8 months pregnant, my husband also asked me to cook, and my mother -in -law knew so!#Clean brush …

Did you cook?Today is a bit uncomfortable.Will you do it?I was tired for a day at work, and I could n’t even eat my mouth when I went home.Isn’t this daughter -in -law pregnant?Whoever has never been pregnant, you see that this is not back pain and leg pain.When my mother was pregnant, she also went to the ground to do farm work.Son, you take the kitchen oil barrel.Is it up?Where is it?Hold well.Hold well, here.Yes, that’s it.What’s the meaning?Come and turn, why is this, no, who said who has never been pregnant?If you are pregnant, you will try the hard work of pregnancy this time.Okay, let’s cook.Hurry up, what are you in this ink?What time is this? You are not hungry.My grandson is still hungry.Eat me right away?I finished eating, and hurry up.After eating, brush the bowl, and then go downstairs to pick up a courier.When you brush the bowl, a little sound, don’t wake me.Daughter -in -law, I also go to sleep.Mom, I have to wash the dishes like this, I still take the courier, isn’t it pregnant?You can’t do anything, hurry up.Capacity, small things, I guess your family needs to clean up the small dead ends of the hood stove every time. The steel wire ball is too large and too soft. With this little dead angle, you can take care of it.EssenceThere are three brushes in a group of brushes, bronze wires, and nylon. You can choose the small dead corners of different materials for different gaps for different materials, and use it to use it.I know that you can’t see the nine yuan and nine things, but the nine yuan and ninety -five clean sleeves are wrong. The kitchen oil stains are in severe disaster -stained area. It is not effortless to use this small shovel to clean up with the nylon brush.There are also various residual rubber prints at home. The dirt of the corner is also easy to cope with it. All things can be brushed. This is really worth entering.My mother, what do you buy?Buy so much, let me take a break.Mom, daughter -in -law, I know wrong, I shouldn’t say you like this, I know the hard work of this pregnancy, you know hard.This is only one day.

You have to know that your daughter -in -law has to endure ten months. After ten months, she has to endure the pain of drumming test strips.After the child is born, it is only one more person to call his father for you, but it is a lifetime responsibility to your daughter -in -law, and he can afford this.Mom, she marries to give birth to our children, and we should love her and care for her for a lifetime.

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