Feeling.

"Who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey".Promoting saving, rational meal is critical.Many people say that the self -service meals and meals must be done for meals, so they will not make the "feast" become "leftovers".Eliminating the waste of catering, you need to start with everyone to make the conservation wind prevail.

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